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I Just Fancy Saying Hello To Google …
March 28, 2008, 7:58 am
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Google Wallpaper

There is absolutely no subliminal meaning behind this post whatsoever … nope, I’m just feeling ‘nice’.

Infact from now on, call me Mr Cuddlywuddly, Niceychops.

And if you think that’s shocking, you should see the ‘new’ Andy. He’s positively lovely.

Now I know some people think Google have the potential for evil, but don’t we all?

Martha Stewart? 

One moment she’s a nice old lady making cakes and cards then in a flash, she turns into a greedy, manipulative financial shark.

What a bitch!

Anyway, the fact is Google at least try to do good things [despite the odd little slip up which even then is not premeditated] so for that I think they should be congratulated and celebrated – not kicked and punched, especially when it’s by people who would rob the milk from their grannies tea.

Talk is very cheap and there’s a whole lot of companies out there who claim they care then demonstrate through their actions the complete opposite.

Banks for instance.

And ad agencies.

So sod it, I don’t mind being nice for once – so ‘Hello Google’, keep up the good work – and who knows, one day you could be the ‘U.N.’ of humanity – lets face it, you’re already doing a better job than alot of the current mob.

Anyway enough of all that – what with me being nice and wearing a jacket, it’s obvious my anger levels need replenishing so I think I’m gonna go for a nice lie-down.

Have a top weekend all … may anger prevail 🙂

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Comment by Age

i don’t know what you’ve done with the real rob campbell, but you’re doing a crap job at impersonating him and we want him back.

[although i’m sure andy will say otherwise].

Comment by lauren

No subliminal meaning at all?

Hello google.

Comment by Pete

Its been a nice day hasn’t it? Hello Peter, I hope you are well, we haven’t seen you on here for quite a while. I hope you haven’t been too busy with Mr Gates and his organisations. Goodness I’m typing with capital letters and proper punctuation, I feel the beauty of life surging through my veins. Hello google, I hope you had a lovely day as well. Keep up the good work chaps.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck it, i cant keep that up. im in a good mood but i havent sold out my brain to the happy fairy factory like campbell though im with him on his google rant. and for the fucking record, it took me about 2 hours to type that last comment with all that punctuation and shit. why bother, it just gets in the way. now if i could only convince those fucking traditionalist clients my life would be much better

Comment by andy@cynic

and if campbell says theres no subliminal meaning pete, you know there is 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve missed this blog 🙂

Comment by Pete

Dear Mr Cuddlywuddly Niceychops. Are you going bareback with Google now?

Comment by Charles Frith

I hate those smiling icons and as I never swear on this blog I have never needed to place one for the benefit of your lovely mother but for some reason I feel it is totally and wholly appropriate today. 🙂

Speak next week gentlemen.

Comment by Lee Hill

We like google

Comment by Bazza

Jesus a guy can’t be nice without arousing suspicion.

That speech in “When Harry Met Sally” was wrong – guys CAN BE NICE to others without having the intention of screwing them.

Especially if they’re ugly 🙂

Comment by Rob

Love and warmth!? Cuddlywuddly Nicechops. Things are changing here. Is the next evolutionary phase on this blog corporate brand porn?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Look who’s the nice guy now. Gone balls up for Google have you? Good for you. Good for them. I hope you both enjoy it.

Comment by paul isakson

You clearly aren’t a business using google adwords, otherwise you would think them just as evil as Microsoft if it were owned by Kim Jong Il.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

can we get rid of mortimers comment please campbell, we dont need that sort of negative shit on this wonderful blog 🙂

ive just fucking violated myself with that “wonderful blog” comment. wheres the soap for my fucking filthy mouth?

Comment by andy@cynic

Pass the sickbag.

Comment by John

Why John, are you naked?

Comment by Rob

No – you’re clearly over-excited enough as it is.

Comment by John

Yes, I can see the girls swooning over the thought of you in all your glory from here!

Can someone pass me smelling salts for Emah. Do I mean smelling salts or maybe it’s anti-vomit pills, I always get those 2 mixed up 😉

Comment by Rob

even google cant keep this blog from returning to its normal shit. we are the kryptonite of goodness, the poor fuckers.

Comment by andy@cynic

So if you were at M&C with their single-word equity thinggy, you’d some up this blog with the word “SHIT” would you Andy?

Hell, that concept bloody works doesn’t it.

Comment by Rob

It’s clearly an aspirational blog.

Comment by John

needs 2 words campbell. “fucking shit” yeah, that works, helps give some tonal quality.

you can pay me later

Comment by rob

Why are you writing under my name Andy? Somebody did that on Scamp’s blog too

Comment by Rob

well i was talking planner shit and i didnt want to be associated with it

Comment by andy@cynic

You sad, sad, sad man.

Comment by Rob

At last proof that Andy and Rob are the same person (or perhaps two of George’s personalities).

Comment by John

takes one to fucking know one doesnt it jacketboy

Comment by andy@cynic

George suffers from multiple passive disorder, ha

Comment by Rob

im twice the man campbell is dodds, in every sense of the phrase

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck me campbell, thats a good response

Comment by andy@cynic

The George one?

Comment by Rob

mary is going to kick your fucking head in.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob and Andy

Heckle and Snide

Comment by Rob Mortimer

im not sharing those qualities with campbell

Comment by andy@cynic

Just like you wouldn’t share the Quality Street?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

ive shared enough with the exwives mortimer

Comment by andy@cynic

So YOU were the razorblade sweetie man…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Getting this blog back to the ‘love’ it started with, I like your response to Mr M Andy – cuttingly cute 🙂

Now go to the airport and have a good weekend, see you next week.

Comment by Rob

Have they gone?

Comment by John

You mean your groupies John? Doubtful, they are very loyal …

Comment by Rob

you sound like my mother campbell. or george. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s what wearing a jacket does to me …

Byeeee …

Comment by Rob

dear google,
if you’re looking on this blog for some insight into the boys and girls at cynic, then you really do need their help. because it means that your search engines, analytics and net info systems monitors aren’t working properly – all you’ll find here is creche for nutters with a vague reference to advertising.

Comment by lauren

That’s them all right. Intelligence and insight hidden behind innuendo and knob gags.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Rats, I forgot the wink.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

this blog has fuck all to do with cynic, its all campbells bollocks and knob gags.

bollocks and knobs? thatll leave a nasty taste in his mouth wont it. boom fucking tish

Comment by andy@cynic

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