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I Love Singapore …
May 30, 2007, 2:54 pm
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Raffles Hotel

… and not because they let me become a sort-of Singaporean, but because tomorrow is a National holiday so I get to stay in bed till late!


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so that means you can either do the work which is waiting for you since…well….weeks or you can have some big blogging extravaganza. so go and spend some time with Jill.

Comment by Seb

man, you need to come back to the UK – i’ve been here all of 3.5 weeks and already there have been 2 bank holidays!
enjoy the day off, and seb’s right – go spend some time with that lovely wife-to-be of yours.

Comment by lauren

She’s disowned me after the Colgate incident. She likes their toothpaste and as far as she is concerned, I am evil, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Still working?

(points to first to get)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

of course you’re evil. isn’t that why she loves you?

Comment by lauren

Thanks Lauren … and there I was thinking [or convincing myself] it was my good looks.

Comment by Rob

yeah, well of course it’s that, but when they fade, you’ll have evil as a back-up!

Comment by lauren

That’s right Lauren … cough, cough.

Now go and write another one of your legendary War & Peace posts.

[Except yours are interesting – how do you do it?]

Comment by Rob

i’m actually tolstoy reincarnated…
well, either that, or unemployed 🙂

actually i’ve got a chunky post about cultural tourism brewing, but i think i might post something a little more light-hearted first…

Comment by lauren

Great new “impactful” site design Rob. What did you have to do to make Jill do it in that font?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Fuck me, Rob has been branded.

Comment by Marcus

Like the resdesign Rob.

Comment by Will

Had to be that font didnt it…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

way-oh! that is a fucking rad new look rob – i totally love the camo birkies right the way through, even the little naked one – ha!! and i’m ok about the impact font, but only here…

Comment by lauren

It keeps changing too. It’s like the tele this. Or like watching paint dry.

Love it.

Comment by Marcus

How ironic … I have a day off from blogging and Jill decides to spend the day doing various incarnations of the Russian ‘Rob’ Doll.

There was one version where the CENSORED was replaced with a pixelated cock … but given the A[P]OTW assignment is on, I didn’t want to offend anyone … that and the fact Andy would be jealous of my enourmous schlong. Oh yes.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day and please say well done to Jill for characterising me in such a generous way, hahaha.

PS: FRED … I told you on NP’s blog, stop checking computers, you’re on bloody holiday!

Comment by Robert

Rob – you’ve got mail. Just a quick query for you (I’ve had a bloody strange request – no, no deviant sexual practices…yet).

Comment by Will

Hi Will … got the email re: the ‘project’ and that is fantastic news. I’m just going out for dinner now so will respond to your other email ASAP – probably tomorrow my time / late tonight yours.

Hope that is OK …

Comment by Rob

if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em hey jill… 🙂

Comment by lauren

he’s paying for dinner… (for the next 10 years…)

Comment by Jill

Rob – I’m going to have spoken to them before that, so no bother. Speaking to NABs to find out the rates for something like that.

I’d still like your thoughts, but no need to rush a response. Enjoy your dinner mate – I’m pretty chuffed, just need to get agreement on the rates.

Comment by Will

Nice work Jill.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Andy is going to shit when he sees this. Great work Jill and you managed to make Rob look almost sweet. What a talented designer you are 🙂 Don’t know if I’ll be hanging around here so often if I’m going to be forced to see Rob’s face everytime I log on, but maybe I’ll get used to it. Then my Mum said the same about lentils. Bye.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Haha! Nice Queen top.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If it wasn’t for the Queen top it would have my full approval.
It’s amazing how you’ve made yourself look like David Badiel. “You know Colgate? Crap isn’t it”.

Comment by NP

she made you look thinner.

Comment by andy@cynic

though she kept your cock its actual size.

Comment by andy@cynic

i mean that is the actual size of your cock, not the size of it in proportion to your body.

ive fucked this up havent i. bollocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

im back by the way.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh dear … you haven’t come out of that comment-attack very well have you. Don’t worry – blame the painkillers and you might just get away with your integrity intact. [I did say ‘might’]

Nice to have you back my son … speak later.

Comment by Rob

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