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October 31, 2007, 8:11 am
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Victoria Bi..

So as I think alot of you know, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in Australia recently.

Well, whilst I’ve mentioned there are a number of ‘issues’ going on in the background, I do have something to show you that comes from the work we’ve been doing.

Whilst the spot you are about to see comes from the new core idea, it’s not the core ad … infact it’s role is rather different to what we had originally envisaged.

Initially it’s purpose was to act as a sort-of bridge to the bigger, more pragmatic repositioning … however with so many things now ‘up in the air’, it has been decided that it should be put out while the other issues attempt to be ‘fixed’.

Without doubt this spot will mean much, much more if you’re an Aussie [mainly because the ‘piece’ that is being played has been religiously attached to the brand for over 40 years] … however when I tell you that the people ‘performing’ are the real members of the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra …  they took a month to learn, practice and rehearse the piece and there are absolutely NO CAMERA or SOUND tricks in the whole film, then maybe the none-Aussies out there will tip their hats in approval.

Please know this is not a piece of communication to shift product … it’s a piece of communication to help shift the brands perception, whilst still being true to the values of its past.

[FYI:  The brand has become a sort-of  ‘yobs beer’ so I’m sure you’ll agree this is a rather major shift – however it’s still not as big as the one we were proposing!]

Whilst it might not sound it, I really do think its a great spot and I am very proud of everyone who helped contribute to its creation, 

Sure I wish I could of shown it to you as part of the overall campaign but I can’t and when you consider we’ve still come up with a really interesting spot that stands on its own two feet and is waaaaaay different to the category norms, then I realise I should shut the fuck up and enjoy the moment. 🙂

With all that in mind, it gives me great, great pleasure to introduce you to a bunch of guys who truly deserve a badge of honour.

[And that includes everyone who worked on the spot!]

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that is fucking magic. fucking magic. im so jealous i didnt do it but im happy for everyone who did. well fucking done, its great.

Comment by andy@cynic

Even if you didn’t know the VB brand, you’d still find this a great piece of work, however I know VB and more importantly, I know how Australians were perceiving the brand so this work tackles the issue head on and I love it.
I do hope I get to see the overall campaign that you are obviously so proud of but what I’ve just witnessed already represents a major shift for the brand and unless you are going to change the name of your blog to “Musings Of A Miserable Old Sod” then you should, by your own admission, shut the fuck up.

Comment by Pete

I take it there’s no endline because the client is still making their mind up on “things” rather than because you’ve all become artsy? 🙂

Comment by Pete

What Andy and Pete said. Except for Pete’s last comment which shows he’s a planner 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

really nice. good job boys and girls. and andy, who is responsible for making sure this was going to be a great ad by precautionary not attending during creation, shoot and edit.

Comment by Seb

fuckwit 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

woo, you’re getting the silver tongue out.

Comment by Seb

too much douche baggery here, going to bed now.
see you tomorrow.

Comment by Seb

i know your missus is in germany and youre in a foreign country, but can you please stop trying to get in my fucking pants. maybe charles and his hair free arse will be more accomodating 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

night herr seb

Comment by andy@cynic

you’ve basically released a single, while still working on the album…clever strategy…since it buys you time to tinker on the rest while incorporating comments from the audience on theis piece..

Comment by niko

If thats the halfway house, I cant wait for the full thing.

Its an interesting looking shift too. Getting away from a yob image without losing the wide appeal of the brand is quite a difficult thing to do.


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Very clever shift and a nice way you’ve done it.

Comment by bhaskar

I like this a lot.

Comment by Marcus

i had a peek at this when i saw your facebook status this morning, but i didn’t have enough time to email you congratulations!! well done mate – turning this lug of a brand around is not easy and you guys have managed to make a good start.

while the track they’re playing still makes me cringe, [thanks to associating it with 40 years of tonka trucks and sweaty blokes with beer bellies] it’s a bloody great ad and i’m so glad you’ve released it now. in fact, even though it’s not your original idea, with cricket season around the corner, it’s actually good really timing.

i’m glad there’s no tagline, because it gives the brand time to settle into change and really determine where they’re going. i know that’s not the real reason they’re stalling, but i still think it’s a good move.

and, can someone tell me why orchestra has suddenly become the communication flavour of the month (between this and fallon’s sony)?

Comment by lauren

and that would be really good timing, not good really timing.

Comment by lauren

Morning everybody. As there are quite smart people around here all the time I hope one or 23 of these lovely beings can help me with something. The thing is that I need a new name for my blog because I want to make the move from blogger to the cosy home of wordpress. Unfortunately woweewow is not available (I had it, I deletet it, I can never have it again).

So what should be the name of my wordpress blog?

Suggestions so far:
seb’s gonzo conglomeration of ideas
woo wee
hello my name is
think a bit
wakey wakey hands off snakey

I have no idea and won’t move until some more clever person can come up with something good. Shouldn’t be that complicated. And Andy, please don’t heasitate to not even think about firing your little stubby fingers to go for something that is a) gay or b) kraut (unless it’s good). Thanks, much appreciated.

Comment by Seb ist immer noch frei du haserl.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Quality. The best ad I’ve seen you showcase here. Cracks the brief or nails it depending on how hairy your bum is but and and I think this is really important. Its an extraordinarily well directed piece. Well done.

Comment by Charles Frith

on time and no-where to go

Comment by niko

We know Andy will suggest and it seems to be available! But seb.wordpress is better in terms of one word equity.

Comment by John

John, Marcus…good idea.
Unfortunately it was my first idea as well and
wordpress doesn’t allow anything under 4 letters. is already used by some weird
gayguy from spain…come on, do something with it, Andy.

Comment by Seb


Comment by lauren


Comment by Rob Mortimer


SebC.wordpress (assuming your last name begins with C of course)

Comment by John

one word equity? you working for those fuckers at m&c dodds?

after giving your problem all the attention it deserves seb (.357 of a second) i would like to propose two enchanting and stimulating alternatives

no fucking idea if theyre available and i dont fucking care, all i want to know is where do i send my embarrassing enormous big bill?

Comment by andy@cynic

fatkraut.wordpress would be future proof!

Comment by John

you could be campbells counterpart in misery

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob Mortimer

oehmchen.wordpress is nice.
though not very anglocompatible, isn’t it?
I am not that of an anti-markus. am I?
and given my last name is oehme it would be
sebo.wordpress…maybe sebbie.wordpress?
that’s how some wiedens call me.
kraut.wordpress is gone, I liked that andy, but
no money because it’s useless because not available.
I overheard that fatkraut, John.

more ideas, please.
what about you Campbell.
any sparkling, sterling thoughts?

Comment by Seb

Given your last request, I think Sebthedreamer.wordpress is the answer.

Comment by John

i like the way this post is ignoring robs great work and just focusing on coming up with a new name for someone elses blog. that gives me a very warm feeling inside, mainly because im jealous i didnt do the spot.

Comment by andy@cynic

what about
with that im fucking off to do some work for paying clients and dont wait for campbell, hes somewhere up in the sky living the fucking dream as pissing usual.

Comment by andy@cynic

seb, if you’ve got time to fuck around naming your blog, get onto skype for fucks’ sake.

Comment by lauren

I don’t have skype on my Wieden’s Mac.
Sorry, luv. But maybe tonite?

Comment by Seb

We’re just respecting Rob’s inhernet modesty and anyway the thing won’t play on my computer for some reason.

Comment by John

Rob, that is SUPERB. I love it.

Comment by Angus

Also, I vote for – it’s the best one by far Seb.

Lauren, what’s your skype name?

Also mum, don’t forget to buy some laundry detergent today, thanks.

Note to self: check Qantas flight times.

Comment by Angus

seb: tonight (your time) for sure. angus: lozza_b52. rob: thanks for letting us use your blog as the school playground.

Comment by lauren

oh, yeah thanks rob.
what about sebkraut?

Comment by Seb

SEB i suggest Schwabo, means german in serbian slang

or else Schimanski (from the legendary tatort krimi’s)…u got a mustache by any chance?

Comment by niko

I’ve set up a “help seb” ressource. Please use this and stop spamming this blog.

Comment by The Kaiser

I like that Schimanski thing, Niko.
Or maybe Derrick…

Comment by Seb ?

Comment by Seb

sorry for misspelling your name, mate.

Comment by Seb

i got it seb:

u could translate a recepy every other week, get a theme thing going

Comment by niko

That’s a great ad, though I kept slapping my speakers about at the start, because I thought I should be hearing footsteps.

Comment by Dave Mortimer

What a surprise, Andy takes this post and completely screws it up in an act of petchalent immaturity.

God I love working with that man, ha! 🙂

And for your information Boucher, I was not ‘living the life’ … well, not as much as I have on other trips, ha!

So Seb, just what did you go with?

Comment by Rob

I think the word you’re looking for, Rob, is petulant.

Comment by oxford dictionary

don’t ask…well at least not me as since yesterday I can afford a personal assistant who was a swedish underwear model before. thank you andy, I love you.

Comment by Seb

I am afraid, I am very, very afraid.

I’m also jealous. Very, very jealous. 🙂

I will investigate what the fuck Andy has been upto when he wakes from his drunken stupor … which seems like it’ll be next week judging from what I’ve heard.

Going home now, see you all tomorrow bright and early.

Comment by Rob

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s official.
TABAS (The Andy Bouche Appreciation Society) has a new home on the web:

Comment by Seb

So Seb you’re saying that Bjorn was an underwear model?

Comment by John

Yes, Marcus, I have completely lost my mind:

Comment by Seb


Comment by Rob

you are freaking the fuck out of me your kraut stalker? what the fuck am i supposed to have agreed to? you know it doesnt count if youre pissed when you agree to it. that probably wont was with you will it, it didnt with the divorce lawyer of mistake #2. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

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