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Birds Do It … Bee’s Do It … Every Semi Educated Planners Do It …
August 27, 2010, 6:10 am
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So there’s been a recent trend of planners getting planners to submit stuff.

Of course it’s not stuff like ideas that could make the World a better place or insights that could make better ads … It’s bloody haircuts and shoes.

Well I want some of that action, so as of today, I launch my own ‘crowd sourcing/ego filling’ adventure … however not only do I intend to actually do something with the info I get, but I’m opening it up to anyone in the creative industry because my goal in life is to break down the barriers that exist between disciplines, though that actually might be a load of bollocks and the real reason is I want to try and get more people to take part.

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – it’s time to start – so tell all your creative friends that if they only have time to visit one place today, it’s this place.

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I’m neither creative nor blind so this post represents a welcome return to normal service and I can therefore ignore it

Comment by John

fucking understatement of the fucking century doddsy.

i should be glad because it means people will get back to pissing on campbell rather than praising him but this is so fucking depressing ive told the wife to hide anything with sharp edges from everywhere in the house.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s better than planner hair, even more so if he does something with it.

Comment by Pete

campbells not your boss anymore pete so you can drop the fucking crawly act and admit its a fucking sad idea. it might be better than planner hair (wtf!) but thats like saying being shot by a bullet to the brains is better than burning alive.

the positive is we will have the details of anyone who “enters” and we can go pay them a late night visit with a baseball bat so theres always a silver fucking lining.

Comment by andy@cynic

He can start by doing something with the title – the quote is “even” not “every” and if you choose to change it creatively, then you have to adjust the conjugation of the verb (that’s the doing word).

Comment by John

Normal service is back then.

Comment by Billy Whizz

“Instant creative. Just add glasses.”

Makes me want to kill.

Comment by DH

Don’t worry Dave, only people who wear glasses think its a sign you are creative like its only people who are 40 who say it’s the new 30.

I know Rob is doing this for a bit of planner fun, but there’s people out there who believe this shit so I’m with Andy that the brightside is this idea brings all the delusional twats to us without effort.

Comment by Billy Whizz

raw nerve being bashed by any fucking chance billy boy?

Comment by andy@cynic

Too fucking right. I worked with a guy who wore cliche creative specs but with sunglasses dark tinted lenses. He thought he was a nerdy Bono but he was actually a c***.

(Back off Rob about me using the banned word, I used * not letters.)

Comment by Billy Whizz

who the fuck was that? not our bono wannabe fuckwit cock twat who i hear is out on his ear but negotiated it to be kept quiet while he trawls all the agencies hes slimed up to for the past 3 years hoping to get a job. problem he has is being good for a drinking buddy doesnt mean being good for a work colleague. not such a fucking smart planner is he.

Comment by andy@cynic

Planners pants.

Comment by John

dont fucking encourage campbell doddsy. he might do one with planner pants except theres not much fucking point because theyll all look the same. a shitty nappy.

Comment by andy@cynic

or a pad. with wings.

Comment by andy@cynic

It was a comment not a suggestion.

Comment by John

I’m old school, I still think it’s better for a planner to show their brains than their hair, shoes or glasses.

Comment by George

My above comment was supposed to be tongue in cheek but it came across like I am the embodiment of Scrooge hence the explanation.

Comment by George

nothing like having to explain youre taking the piss to completely fuck up youre smartass comment eh georgie.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think I managed to pull it off without too many people realising.

Comment by George

yeah no fucker noticed it at all george. in other news, whats the weather like today on your fucking planet?

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ll ask the boss if he would like to take part. If the results are made to reflect quantifiable creative success, his optical choice could skew the results in ways that would send shivers down the creative industries spine. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

if you do that baz, ill forgive the ipad bollocks.

go on campbell, do what bazza suggests. i like the idea that sad fucks will think putting on some granny specs will turn them into steve jobs or john fucking lennon.

Comment by andy@cynic

That does not count Baz, that’s a photo you took rather than a photo that was taken with his knowledge – and I’m guessing it’s a sackable offense so you should start dusting off your resume immediately.

I am impressed though.

Comment by Rob

Bloody hell, it’s only a bit of fun with the potential to actually do something with the information at the end of it, it’s not like I’m suggesting conscription for advertising employees.

Why don’t you all back away from your computers and have a lie down.

Actually that’s not a suggestion …. ha.

And Baz, if you do it, I’ll do it. God knows how, but I’ll try and find a way … but it needs a real pic, not some shit off Google images.

[PS: Google images are not shit Jonathan, it’s just a turn of phrase]

Comment by Rob

conscription would be a great idea but as this shit tends to be by planners for planners, a prison term would be even fucking better.

Comment by andy@cynic

Given the way the Daily Mail tends to describe prison, that sounds quite like fun so put me down for a 14 year stretch*.

* I will need my own en suite though.

Comment by Rob

daily mail readers are a great fucking reason to bring back capital punishment in blighty.

Comment by andy@cynic

So you are intending to create the most average pair of creative influenced spectacles on the market. Interesting and devious.

Comment by Lee Hill

That’s the sort of thing Andy would say … but didn’t … which is even scarier in some twisted kinda way.

Comment by Rob

I am not a planner.

Comment by Marcus

Maybe not by current job title, but you’ve done [and executed] more successful strategies than many of the ‘official’ ones.

Comment by Rob

I couldn’t even get into THAT agency.

Comment by Marcus

I’m a bit confused. OK so this glasses upload thing is a crowd sourced what would be cool and what are you wearing thing? Even my first attempt to get things straight is a bit messy. I mean how can somebody show their glasses and explain the glasses they want. In a pic. I’m stupid so let’s get to the heart of the matter. First off transmedia storytelling aint what it’s cracked up to be. This post is telling my tiny walnut brain something a bit different from the other blog which seems more utilitarian than this boundary dissolving post.

It’s probably me but I really want to go into the theme(s) on this post a bit. Then I want to upload some asymmetric glasses/frames from an Italian designer that I wanted to buy even though I don’t wear glasses (It’s not wasting money technically)

Last but not least I uploaded a picture of my Sheeps face as a show of solidarity as I don’t have glasses to show. Please dont let the sheep muddy the water.He was random. Friendly but random.

Comment by Charles

Hi matey …

First of all it was a bit of a pisstake given planners were asking for photos of peoples hair and shoes etc, however because I’m a prick, I wanted to do something that had an air of creation at the end of it – hence the glasses request.

The thing is, I know people can’t tell me what they want – plus I’m assuming they’d be wearing a pair that is as close to their requirements as they can get already – the goal was to look at as many pairs as I can get and then get someone to evaluate them and create the ultimate creative persons style of spec [or a planner variant etc etc]

It wasn’t scientific and we’d probably find all the glasses already pretty much look the same, but I just wanted to see with my own eyes – no pun intended.

And I’ll make sure the sheepy face is up, at the very least it’ll attract a lot of Kiwi and Aussie folk to take part.

Comment by Rob

Obviously I’m going to look like a complete cock if I imply all the reasoning I did reading this and the tumblr intro, wasn’t entirely neurotic. However I forgot you were taking the piss. This is inexcusable given you always take the piss and hinted strongly at it in the post. However the comment about contributing has intrigued me but let me get your speccy project out the way before I tell you a bit more what I’m thinking.

Now you may laugh because I don’t actually need glasses yet but for what it’s worth these are the frames I really like. For a lot of reasons though obviously they would look completely contrived on anyone else 😉

Comment by Charles

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