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Jesus Is Coming: Quick, Pretend You’re Busy!
December 19, 2006, 12:16 pm
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I know you may think I’m being a lazy shit [no comments please] but it’s the week prior to Christmas … I’ve still got absolutely tons to do … the Walkman campaign has just launched [please publicise it all you can, ha!] … we’ve just won another fantastic international client [I can’t say who it is till they’ve informed their other agencies – which they’re not doing till the new year so as not to upset their Christmas!!!] … I’ve got a bunch of horrendous ‘end-of-year’ functions to attend … my Aunt is ill … I’ve still got a few pressies to buy and my other half has threatened me with MURDER if I so much as read any email/blog while we’re on our Christmas holiday … so I guess what I am trying to say is this BLOG is officially closed till around mid-Jan 2007.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a disgustingly debauched Christmas and New Year – and may you get pressies that defy your age [but in a totally positive way].  That means NO to shirts and socks and YES to the purely indulgent, impractical stuff. Ta-ra …

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All the best Rob,

Cheers for all the great work and entertainment you’ve provided through this blog. Discovering it has provided me with a great source of social insights and amusement.

Have a great holiday, sounds well deserved.


Comment by Age

God you’re nice … and quite possibly mad … but thanks mate and I hope you have a top one too. Who knows, next time I’m in Ozland, we can have a catch up – you are certainly one of the least myopic Aussies I know … and I include my missus in that, ha!

Comment by Rob

that age guy either is being polite, wants a job or is you in disguise because no one gives a damn about you not updating your blog. except me that is, because i apprereciate how busy and wonderful you are. now hand over the present or face the consequences.

Comment by andy @ cynic

and dino done good with walkman. tell him he has my rare and valuable praise.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Given you live in a penthouse in NYC, have a bank account that has loads of zeros AFTER a number beginning with at least ‘1’ and own a rather considerable share in a rather interesting and profitable agency – an agency I set up I should add – maybe you should be buying me a present, has that crossed your mind? Has it? HAS IT?

And I’ll pass on your congrats to Dino – it’s as valuable [and rare] as being knighted!

Comment by Rob

1. no it hasnt
2. yes it is

Comment by andy @ cynic

In response to Andy,

Yes to all three of your guesses.
I am polite.
I am currently unemployed = 😦 x 1,000,000
I am Rob in disguise, or is it really Rob the one in disguise? hmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Comment by Age

To add to the possible conspiracy theory is the fact Age and I have never been seen in a room together. Could we be one and the same?

And Age … I thought you WERE employed, albeit on a short-term basis at SONY Music.

Comment by Rob

Hope you have a very cold, black, and chillingly unemotional christmas. You know…everything a cynic (like myself) could ever want.

Comment by kevin r.

with a comment like that, why arent you working for us kevin? if youre in new york, come and say hi and have a bitch

Comment by andy @ cynic


Comment by Rob

Merry Christmas!
A rest is deserved after the excellent Sony work methinks.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

lets all remember sony is nothing without creative. that was a message on behalf of the creatives for christmas society

Comment by andy @ cynic

so here you are!!! traveling my ass – you are holed up somewhere feeding your own blog addiction, I can see where the Sony campaign came from… well done by the way.
How are you mate?
I have been busy, but well. Traveling a bit fr fun and a bit for work. Found out the strat I worked on with M&C for Genting/Universal Studios won the bid for the Sentosa Resort, so that is exciting and probably means I will never be allowed in the casino resort- inside secrets to consumer minds…
Anyway, I am off Friday for the holidays – Have a good holiday and catch you after the new year. We need a proper catch up and lets make this thing happen this year!
All the best
-Richard McCabe

Comment by richard

Hello Mate … first it’s bloody great to hear from you and secondly it’s bloody great you won the ‘Intergrated Resort’ [read: Gambling Den] project – because I know how hard brilliant you are and how hard you worked on it.

Lets catch up in ’07 – I know I always say that, but I do mean it even if I rarely follow through, ha.

Have a great – and well deserved – holiday.


Comment by Rob

We know Andy, theres some great executions there… but this isnt your blog. Feel free to start one (or remind me of it) and i’ll ‘big up’ the creatives!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

God bless you Mr Mortimer … fighting for the rights of planners out there.

To be fair to Andy, he is not going on about the SONY creative because it’s a personal ego-rant … he didn’t do it … he just wants to celebrate Dino, Rowan, Justin and the gangs super-hard work in making SONY Asia better than they have been for years.

Oh, and Andy does have a blog [as does everyone in cynic – it’s a mandatory] but I think he is spending so much time practicing to kick your arse on the Wii, he hasn’t updated it in about a year. Mind you, it might also be because of his technological ignorance, ha!

Comment by Rob

Aw, sticking up for the little folk. Sorry Andy, theres some wonderful creative work there! *applause*

Ahh, I think I heard of it, isnt it something like 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You are a new god … especially as you help set up the blog for him! He’s on holiday – yes, again – but I’ll make sure he knows about this act of genius!

Comment by Rob

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