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Masturbation Doesn’t Make You Go Blind, It Makes You Go To The Cancer Clinic.
January 30, 2009, 12:02 pm
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Given the stupidity of Nottingham County Council, I wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with this study in an attempt to stop the city [and my beloved hometown] from being known as the ‘crime capital of Europe’.

Sorry guys, but being the nerve centre for wanking isn’t going to do our tourism levels much good either.

Q: What happens when you masturbate Monday to Friday?
A: You get a weak-end. [And prostate cancer apparently]

Hey look on the brightside, this blog can’t get any lower … though I might view that as a challenge.

Have a good one but remember to keep your hands above shoulder height. Well, unless you’re over 40!

For ‘Gravy Train’ Execs In The Ad Industry, This Could Be The Scariest Book You’ll Ever Read …
January 30, 2009, 7:37 am
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… for everyone else, it’s a bit of flawed human, cold corporation, perspective-reminding brilliance … which you can buy here.

Just To Make It Clear …
January 29, 2009, 10:28 pm
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And I’m not doing it because a mate asked me to or because it’s easy to put up a photo – it’s because I give a damn and hate that you are feeling how you’re feeling.

Thanks Marcus

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Encouragement Costs Nothing, But Can Achieve Everything …
January 29, 2009, 9:11 pm
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For all the training corporations give their people – more often than not it’s nothing more than how to follow internal processes or use their ‘proprietary’ tools.

Sure that’s important, but so is just helping people believe – not in the blind, American-parent sense of the word – but in letting people feel they are not alone and not isolated.

I know this is an old story and unrelated to adland … but it’s absolutely brilliant and a lesson to all companies about how to get the potential out of every employee, not to mention how communication with emotion is better than ads with just a gag.

Thanks Geert.

Remember, It’s Nice To Help The Elderly …
January 29, 2009, 8:49 am
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Photo: Connecticut Movie Filming

As usual, I am asking your well-connected, knowledgeable brains for help.

Basically I want to know what traditional agencies [advertising/media] offer under the social marketing banner?

Do they have specialist/standalone branded entities or are they ‘integrated’ into their already existing digital capabilities – packaged up so they look relevant, new and exciting?

The ones we know of at the moment are …

VCCP Search
Publicis Modem
Carat Engage

Plus some potentially shakier examples …

Digital Marketing Group Graphico
YouGov Tracker
Emerging Media Lab-Interpublic

But do you know anymore and do you know what the truth is behind them [including the ones above]

As usual, any help will be gratefully received and totally confidential. The other positive [for you] is that this information is not – for once – being used for evil – it’s for part of a document we’re writing. A document for a nice person, not someone who revels in mischief.

Thanks folks, really appreciate it.


PS: I’m the ‘elderly’ you’ll be helping in this post.

To prove it, here’s a picture of a scarf I’m wearing because I’m so damn cold.

Yes, I know wearing shoes may help but who could turn down a scarf when it’s [1] a Nottingham Forest ‘Super Reds Magic’ one and [2] it’s so old, it still has the ‘name tag’ my Mum stitched into it when I first wore it at infant school, back in 1979!!!

Yep, I’m that old, that sad, that unfashionable and seemingly that tight … ha!

Seriously, any help [with the social marketing question, not my fashion sense] however small – would be brilliant.

Love May Be Blind, But Money Can Make You Blind …
January 28, 2009, 11:02 am
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Desperate times require desperate measures – never more so when you have many mouths to feed – however, as tough as the economy is for adland, I still find it amazing that WPP/Y&R [allegedly] found it acceptable to make this political commercial for Robert Mugabe.

Mind you, given the WPP/Y&R office in question [allegedly] employed a member of the evil Dictator’s family, I guess money comes before humanity.

This is beyond doing work for organisations like cigarette companies … this is helping a man who the World has highlighted as a tyrant and vicious dictator … so as WPP go about retrenching literally thousands of employees all around the World – under the guise of maintaining profitability in these tough economic times – [even though they are keeping the top brass … who are the top money earners … who are, in the main, the smallest link with the clients … in their privileged, pampered lives] I hope WPP’s shareholders can look themselves in the mirror given their constant demands for ever increasing returns, play a very significant part in the decline of adlands already screwed up moral compass.

As much as I am advocate of looking after your people, I don’t believe a company should go bankrupt for it – however when an organisation is making massive profits whilst still paying excessively high salaries to many, many senior people [whilst in many cases, underpaying the average worker in relation to the hours they do] – then I think any excuse linked to ‘economic hardship’ is pretty lame.

I worked for WPP twice in my life – and I was treated well and generally had a decent time – however I was continually shocked at how many senior people [but certainly not all] I met who were obviously on the ‘gravy train’.

Of course this is not limited to WPP … hell, it’s not just an adland issue … but it’s still wrong and whilst the moral view of many of these actions is subjective, I think doing ads for an evil political dictator would be pretty universally condemned.

I love this industry … I love what it can do … I love the energy and passion and excitement of many of the people in it – but sadly we’ve become another ‘business’, one whose preoccupation is with profit rather than profiting from the development [and execution] of good, powerful, infectious and profitable ideas.

I’m not being commercially naive, I’m being commercially realistic. Aren’t I?

Drowning In Stuff …
January 23, 2009, 8:12 am
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Photo: SparkyLeigh

If you’re in Asia and for some reason, find you have obese levels of stock [or have a client with the same problem] let me know as I have a friend [a real one, it’s not some euphemism for a dodgy character] who might be able to take it off your hands and give you full market value for it.

And yes, it is legal, you cheeky buggers.

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