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A Visual Metaphor For Planning …
February 25, 2007, 8:44 pm
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The above pictures are of a beautiful Indian Restaurant in Delhi called ‘VEDA‘ – however this beauty was only visible if you opened the doors because otherwise, all you’d see is …

Never take anything for granted – because if you ask enough people enough questions and look long, hard, deep and wide enough – eventually you may come across a real nugget of gold!

I truly believe discovery can set us free … and I truly believe planners are sort-of discoverers … however it would seem that in today’s communication industry, too many planners are too happy rehashing the same old shit, stating the bleedin’ obvious but using intellectual words because they think it makes them look clever or simply turning their back on consumer needs/wants/fears and acting like cold, misinformed management consultants.

If you really want to know how to understand, engage and motivate humanity for your clients [and customers] best interests … then get off your arse and go out into the real World because there’s more chance of finding the answers out there than sitting in your office infront of a computer.

Make planning human again … for everyone’s sakes. [Especially my blood pressure!]

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One wouldn’t think stating the obvious would be necessary. Unfortunately it is. I think I know what prompted you to write this today. Depressing.

You forgot to mention what the food was like in that restaurant? Any sausages on the menu?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Ha … you know my mind my friend.

No sausages – but shitloads of tikka so I was very happy. [Especially because if you squint your eyes, it sort-of resembles a sausage!]

Comment by Rob

I was thinking about this kind of stuff today. I’ve been working very hard on Sacrum over the weekend and thinking about where it is I’d like him to go. It helps me sort out where I’d like to go…it’s all a bit strange.


I was writing some Sacrum stuff and came up with this (it’s advice uncle Georg has given him):

to learn is to know. Knowing is not enough. Go out and do Sacrum. Do stuff.

I wrote that in my note book 2 hours ago and it seems to fit in here quite nicely.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Oh, and if that means you india meeting wa pants…I’m well pissed off.

Comment by Marcus Brown

umm… ‘wa pants’? does that mean ‘was shit?’

Comment by lauren

I think Sacrum has inadvertently become Yoda … because what he say’s sounds ‘deep’ but when you think about it, you don’t have the faintest idea what he’s going on about, ha

Comment by Rob

Does ‘wa pants’ mean ‘shit’ or ‘pants’? Eitherway, my rant wasn’t about the meeting I’m in India for – it was about some unrelated shit I’d heard. And Marcus, if you have the chance to explore Asia, you should – it’s an amazing & liberating place.

Comment by Rob

hey rob, next time you’re in Sydney, check out Victoria Room. Its decor is similarly sumptuous and while its exterior is not quite as deceptive as Veda, it’s still secretive and a stone’s throw from the chaos of Kings Cross.

Actually, given your predilection for chicken noodle pot, you might hate the place, but it’s great for the occasional treat of old school decadence nonetheless

Comment by lauren

I’ve been to Victoria Room & I definitely see the comparison. Please don’t think I’m saying everything in the West is shit … it plainly isn’t … it’s just the things out in Asia seem to be done with grace and depth than the image obsessed West.

Comment by Rob

Hey Lauren .. I’m going to be back in Sydney soon so if you’re free, maybe you’d like to meet up for a coffee or Pot Noodle!!! Not sure of the exact dates, but if you’re up for it, I’ll let you when. Hope this week is a better one for you …

Comment by Rob

heya rob. I don’t think you’re saying everything in the west is shit at all..
ketchup in sydney sounds ace, although i’m moving back to melbourne around easter, so hopefully the dates don’t clash. keep me posted. this week is already better – thanks 🙂

Comment by lauren

Well hopefully I’ll be in Melbourne too – so if the dates for Sydney don’t work out, we can catch up there along with AGE too!

Ahhhhh, a love-in fest … thank God Andy won’t be there to ruin it all, ha!

Comment by Rob

fuck your lovefest, can you tell me what is going on regarding our future? actually screw that, whats going on with my future? speak very soon. and thats an order rather than a request.

Comment by andy@cynic

Talk to my P.A. – or should I say George, hahaha!

[Lets face it, he’s the mature one of the team and probably understands what is actually going on because all I am hearing is a bunch of complicated ‘corporate speak’ which means absolutely fuck all to me!! Ha.]

Comment by Rob

I meant was pants. Although ‘wa pants’ does the trick too.


Comment by Marcus Brown

Haha … goes to show how the brain can make ‘facts’ from completely circumstantial information. Truth is in the mind of the owner eh!? Morning … going into a meeting now so better go, need to concentrate. If only for Andy’s sake, ha

Comment by Rob

stop fucking about on your blog and make my future bright.

Comment by andy @ cynic

make my future bright too. please. thank you.

Comment by Marcus Brown

make that 3.

Comment by lauren

the brightness of my future comes first and remember i want blindingly bright light, not some 40 watt bulb shit, ok? now im going back to bed and dreaming of euphoria. dont disappoint me. or marcus. or anyone else we like.

Comment by andy @ cynic

night night.

Comment by Marcus Brown

scrap my order for a bright future rob – andy can have my serve.. sounds like he needs it more than i do.

Comment by lauren

Lauren, can I point out that Andy is a multi-millionaire so already has a pretty guaranteed bright future. Just don’t want you to make offers you may regret later.

Comment by George

I’m skint. Please sort out bright future. Thank you.

Comment by Marcus Brown

hey george, that’s assuming that money guarantees a bright future.

ok, well, it sure helps, but i’m pretty sure that the outcome of the meeting is not going to make a difference to me personally.

unless it involves some kind of Arts Philanthropy Fund: Lauren Never Has To Work Again.

I’ll stick to making my own bright future and andy can have the one that rob gives him 🙂

Comment by lauren

or maybe marcus and andy can split it

Comment by lauren

Very true (he types at a computer…).

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ve just received gifts from Amazon. Thank you cynic.

Comment by Marcus Brown

was there a bright future in that pack marcus?

Comment by lauren

not telling.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Hey Lauren …

Just to let you know the meeting is not just about us making a pot of moolah, it’s also about getting a really cool creative project as well. I’d think twice before passing over your ‘benefit rights’ to Andy – especially as the bugger already has too much cash and has done/is doing alot of really cool creative stuff. [He just won some NYC photographic competition – the talented shit!]

Andy – we always consider your needs if only to stop you complaining so don’t worry!

Marucs … did you get 1 package or 2? We ordered something from Amazon and also from some weird bloke who was the only person who stocked what we wanted to get you.

I will have to write about one of the most surreal meetings I’ve ever experienced later as I am being taken to a ‘hill’ [literally] for an ‘Indian Dinner Extravaganza’.

Apprentely it’s a real honour but I’m afraid – very, very afraid.

Hope you’re all doing tops.

Comment by Rob

Sounds interesting… is this just a standard hill?!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

2 lovely packages! Hurrah.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Lets hope it’s not a grassy knoll!

Comment by Rob

Indeed Lee!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

um, OK. that’s the second person from cynic to advise me from handing over my benefits of a bright future so i’m taking your advice.
sorry andy, but i’m going to follow what your colleagues say and i’m taking them back. congrats on the photo prize, by the way.

i wouldn’t worry about the hill, rob. grassy knolls don’t kill people, people kill people. hope it’s a blast! (ha!)

Comment by lauren

Well done Lauren … get on the gravy train like everyone else, haha

Comment by Rob

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