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Sexism Is Alive And Well …
February 25, 2008, 7:42 am
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As seen in the inflight magazine of a Thai airline …



With this sort of attitude, I’m surprised they don’t offer kitchen appliances amongst the perfumes section given that’s what they obviously think women are all about.

Yes I’m being harsh – and sadly there is still alot of ‘traditional gender role’ attitudes in Asia – but I am sick to death of brands/companies falling into mass cliché territory to separate their male/female customer base.

A while back I was asked by a magazine what I thought about female skewed advertising [ie: products that are ‘unisex’ but in communication are being targeted towards female customers] and I said I was appalled how many brands talk to women in superficial terms like “This computer is made for you because it now comes in pink” – and you know what, a load of agencies gave me shit for that.


OK … so there’s some women out there who don’t care what they buy/use as long as it matches their fucking nail polish [like there’s men out there who don’t care as long as it has tits in the ad] but to treat the masses in such a way is incredibly insulting – not to mention ignorant.

What’s even worse is this mass prejudice communication has the potential to start influencing how women act – educating them that the only things that are important are material possessions, pretty colours and selflessly working for your family. 

Of course there’s nothing wrong with that – but the potential loss of identify, passion and opinion is enough to set the female gender back 100 years – or in Asia’s case – 30!

Spice Girls Return

For Huh’s benefit, I should point out I am generalising … I know there are a lot of very independent, smart, beautiful women throughout Asia – however it cannot be denied ‘gender roles/expectations’ are alive and well in the region and this is leading to all sorts of inner and outer conflict/turmoil as women battle to find their own identity whilst staying true to the fundamental Asian value system.

Where are the brands that treat women [and men for that matter] with respect and honour?-

The ones that don’t fall into clichéd anti-men/anti-women territory, but communicate in interesting, relevant and engaging terms?

Sure there are some brands that do that – but to me, there seems a whole lot more who trade in the evil that is lowest common denominator thinking.

Whose to blame?

Well lots of people to be honest.

From the Governments who don’t take on the issue with any great gusto … to the media who present this way of living/thinking as ‘normal’ … to the clients and agencies who continue to force this rubbish down our throats … to the consumers who [too often] blindly accept it … to the research companies who happily ‘validate’ it all because they are seemingly becoming more concerned with keeping their clients happy [to maintain their contracts] than doing what is right and looking deeper – however as I’m going into areas that are better saved for another day, I’ll leave it there – besides my dinner should be on the table and I won’t want it to get cold! 🙂

Impending Death: Always A Nice Way To Start The Day/Week …
February 25, 2008, 7:39 am
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Nice to know I only have about 40 odd years left of suffering Andy’s bollocks, ha!

Brought to you by the ever-happy Singapore Straits Times!

Dog Obedience Class …
February 22, 2008, 7:06 am
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Click here to mix it like a mongrel …

And when you’ve done that, find out how much shit has been going on in the World while you’ve been frivolously enjoying yourself.

[Thanks to Age for the ‘Life’s Shit’ link which I blatantly stole, ha!]

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You Can Tell Smirnoff Is Russian Because Their Packaging Is Crass, Blatant And Lacking In Any Form Of Charm.
February 22, 2008, 6:58 am
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And they try and claim they are all about purity?

Hell, I’ve seen 60 year old, plastic-surgery ‘tweaked’, Versace wearing, Bvlgari dripping, leather skinned woman in L.A. who are more ‘pure’ than that packaging.

lots of absolut!!

Maybe Smirnoff need to take some lessons from Absolut – because even when they purposefully do ‘bling’ – they still pull it off with style and flair.

Not only does this demonstrate the importance of packaging in the purchase decision it also shows how clever Absolut were/are, because not only have they built a clear and concise brand identity, but they have ensured it is [physically] attractive to the environments that [1] will give them sales distribution/success as well as [2] enhances/cements the brands reputation with a particular consumer set.

That’s better comms thinking than most media shops could ever hope to achieve.


Too many people regard design as ‘eye candy’ – but in the right hands, it can overcome fundamental business problems – and whilst you may see this as a post-rationalised strategy [and it probably is] when you compare it to the mess that is Smirnoff, you can’t help but feel the guys behind Absolut are far more ‘aware’ of what will make them successful than their Diageo counterparts.

Now if only their bloody ad campaigns were as good …

The Betty Ford Clinic For Frustrated Brains?
February 21, 2008, 10:15 am
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Bosch's Snob

The Purple List is a new online ‘home’ for marketing/comms professionals who believe [or like to believe] they trade in ‘highest common denominator’ thinking, so they can connect, chat and maybe work together.

Of course my wife calls it “Delusional Elitism At It’s Worst” … but then she makes the Salvation Army look like a bunch of capitalist pigs … so to find out more, click here.

I should point out I cannot promise this won’t all turn out to be some kinda Gmail scam – where the air of exclusivity [hmmmmn, maybe Jill is right] is replaced with the reality that all and sundry hang out there – hell, I’m already a member so it’s only a matter of time before the whole of DaVinci treat it like their social club – so enter at your own risk!

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Want To Be Part Of The Agency Of The Future?
February 21, 2008, 7:50 am
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No I’m not talking about joining Crispin’s … Mother … WK … Droga5 … cynic … or any host of other hot shops … I’m talking about an opportunity that is even bigger, an opportunity to be part of a GLOBAL RENAISSANCE.

Yes – we’re talking big. Bigger than big. SUPERFUCKINGMASSIVE!

Now the thing is, there’s no point being part of ‘a global renaissance’ if the people behind it haven’t got some solid business foundations because otherwise you’ll be here one day – gone the next – which is why the really brilliant news is that the organisation behind this new kind of agency is those masters of durability, WPP.

Sure Crispins, Mother, WK and the like might do stuff that gets all the press – but where were they 30 years ago? 

I’ll tell you … nowhere … not like a WPP agency.

When you talk about companies like O&M, JWT, Y&R and GREY … you are talking about firms that have stood the test of time … taken brands from the ice age – like Ford, Colgate, Unilever and P&G – and kept them thriving into the global warming age.

We’re talking about organisations who will still be their flogging cars, toothpaste, washing powder and shampoo long after we’re dead and buried – which is a damn site better than working on one of those fly-by-night buggers like NIKE, Apple or – hahaha – Google.

What WPP is offering is a job for life.

In this World of uncertainty and change – I’m sure you’ll agree that a life sentence of employment fuckin’ rocks!

OK … OK … so some people will get to do some crazy shit at one of those little ‘independents’ – but when they’re struggling to pay their mortgage in 10 years time, who’ll be laughing then?




And it gets better …

Not only have you got the chance to gain lifelong employment at the newest, biggest, baddest agency in town … but they are offering an environment that bypasses all those annoying things that you get at ‘normal’ agencies.

Creative frustrations?

Not here.


No need.

Media Channel awareness?


You see this super-group of adland will only service one client – so time consuming rubbish like pitching won’t be needed.

And this client doesn’t bother about all that poncy shit like creativity – it’s brochures all the way – so your time can be spent on making things happen, not getting bogged down on the superfluous.

[To prove they mean what they say, they’ve created the most functional job recruitment ad in history [See Below] No fluff, just to the point, Finally, an ad agency who gets it]

But who is this wonder-client who is offering you all these benefits”, I hear you ask.

Well it’s no other than fast moving computer giant, DELL!

Think Apple but without the annoying Steve Jobs or NIKE but not having to put up with the prima-dona sports stars.

This is a brand you can trust and feel proud of.  A brand that will become the P&G of computers. A brand that will be around even when your great, great, great, great grandchildren are snorting crack and living on Mars.   

And to prove how serious WPP are treating this client – apart from the fact they’re setting up a global network just for them – they’ve decided to call it [at least for now] DaVinci.


None of that wank like Naked, Trumpet, Brooklyn Brothers or Godsend … this is something serious, powerful, historical and awe-inspiring.

Seriously, what the fuck are you waiting for – there’s a whole bunch of jobs going but as you can imagine, they’ll be snapped up fast – so if you want to be part of the future [not to mention history] WPP/DaVinci want to hear from you NOW.

Do It: Because Mortgages Don’t Pay Themselves.

Where Is Frith?
February 21, 2008, 7:40 am
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Mama raised a pimp

I’ve called … emailed … written on his blog … nothing!

Has he had some bum-shaving accident or is he recovering from a beating he got at the hands of a jealous boyfriend?  [“Not the face, not the face” he cried!]

Whatever the reason, I hope he is alive and well and back real soon!