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Action, Not Ads. [Living Your Values Or Jumping On Bandwagons?]
August 1, 2007, 9:39 am
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A lot of people in adland are quite rightly raving about JWT London’s new spot for Smirnoff vokda.

However the thing that is making me smile is that they are also saying the ad/brand is expressing some sort of ’semi-political agenda’ by highlighting how mankind pollutes the World with its waste/mindlessness. 

Now call me a cynic … but I don’t believe this was part of Smirnoff’s agenda at all. Infact the only people who deserve credit for this are the creatives who wrote it and the team that sold it. 

You see there is a massive difference between saying something and living something – and Diageo [Smirnoff’s owners] only like to focus on more traditional advertising channels – even if they have the opportunity to take it into a whole new, cultural-infiltration area.  

Take Johnnie Walker …  


Here is a brand whose core thought is ‘personal progress‘.  [Expressed as: Keep Walking] 

Putting aside the validity of that message, the fact is they could have extended this idea into all sorts of areas – but they didn’t.  

Is it because they didn’t think it would help the brand idea get into people’s minds?   

No … they appreciate how powerful that could be … but Diageo [who are more an alcohol marketing company than an alcohol producing company] only spend money where they believe it can directly influence sales so anything that just brings their advertising idea ‘to life’ [of which there are many interms of JW], gets pushed aside in favour of typical alcohol communication: TV, Print, Experiential, POS and Promotion.  

calling bullshit

While Charles quite rightly reminds us that in these days of product parity, values and tone can be the all differentiating factors … I do not believe the Smirnoff brief had in any way any reference to challenging humanity on its ‘way of living‘.  

Lets look at some points … 

1 The whole pollution aspect is a take on Smirnoff’s 100% pure campaign – which has been running for years and is actually a product attribute rather than a brand value.

2 The subliminal [or not so, in this case] message of don’t fuck up what’s natural is all well and good but then they spend millions in [a] POS [b] experiential [c] packaging which sort of undermines their integrity. 

3 I’m willing to bet they won’t extend this ’cause’ into anything other than ads – and in the rare event they do, it’ll be token gestures like Banks do with donating to charities. 

Greek God

Don’t get me wrong … this is a great thing for a brand to do and I am over-the-moon an ad agency was seemingly behind it, but don’t try and tell me Smirnoff are the good guys in this because I reckon they still see it as an ad flogging the same ‘pure’ message they’ve used for years and if they do take it any further [or make it bigger] it’ll be because of social/cultural pressure rather than any great desire to help put the planet back in order. 

[And even then they’ll only do it if they can make money out of it, like BP acknowledge they did with their wonderful BEYOND PETROLEUM positioning – which they’ve ‘lived’ for many, many years – be it changing their forecourts to being huge investors in non-traditional fuel research amongst other things]

Great ad … but still just an ad. 

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Oh, and if anyone goes on about how Diageo were pioneers in ‘DRINK RESPONSIBLY’ … this was not because they wanted to curb binge drinking or spending on their alcohol products … it was because they were lobbying international Governments for tax cuts on alcohol so they could achieve even greater profits.

And that’s not a Campbell whinge, that’s sadly a fact which was in DIAGEO’s stockmarket prospectus of a few years ago [when I was working with the brand]

Don’t think I hate Diageo – I don’t and have huge respect for them and how they run their organisation, but they do have a habit – as do many companies – of creating illusions of care to maximise their self interests.

Comment by Robert

It’s not cynical when what you say is based on how the brand has behaved over years and years. I hope they take this issue on, but I don’t see it. I think I’d believe them more if they said “You can clearly see (brand link there) the world is screwed, so lets party and get drunk”.
Lovely ad, feels more like an AMV type of thing than JWT London.

Comment by Pete

who the fuck is claiming this has a political agenda? planners i bet. this has fuck all to do with environmental issues, its simply a great looking ad that dramtizes what every other fucking vodka says: filtered and distilled to be “pure”. the reason this commercial stands out is because a great creative team worked on it and they were given a fucking big budget. any planner who sees political activism in this commercial is an idealist, a post rationalzer or a fuckwit.
great brands demonstrate their values by their actions, not just their fucking ads and they happily accept the consequences if that stance pisses some people off. smirnoff is not one of those great brands.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know what has happened to you recently [Facebook? Amazing!] – but this comment continues the ‘new and improved’ Andy.

I love your comment, I think you are totally bang on and while the ad is fucking lush, big and engaging – it is still an ad – though to be fair, the only people who have said it might be something more ‘political’ are people NOT involved in its creation.

And while the odd planner has talked this side of the commercial ‘up’ [though to be fair, most did acknolwedge they just hope it is the start of something rather than say it was a fundamentally political ad] quite a few creatives have been singing its social agenda praises too.

While I am sure the creatives behind the ad purposefully incorporated these issues into the execution – it was probably more to help demonstrate the idea behind the ad [which you quite rightly say is almost a ‘condition of entry’ for vodka advertising] rather than push some [non-existant] client mandated ‘social cause’ agenda.

For a creative that takes the piss out of planners – you are a better planner than many out there currently earning a salary. [Present company excluded, naturally, hahahaha!]

Comment by Rob

Two Things (I’m really fucking angry about this).

1. There is NO and I mean NO social cause or green angle in this ad. None. It would seem that the advertising community sees the ghost of greeness hiding around every corner – it’s not green, wasn’t sold as green, so move on.

2. This ad is for the WRONG vodka. It should be for Absolut. In An Absolut world etc. I watched it and could think of no other Vodka other than Absolut, and they must be rubbing their hands in glee to get free air time of the back of this Ad.

Comment by Marcus

I have to agree with Andy.
It doesnt feel like there is any real social message in there.

Though to me it does feel like a Smirnoff over an Absolut ad. Im not sure how you got that connection Marcus, but im interested to find out.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thats a very fair point Rob, but I think we should bear in mind that simply by having this discussion the onus is on Diageo to get its shit together. While they know nothing has been said explicitly I am quite sure from my experience the newspapers general public and media will SLAUGHTER Smirnoff if they come even close to breathing the word pollution.

Think baby steps and this ad is still a small but welcome tectonic plate shift. If it isn’t, I’m going to be ALL OVER Smirnoff like a cheaply tailored suit. You know.. hugging them in all the wrong places 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

I must admit – I’m with Marcus on this – but maybe it’s because we can see how ABSOLUT could [would?] turn this into a real social cause campaign rather than just include some environmental issues within a big commercial – especially as their new idea is around the ‘In An Absolut world’

Comment by Rob

Charles I completely understand what you’re saying but I think this paragraph sums up my view best …

“Don’t get me wrong … this is a great thing for a brand to do and I am over-the-moon an ad agency was seemingly behind it, but don’t try and tell me Smirnoff are the good guys in this because I reckon they still see it as an ad flogging the same ‘pure’ message they’ve used for years and if they do take it any further [or make it bigger] it’ll be because of social / cultural pressure rather than any great desire to help put the planet back in order”

I won’t complain if this is the ignition to them doing better things [and not just ads] but whether they would maintain this once the pressure has subsided is another thing altogether.

Comment by Rob

do you believe in santa, cinderella and snow white charles?
your problem is youre too nice a bloke, even if you have the cynicism that could rival rob.

Comment by andy@cynic

Behave Andy!

Oi Charles … did you get the email I sent which was about 9 months after you sent me one?

I hope to fuck you did because unlike the one NP didn’t get – I forgot to save it and I can’t be arsed to type it all again, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

Not sure that I’d classify downed aeroplanes, sunken ships and collapsed statues as prime examples of pollution – seems to me they’d have focussed on cans, plastic, polystyrene and oil spills if that was really the message. Of course, that wouldn’t have looked so sexy.

And was it just me who noted that starting with a couple of iconic British warplanes just served to emphasise that this was vodka made in Warrington?

Comment by John Dodds

Is it just me who doesn’t even get this ad??? I mean, sure, I get pure, I get filtered, by why from chucking something in there?? Why does that trigger the ocean’s nausea and expulsion of old stuff? Am in dire need of caffeine to understand this? And to John’s point, why on earth is relics coming out of the ocean an environmental message to some people??

(And yes, absolutely Absolut)

Comment by Angus

I’d also like to take this opportunity to move from social commentater to blogging psychic and say that I would comment tomorrow that proprietary devices are merely desparate attempts to make tangible the intangible deliverables that are the raison d’etre of the service industry.

Comment by John Dodds

Look, the message is clear; don’t chuck your Spitfire in the Sea and make sure you take your Viking ship to the City Dump and put it in the allocated “Viking Ship Recycling Bin”.

Now, who sunk my battleship?

Comment by Marcus


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Re: the Absolut comments – I know of Absolut, but that’s only because of David Ogilvy’s book and countless other advertising tomes.

But the brand means nothing to me bar that – and I’m reasonably sure the same is true of other people my age. Clever Smirnoff for encroaching on that territory.

And it is ‘just an ad’ in my book.

Comment by Will

Will – do people your age count?

Comment by John Dodds

I know of Absolut because I guzzled half a litre of the stuff and then hit someone (who wasn’t David Ogilvy)

Comment by Marcus

John – I think we’re called ‘adults’ now.. I’m not sure..



Comment by Will

Will – no. Fuck off (hic) 😉

Comment by Marcus

I’ve heard about your type. You aren’t getting any pudding if you don’t behave yourself.


Comment by Will

Actually I can see how Smirnoff couls build on this. For every can we chuck in the sea, the pledge to remove 2.5 Million tonnes of junk from the ocean.

Comment by Marcus

Ah, the taking ads literally dollar. That’s a good dollar. Not sure if anyone else believes it, but it’d be a marketplace worth exploiting, that’s for sure.

Comment by Will

Good point John … but I did say in my overview that people were trying to claim the ad was highlighting how mankind pollutes the World with its WASTE/MINDLESSNESS as I wanted to ensure I covered off the planes etc that pop up from the ocean floor.

God that makes me sound like a smarmy-goody-two-shoes doesn’t it. Only time in my life … ha!

Comment by Rob

Actually Will, I was going for the “rubbish spelling” dollar. But I think NP maybe better at that dollar than me.

Comment by Marcus

OK Andy, fair comment but I did think it through before endorsing the ad and I’ve done a follow up post which should set the record straight.

Yep, I got your mail Rob and I’ll be responding in an hour or so. Great post. Get the conversation going and more importantly start asking questions about what companies do believe in and whether they have any values at all because there is a huge difference between brand values and brand tonality in an ad.

I will say one thing though. If Smirnoff are full of shit. This will be one of the last big greenwashing ads you’ll ever see. Lets see what they do over the coming months.

Comment by Charles Frith

Ironically, you can tell how much Andy likes you Charles because he just teased you – rather than go for the jugular like he does with me, haha!

And on a personal level, you reminded me how passionate HHCL was about values/tone – I’ve always lived by those rules, but your post brought back memories – and quite alot of bollockings, ha!

I am really looking forward to seeing how this goes – though I am scared Scamp has so much faith in the power of advertising, given its an ‘ad’ with some loose social calling rather than something with a cause at its heart, ha

Comment by Rob

When you break this ad down, it makes no sense other than the fact that it’s about filtering the crap outta the vodka so it’s pure. No green cause, no other hippie bullshit.

I’m with the “just an ad” peeps on this one. It’s still cool to look at and incredibly well made. I see it cleaning up at award shows, which is fitting as it’s pretty nice to look at, but inevitably that means it’ll be praised for it’s “environmental message” and Smirnoff will come out and beat their chests claiming to be the most “conscious” alcohol brand in the world and then Rob will kill someone… with a broken bottle of Absolut… then he’ll steal the guys iPhone and go on the run. But they’ll find him via a hidden security feature in the iPhone that Apple had installed secretly in conjunction with the CIA. Rob will only make it as far as Luton before being caught where he’ll engage in a violent standoff with police and undercover agents from different organisations who’re working collaboratively to bring him down. Just as all hope is lost, Sacrum will appear and distract everyone, giving Andy the chance to swoop in with the pimped out Cynic Black Hawk chopper. Rob will grab onto a rope ladder and escape to his freedom. All appears to be well for now, but it seems the weight of both Rob AND Andy in the same chopper together (as well as Andy’s ego) is too much load for the heli to take. In true Andy fashion, he kicks Rob out of the side door unexpectedly. In true Rob fashion, his landing is broken by a passing truck carrying stock of a new mattress designed by NASA and Ikea known as “the softest substance in the known universe and even beyond known”. Rob rides the truck and bails out at what seems to be a large mansion. Knowing every cop in the world is still after him, he hedges his bets that he’ll be able to use his powerful skills of convincing people to agree with anything he wants, and decides to seek refuge in the mansion (as is his style). Beyond the gates large guard dogs emerge and make a b-line for him. Thinking fast, Rob remembers he still has some free samples of satay beef jerkies in his back pocket that he got for free cause he’s doing research on dried meat. Luckily! He throws the jerky and the dogs’ fury subsides. A small old man emerges to see what all the ruckus is about and recognises Rob, and Rob recognises him too. It’s Sir FUCKING Martin Sorrell the head of WPP and one of Rob’s good mates! Holy moly this is a stroke of pure luck! Rob confides in Sir Martin who agrees to take him in and provides him with a warm bath, a robe made out pieces of the actual Shroud of Turin and a banquet feast (of which Rob does not eat anything bad for him ok Jill) After dinner they are both relaxing by the fire and Sir Martin is sharing his tales of his illustrious adventures involving midgets, treks through the Amazon, killing a cabbie in NYC, and the Holy Grail. Rob, in turn tells him stuff about life in Singapore. Sir Martin plays interested. The night wears on and the fire begins to slowly dwindle before BOOM! A hundred thousand agents all crash through the windows and doors. Sir Martin cares not for himself, in fact, almost as soon as the glass hits the floor he has window repair men rushing in to replace them. Rob is startled but he cannot move, he’s been slipped some sort of paralysing venom thing like something out of a James Bond movie, only Rob isn’t James Bond and this isn’t a movie, this is real life! “Damn it!” he thinks, “I shouldn’t have eaten that Hedgehog slice!” which he didn’t’ eat in case you’re still reading this Jill. Where is Sacrum? Andy?! Sir Martin Sorrell looks Rob in the eye with a cheesy grin and laughs. “Here’s to you auctioning my business card, prick!” And like that, Rob – the infamous Smirnoff hating Absolut killer – is thrown in cuffs and dragged away screaming into a police van, to walk the lonely green mile and die an adland martyr.

That is exactly the turn of events that will take place in the not so distant future. Don’t say I didn’t warn you all. I love you Rob.

Comment by Age

Dear Mr. Smarmy Goody Two Shoes,

Do you think we actually read your overview :O) – seriously though, I guess I was siding with Andy (mea culpa) this time and suggesting that you have to be more overt in your messaging in a partial attention age in order to make sure that subtexts were read.

And Charles – sadly greenwashing has legs!

Comment by John Dodds

As an aside – this ad was MADE for cinema. If I had access to the media spend, it’d launch there, definitely.

Comment by Will

Stripes and bold pastels will be big this autumn.

Comment by Social Commenter worry me. In a good way. 😉

Nice stuff mate.

Comment by Will


That is single-handidly the most mental and brilliant post [sod, comment] EVER on this blog and I salute you even though you claim my days are numbered.

Off to write my will and kick Andy in the nuts for kicking me out of the helicopter which got me into this mess in the first place.

John … I’d love to answer, but I’m still in shock/awe of Age’s post.

Comment by Rob

Charles can you please open your site up to all commenters so I can annoy you more regularly?

Comment by Angus


Have your people call my people – I’m sensing franchise, I’m sensing the adventures of a less than mild-mannered adman in exotic climes. I’m sensing a tag line – They thought he was only an adman! Let’s do lunch.

Comment by Whiny Harvstein.

Errrrrm, strictly speaking the title should be …

“They thought he was only a lazy bastard”

… but I’ll take it.

Comment by Rob

age: for that stream of story bollocks, you are the best planning fucker i have ever had the pleasure of not knowing and not because you made me look good, but because you made that cock campbell suffer at the hands of the mighty midgit. gold.

Comment by andy@cynic

I love this blog.

Comment by Marcus

lol, believe me, that was more for my own entertainment than anything else. It’s 9:30pm and I’m still at fucking work. I needed to blow out some steam!

Off now though, gnite folks!
Harvs, let’s talk dollars first. Geddit?

Comment by Age

This blog is pure genius. (see what i did…guffaw…)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You aren’t related to James ‘Age’ Joyce are you mate? 🙂

Comment by Will

Rob M – Don’t make me get a Smirnoff shotgun.

Comment by Will

fuck if work makes you act like that, i need to see how 20 pints and a kebab will make you behave. finally some fucking real rock and roll in advertising again, about fucking time.

Comment by andy@cynic

Just one kebab Andy?

Comment by Will

im on a diet. wanna make something of it?

Comment by andy@cynic

I have no interest in this post or its comments, but I do have to say the “I’m calling bullshit” picture is wonderful. Thank you. Jemma x

And you’re looking very svelte Andy, I’ve noticed.

Comment by Jemma King

you want me dont you jem? youre only human. pity im a married man but if history repeats itself, ill be back on the market in 15 months. count the days babe.

Comment by andy@cynic

No – just I hope that Kebab is loaded with chili and garlic sauce.

Fuck the diet.

Comment by Will

age, that was fucking gold!! i just read it while having my lunch and i was laughing so hysterically, i almost choked on my fucking bagette…in fact, i suggest everyone read it again while playing the smirnoff ad.. if nothing else, it makes a great soundtrack to a wicked story!

Comment by lauren

Extensive audience testing at our Kalamazoo facility indicates that the lazy bastard line does not resonate with our target demographic as being sufficiently different from their own experience. Adman suggests a patina of glamour that appeals yet conjures up images of a physique that is not beyond their aspiration.

Age – straight to talking money bubbala? I like. We can do business.

Comment by Whiny Harvstein.

Could we all say a big hello to the guys from JWT please? They’ve been crawling all over my blog for the last two hours, and the must be hanging around here.

Hi JWT! Nice ad. Where I can I buy a bottle of Smirnoff dirt repellent?

Comment by Marcus

Clearly a better vodka:

Comment by Marcus

Personally, I didn’t think it was a patch on ‘Have a break, Have a Kit-Kat’.

Comment by Jeremy Bullmore

HR? HR? I have a interoffice sexual situation here.

Great post age, laughed myself happy.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Age. ^5 dude. Totally seminal commenting and practically genre defying if not close to hijacking this very blog. Freaking awesome.

Angus. C’mon dear. Get with the program and leave me a comment. You need to register with this little known outfit called Google who I haven’t bought anything off in the ten years I’ve known them 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

I’ve come to this very late, but…
ther MAY be a subliminal eco message, their may not.
But, being Northern and a bit thick, isn’t it a good thing that Smirnoff is doing something other than product attribute? There is a distinct heritage to the brand that surely adds a bit of magic to it?

Comment by NP

Or am I missing something?
And isn’t my gramma (sic) as bad as usual?

Comment by NP

And Age……..what Charles said.

Comment by NP

NP – I agree with you completely. It is a brilliant spot, and I agree with you about a word you used: Magic.

I’d watch this ad more than once because of that, and that’s probably the greatest compliment I can pay to any ad.

Comment by Jeremy Bullmore

It is a fantastic ad. Really, really brilliant. But there is one MASSIVE clue as to why there is NO Eco moral/message in it. The clue is bigger than any of the tiny little hints that it may have.

Comment by Marcus


[a] did you get my shit preso on your shit email?
[address is open to publicity for being so naff]

[b] the whole point of my post is that people are seeing things that aren’t there and if Smirnoff suddenly decide ‘they were there really’ then yes – it’s a good thing – except they’ll try and get out of it as quickly as possible. [All this is in my post so fuck knows why I am repeating myself]

Andy, Jemma and Billy

Stop fucking about and do some fucking work. And yes Jem, I did swear at you – get over it, you sit in an office with both Andy and Billy plus 30 swearing bastards so I know you can take it.

Whiny Harvstein

It’s all very well what your focus group says, but when they see me they’ll be sorely disappointed and go to the ‘ADVENTURES OF A DUSTMAN’ instead.


Hello lovely … hope it’s all going well and I can’t wait to see the finished result.

Jeremy Bullmore

Just been talking to your Lord and Master – he didn’t say hello – probably because he wants to pension you off.


I agree with you, the requirement of a google account to leave a comment on Charles blog is tantamount to the elitism seen in shit Martel ads.



Comment by Rob

NP – Being thick myself I just see a visually spectacular ad that’s focussed on a product attribute. I think I’m repeting Rob’s initial point but unless you spread the alleged subtext into actions, isn’t it the product attribute that is pre-eminent in the messaging?

Comment by Whiny Harvstein.

Erm, no. No, no, no, no, maybe yes, no, NO. This is not a magic ad as in the meaning of “magic”. May be magic CGI but not magic idea. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good one. It’s a really wonderful crafted and great executed ad. Nothing more, nothing less.
But it does not have any magic feel or brilliant idea. I mean, a guy throws a can into the ocean and then the ocean is throwing back after all those years, just because of this guy…and then it’s for a superpure vodka…still in the sea. Erm, it’s a good and different idea…but it doesn’t strike me. What’s stunning is the execution. But magic, no. Grrr had magic. Unpimp my auto had it. In an absolut world has magic (and the right vodka). But this…no.

Comment by Seb

WOW … Whiny Harvstein is really up on this advertising bullshit and Seb [it’s fucking great to have you back here] you can see the W&K influence already taking you over. Tops.

[NB: TOPS … not toptastic … so Marcus ‘sensitive’ Brown doesn’t get offended]

Comment by Robert

Oops I’m a victim of identity theft.

Comment by John Dodds

Bums on seats, bums on seats.

Comment by Whiny Harvstein.

And I love you too Robert.
Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

and where the fuck 🙂 do I have to look for andy on facebook?

Comment by Seb

Thanks Jemma … I know you do really, haha!

And Seb – there’s no point finding Andy on Facebook because he’ll never go to it again and only got there because his missus [or our IT bloke] set it up for him.

Saying that, his comments are very funny so find me and then you’ll see him sort-of.

Right, I have to go to bed now – so have fun all.

Comment by Rob

fuck facebook..

Comment by lauren

and good night rob – i’ll post about the finished results later, so when you’re up and at ’em again, you can see them. suffice to say it was a fantastic couple of days! (i only used toptastic yesterday as a nod’n’wink to you and seb, and to get a rise out of opa brown) 🙂 🙂

Comment by lauren

I heard that Lauren.

Comment by Marcus

opa brown…? that’s not right. marcus may be as wise as a lot of old men but he is trapped in the body of a young, muscular russian dancer. and it’s not WK influence. it’s just that I don’t think it’s that brilliant as people are talking it. by the way lauren it was great meeting again. I loved your “Oehmchen” and would do everything to get it as ringtone or stuff.

Comment by Seb

Trapped in the body of a young, muscular russian dancer? There’ll be hell to pay when he gets home!

Comment by John Dodds.

I know, John. I know. But it was worth it.

Comment by Seb

It was lovely knowing you Seb. I hope the rest of your short life is pleasant.

Comment by Jeremy Bullmore

im just about to call campbell and thought id check to see if his blog is still producing shit without him. you fuckers never let me down.

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s home. Seb, in the words of Bill Hicks:


Comment by Marcus Brown

oh, want a pointless comment. I forgot that:

a) you currently work in GERMAN advertising


b) you will soon be working at W+K

which means that you currently and will be sucking satan’s cock on a daily basis.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Marcus, you forgot the 🙂

and sucking satan’s cock on a daily basis? didn’t know that sir sorrell is in charge at w+k as well.

Comment by Seb

sorrell isnt satan hes toad of toad fucking hall

Comment by andy@cynic

Well… Of course it’s a fucking ad… What else is it supposed to be? Vodka is straight grain neutral spirits (Alcohol) cut with water… It’s to get you pissed. Not save the planet. Jesus, am I the only person in advertising that finds it funny that people in advertising are trying toi be responsible? Remember, we are the world’s seconf oldest profession… And we all know what the first is!!!

Comment by George Parker, Boise, ID

Hello George …

I’ve checked your blog out and simply have to say WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING!

I love it … conveys all the natural cynicism/honesty that most of the people on this blog crave. To be honest, I may as well just do a link to your site and save myself loads of hard work, ha!

[Have a look how George talks about the JWT London Smirnoff ad, it’s tops … ]

Though I do have to say I think the ad industry is actually the oldest industry in the World.

How else would the uglies of the day of made money from prostitution without some marketing hack communicating to the masses …

“If you feel God had bestowed the passion of 20 stallions deep within your soul, we understand how hard that must be to experience relief and fulfilment. However help is at hand … because at UGLY-BUT-WILLING, we have a range of highly trained and experienced women who can help lift this burden from your soul and let you feel whole again”

Comment by Rob

I met and drank with George in London earlier this summer – top man.

Comment by John Dodds

I did too and can concur..

Comment by lauren

who the fuck is george, not my george surely? why did he meet you lot without me. paranoid? yes i fucking am, want to make something of it?

Comment by andy@cynic

well, andy dear, if you bothered to head across the pond once in a while, you’d get to drink with us in london this summer too, so don’t whinge – it doesn’t suit you.

Comment by lauren

i like it when you dominate 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Yo… we’r a Bristol (uk ) based crew who travel to the rain forests to make these videos… please help spead the word about deforestation by hosting this vid… check out more and how u can help on our space…Remember while your reading this theres a hand full of dedicated activists fighting for the remaining spec’s of rain forest left on this planet!!! Thanks m8…
1 Love

Comment by Direct Action Volunteers for the Envirnnment

Ladies and Gentlemen … how about checking out the guys from the post above this one. Earn some karma points. You need it 🙂

Comment by Rob

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