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This Is A Real Agency Of The Future …
June 25, 2008, 7:55 am
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For all my rants regarding socialistic capitalism and helping clients become rich by finding ways to help the wider community – my friend Matt has got off his arse and started a very exciting company called The Republic Of Everyone which is dedicated to these [and countless other] philosophies-for-good.

I really encourage you to read what they do/think/say because it’s great stuff and once you’ve done that, go out and tell everyone [including your clients] because it’s genius, especially their bloody forest!

This isn’t about advertising charity, it’s about developing commercially viable ideas that allow companies to profit from investing in humanity and let me tell you, it’s the future of communication and makes a total mockery of Enfatico’s [formerly DaVinci] claims they’re the agency of the future – but then we already knew that didn’t we.


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i know matt is your mate and its a nice agency with a really different positioning (which makes a fucking nice change) but i know the real reason you wrote about it is because you want lee to pipe up we should have done this when you wanted to make cynic political.

well bad luck campbell because lee isnt talking to you after your uber-twat episode so youll just have to watch your mate get the acclaim instead of you 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

And the prize for comment of the year goes to…

Comment by john

Stop being a smug little shit Andy – and you’re wrong, I’m back in the ‘good books’ as long as I keep my mouth shut for the next 7 years 🙂

Comment by Robert

thats what you think. welcome to flying economy from now on

Comment by andy@cynic

and its nice to see youve decided were worth talking to again

Comment by andy@cynic

Believe it or not, it’s actually supposidly my blog so it’s not a case of me deciding you’re worth talking to again, more a case that you’re cyber-squatters 🙂

And yes, I fully expect to be seated at the back of the plane next to the toilets – but it’s better than being in the engine where there was a good chance I’d be located for the next 20 years.

Comment by Robert

i like this. i’m interested to see where these peeps go. the clincher? their forest, which you can check out from google earth – better than an ogilvy book any day.

Comment by lauren

Exactly Lauren – as I said in the previous comment, actions speak a damn sight louder than words.

Comment by Rob

I\’m afraid I don\’t understand how this works.

Comment by John Johnston Junior III

How ‘what’ works Triple J?

The Republic Of Everyone or Multiple Person Disorder?

Comment by Rob

I like it. Thought about something like this. My imaginary agency was called “Dictatorship of Freedom” and then “People’s Republic of Everything”. Never passed the name thing. But I like it and I wish Matt good luck.

What’s more interesting is the bitching between Andy and you. The best read in a long time. But I hope it’s nothing serious.

Comment by Seb

Matt is a totally brilliant and clever guy so it’s going to go great guns – but I’m sure if anyone is up for helping him if/when he needs it, he’s be grateful.

And don’t worry Seb, nothing Andy say’s is serious – he’s just missed me and he can’t bring himself to say it 🙂

You good?

Comment by Robert

Cool – a new agency with some positioning. Sure they’ll get some good business but the kicker will be which clients they decide not to work with.

As for planning sustainability – i’ve no idea what this means in practice. Does anyone have a meaningful view on what sustainability means? Anyone? Had we gone back 1000 years, would we have promoted a sustainable lifestyle? Would we have ever industrialised?

Helping the wider community is undoubtedly a good idea and highly profitable. However RoE to me currently says “special interest groups and greenwash this way” – hope I’m wrong and the can make a real difference.

Comment by John Dawson

Tricky decisions to be made. Futurewise. Not sure about nothing. Never thought there would be that much and big twats in advertising.
Had a look on their website. Pretty cool. I have seen the IFAW work they did, a lot of blogs talked about it. And I really like their website. Do they have passports for their citizen?
But I am fine. Germany plays Turkey in the semis tonight. And from Friday to Monday I am in London. Watching the final (hopefully with Germany playing) with Will. Meet people. Smell some London air.

Comment by Seb

I know what you’re saying John [“hello” by the way!] and I even said to Matt that ‘sustainability’ sounds all environmentally hippyish – but he assures me his company is about helping his clients succeed in business by finding ways that also helps humanity develop/grow … be it environment, education, playgrounds, whatever.

If it was anyone else I’d have my doubts – but he is a good, smart guy and whatever way you look at it, planting a forest is more of a statement than most ad companies could claim to have done.

Comment by Rob

You think smelling London air is a good thing?

Oh dear … 🙂

Comment by Rob

Well, the fresh air in our harbour is much better but London air has something very special. And it’s much better than everyone says. But maybe I don’t miss London so much (fuck it, I do) but the people I know there. Maybe it’s the people what makes London so bloody toptastisch.

Comment by Seb

Nothing beats the smell of fresh napalm in the morning..all the best to the Republic of everyone

Comment by niko

Getting a German to say “Toptastisch” is better than getting the OED to consider including BORINGE in the next edition.

And Niko – you are fast becoming my hero.

Comment by Rob

Rob,what a coincidence…You being nice and going on a hiatus from communicating…but I prefer the drugs and crime cracks (crack, see I am even showing you how easy it is). This nice stuff is freaking me out

Comment by niko

Don’t worry – I’ve written posts that should be Niko/Dodds and Andy friendly tomorrow.

Oh who am I kidding, I wrote them weeks back, ha!

Comment by Rob

seb, will, prepare for a call from a sweary australian. preferably after germany win.

Comment by lauren

matt – i dig your stuff and if you need help – happy to be there. except i’m in melbourne, in case that matters. either way – top stuff!

Comment by lauren

bad luck lauren, matts english and happily married so youre still looking at shane warne for your local lovin

Comment by andy@cynic

campbells post about happy fucking animals must of hypnotized me because i can see my last comment was truly fucking shit. apologies lauren, i wont let such bollocky lame comments happen again

Comment by andy@cynic

two words: fuck you.

Comment by lauren

shit. see what you made me do? sorry rob. sorry matt.
andy, you’re dropped.

Comment by lauren

andy@cynic – you sir, are a very rude man.

Comment by RachelJohn Johnston Junior III

and should be ashamed of yourself.

Comment by John Johnston Junior III

i laugh in the face of your weakling insults and grow stronger as a result. im popeye and you are my fucking spinach

Comment by andy@cynic

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