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Everyone Loves Sacrum …
March 8, 2007, 4:20 pm
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So if you’ve read the below piece, you’ll know I’m in Bangkok giving lectures to young media people throughout Asia.

Anyway, maybe it’s because I like him …

Maybe it’s because I’m abit silly …

Maybe it’s because I ‘can’ …

… but before I gave my first lecture, I got everyone in the conference [140 people from 16 different countries around the World] to pass on a message of love and support to our dear Sacrum – the bastard love child of Borat and Forest Gump.

OK, so I may have given a slightly exaggerated reason why people should do this for me [ahem!] but as a ‘starting point’, I’m rather pleased – though I will be aiming to improve the standard [and level of audience participation] at all future conferences.

So there you go Sacrum … you’re famous throughout Asia-Pacific … and given the regional heads of such companies as Ogilvy, W&K and MTV were/are all here, it could be your stepping stone to stardom!

[For those who can’t quite make out what they are saying – the camera work is rather bad I admit – they are shouting, “WE LOVE YOU SACRUM”]

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I fucking love you Robert Campbell!

(sorry Mrs C)

Comment by Marcus Brown

You have no shame.
And balls.
Love it.

Comment by Pete

Just call me Robert Schwartzanegger [or however you spell his stupid surname]

And as for you Marcus, just make sure Sacrum knows it was done with love. [And well done on apologising for the swearing. Very mature of you!]

Comment by Rob

Yes for both your Sacrum appreciation video and your revenge of a decade.

Comment by Pete


Comment by Rob Mortimer

My next conference is supposidly to 2000 odd MTV execs from all around the World … maybe I can get them to sing it?

Comment by Rob

I have spoken with Sacrum. He is very moved by all of this. I dare to think what would happen to him if 2000 MTV people started singing his praises. I’m not sure he knows what MTV is. I’ll check.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I doubt it, I looked at MTV today, and there isnt a single piece of music programming on the next 24hrs of the channel.

The closest it gets is Xzibit hosting Pimp my Ride…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Maybe I can get them to spray paint it then!

FUCK … if I can get SACRUM on someones Pimp My Ride car, I can die happy.

Operation: CAR PAINT is officially ON! [Oh God!]

Comment by Rob

No, just checked, and he doesn’t have cable. He’s never heard of MTV. His busy listening to “Chess” right now… says it calms him down.

I’m seriously worried about the CAR PAINT project.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Tell him he can borrow my Ace of Base: The Musical Soundtrack if he likes!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

He can’t be disturbed right now Mr. M. Says that he’s on “the second level”. I’ll mention AoB to him when he’s back from his trance.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Its a quality musical.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

that is impressive, even with the dodgy camera work!!

Comment by lauren

impressive? IMPRESSIVE? It’s amazing.

Comment by Marcus Brown

when i’m impressed, i’m pretty amazed marcus, don’t worry!

Comment by lauren

for once i’m very proud of you.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Just dont read the other post!…oops 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

so rob, what was the ‘slightly exaggerated’ reason you gave them all to declare their love for our crazy german friend?

Comment by lauren

Brilliant. I wonder if Sacrum has read the Dark Half?
..or Total recall ‘I’m Howser, no I’m Quaid’

Comment by NP

Errrrrm, I may have mentioned that my dear ‘friend’ Sacrum, had just had his wife walk out on him, taking all his money and the deeds to the house and had been diagnosed as clinically depressed. I know, I’m going to hell …

Comment by Rob

ha!!! from freezing cold revenge to the burning pits of hell in 5 short sentences!

Comment by lauren

[…] I can’t think of many people who could inspire me to make a crowd of ad students say hello to Sacrum, a character he created or contribute to iPod singing … another idea he brought to […]

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