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This Made Me Laugh Out Loud. Am I Evil?
July 30, 2007, 4:20 pm
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Bird Shit

I love it because to me, the “That’s Just Fucking Great” is coming from the perspective of a tired and exasperated Mother who now has to go home and somehow clean the runny shit from her little sods hair. Wonderful!

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yes. but thats why i like you.

Comment by andy@cynic

God that was quick … why are you up so early? Actually don’t answer that – it’ll only open the complaining floodgates, ha!

Comment by Rob

yes you arrrrrre un evil man.

Comment by Maurice Lévy - Worldwide CEO Publicis

too fucking right ill open the fucking floodgates so lets pretend you werent so fucking stupid in asking me why im up so fucking early. and who is the cock pretending to be maurice?
marcus? billy? bob geldof?
mind you on this fucking blog it could be maurice the frog himself. if it is, triple your offer and youve got yourself a deal, especially if you promise i dont have to be up so fucking early in future.

Comment by andy@cynic

Madness. Funny, but madness nonetheless.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I am not Maurice. My guess was Andy.

Comment by Marcus

Maybe its Mr Sorrell proving he does have a sense of humour…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s good, but it’s no bunnycake:


Comment by Will

i am not maurice, i hate frogs

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy, you are every Business Development Directors nightmare. And I love you for it.

Comment by Marcus

Never a dull moment with Andy!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

maybe thats why we dont have fucking business development directors then marcus. that or the fact we dont see the point of them as we all have to do it and as much of a shit as i know you all think i am, i do take our clients needs very seriously. unless they counteract my viewpoint, then i lose the plot. ha fucking ha. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Actually I wonder sometimes how we stay in business, let alone grow – and I wish I could just blame you Andy, but I know I pull my weight in the ‘sit on the naughty step you bad client’ stakes.

Maybe they’re all S&M freaks?

Maybe that’s our real business strategy.

Now answer the phone – we need to talk before you go.

Comment by Rob

You guys should write a book of your crazy client stories. Maybe it could help fund H2.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

ladies and gentleman, before i leave you all for a day or two, id like to leave you with a little story about robs business development skills as he seems so keen to ridicule mine. (I was sick on one clients desk and suddenly everyone thinks im a prick)

a few years ago our virgin atlantic client had flown all the way to australia to see rob even though he was based in the uk and his wife was 8 months pregnant. after the meeting, we were saying how grateful we were that he had taken time out to see us and that he must be keen to get back to see his heavily pregnant wife when mr oh so fucking subtle campbell came out with this gem.

“have a safe flight, do give your wife our best, i know i did”

he didnt even have the good grace to pretend it was an innocent slip, the smile on his face showed it was a moment of mischief and yet somehow max didnt just let it pass, he fucking pissed himself. poor ade our account director, he needed oxygen for about an hour afterwards and even i thought hed gone too far. so when campbell tries to talk about good client service, what he means is good client humilation wrapped up with his shiteating grin.

bye all, speak when and if i can be fucked to come back 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

My God… fucking LOL!

Comment by Age

I don’t think that is a good idea Mr M … it might be something people would like to read, but I don’t think it’s in cynic’s long term interests, hahaha.

Mind you … we could do it if we ever sell, ha!

And Andy … you fucking pissed yourself when I said that and as much as I meant to say it, you will also remember I went into over-panic mode when I thought I’d mistimed the comment.

Thank God Max is a sick fuck, ha!

Now piss off and speak tonight …

Comment by Rob

Maybe after retirement!!

Thats mad. I apologise Andy if I ever said you were the only crazy person at cynic. That was pure evil there from Rob.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

im like a fucking golden retriever puppy next to that fuck. dont let his carefully crafted image fool you, hes a sickfuck and the fact you didnt realise shows what a fucking good advertising bloke he is. fred? hari? comments of campbell evilness now.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s from the Midlands. OF COURSE he’s evil. 😉

That said Andy…from what I’ve read, I reckon you could challenge him.

Comment by Will

Still. Throwing up on someone is far less evil than implying you have slept with someone’s heavily pregnant wife!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thank you for your support Will – just come back from dinner with Jill and found I am the anti-Christ of advertising.

First I’m adlands Geldof – then Satan … I just can’t work out if that means its a career progression or collapse?

Comment by Rob

Always meant as a compliment Rob.

Being too nice is overrated. 🙂

You’ve got mail, btw.

Comment by Will

Not so much anti-christ, more Joker to Andy’s Penguin.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s a sad day when Mr M sides with Andy over me. Sad for me that is … ha!

Comment by Rob

i love this blog. i love the world. i love fantastic research agencies who have the balls to hire artists and then proceed to make installing the easiest thing in the world. i love lamp! 🙂
hi all.

Comment by lauren

Everyone loves lamp.

Lauren, are you just saying what you’re seeing again?

Comment by Will

I hope Andy’s exile this doesn’t mean that the language will be more restrained and the discussions more moderate.

Comment by John Dodds

Lets hope not.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

John, if the language changes, it’d be a load of cunting bollocks.

Now let’s all sit down and have a lovely cup of tea and discuss the test match.

Comment by Will

Can someone explain to Will what he did there?

Comment by John Dodds

Will … I’ll let your last diatribe go and put it down to youthful exhuberance [how condecending is that] because as you well know …

1. No ‘C’ word on this blog [for my Mum’s sake – she doesn’t like any swear words, but is willing to let most of the others go]

2. Any swear word needs a 🙂 after it.

So because you used the ‘big, BIG guns’, I’ll counteract them with smileys but no more ‘c-words’ please … my Mum is 75!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comment by Rob

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