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I’m Going To The Only Place Where You’ll Find Culture In Australia …
June 27, 2007, 4:23 pm
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Yoghurt + Penguin

Just found out that over the next few months, I am going to be in and out of Melbourne – so if anyone who reads this blog fancies catching up, let me know and I’ll buy you a coffee. [Like how I have to buy friendship, ha!]

Anyway, I’m there from this Tuesday, but if that’s inconvenient [which it might be for me as well given I’ll probably be in meetings-from-hell most of the time] I am sure/hopeful we can catch up over the coming weeks/months.

[Age … our burger date is a given and Emily, this is the project I am hoping to get you involved in – just need to find out the lye of the land before I can commit to anything]

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Nice culture pun…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rob – Have you played knifey spooney before?

Comment by Will

Id have called them ChuzzWossers

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hey look, those bullfrogs are eating all their crops!

Comment by Will

[Koala clinging to helicopter]

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Are you not able to pop to Sydney? Blue Minge?

Comment by Oost

Hello matey … I don’t know how feasible that’ll be but I can tell you, if it’s poss, I’ll be there and Blue Minge/Satasia/Chopsticks are all 100% gut-busting definites, ha!

Comment by Rob

Yay, I’m excited. Will need to do some research on the best place to take you.


Comment by Age

rob, you’ll have a ball there. and take a coat, it’s fucking freezing there right noe.

age, you’re representing melbourne, mate, do us proud. if you want to find a good, proper burger, you have to go to a fish’n’chip shop somewhere like seymour! for good places to have a natter, don’t forget safari, the lounge and section 8 container bar off londsdale st (although winter will probably make that an impasse).

have a great time there, rob! (dammit, feeling quite homesick now.. shit)

Comment by lauren

In the ‘words’ of Sooty:

Whats the matter?
‘Im homesick’
But this IS your home.
‘And im sick of it’

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oooooh you are such the socialite aren’t you Lauren. And not a swear word in sight – England must be making a positive impression on you, ha!

Comment by Rob

Lauren, I like you a lot, but please… you are talking to the fucking Melbourne burger MASTER!

I think it’s gonna have to be Danny’s takeaway in Fitzroy. Never had a bad one there ever…

You’re right too, I can’t recall it being so cold here, in fact today was probably one of the ugliest days I’ve seen in Melbourne. The water near work was ocean like with it’s swell and breaks! The waves covered most of the Port Melbourne sand and the wind was like a hurricane! Trust me, from here, even London is looking VERY cosy right now.

Anyways sorry for gasbagging on you blog Rob! hehehe, but pls drop us an email or phone when you get in and have spare time. Looking forward to it.

Comment by Age

Oh no, a touch of water…

My city has been flooded for three days and its raining again!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t care how cold it is, I’ll still be in my Birkies!

Comment by Rob

i’m so sorry fucking melbourne burger master… i’m absolutely certain you’ll find a good burger to treat rob to. and being vegetarian, i was completely out of line – i promise it won’t happen again. *bows, lowly*.

and rob, seems i’ve handed over the swearing reigns to mr conte in the corner here.. and you better wear those birkenstocks the whole time. those converse aren’t sitting in that box for no good reason, for no good reason!

Comment by lauren

I still haven’t worn those converse – infact I don’t know what came over me to buy them, except that I am obviously a camoflague addict. What a sad bastard, ha!

Comment by Rob

Great. Would be good to work together. Enjoy your time in Melbourne -my fav Australian city.

Comment by Emily

No culture … compared to Dubai Aus is dripping with it. Rob if you pass by Syd before July 11 let me know, after that I’m home to Dubai.

Comment by Jade

Lauren, I can’t post on your blog, but am enjoying catching up on it.

Sorry Rob

Comment by Jade

OK Jade … and you know I am just being cheeky about Oz, what else would you expect from a Brit!

Comment by Rob

I feel the same Emily … and if I don’t see you there, maybe in India?

Comment by Rob

jade – sorry ’bout that.. i’ve had to be a bit fascist about comments, thanks to a bit of spam lately.. i’ll restore it to normal soon, i promise.

Comment by lauren

Let me know if a Sydney visit is on!

Comment by Gavin Heaton

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