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Marketing Changes Time …
October 26, 2010, 5:45 am
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You have to give it to the Koreans, only they could have the audacity to spread a “VISIT KOREA YEAR” over a period of 3 years.

Wonder if other things in Korea follow the same rules?

Do 30 year old women say they’re 10?

Are 5 year warranties on Hyundai cars really 15?

Do you need a degree in higher mathematics to work out how old a mutt is in Korean dog years?

I suppose the thing that bothers me most about this sort of thing is that it probably doesn’t bother other people.

Of course that could be because people don’t give a shit about advertising – but that still shouldn’t justify doing the sort of slight-of-hand, open statement that tends to be the ammunition of the sneaky used car salesman, though something tells me in this case, it’s not the fault of an agency but of the Korean tourism board because we all know how delusional government tourism departments are, don’t we.

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Am I bothered?

Actually I think they’re on to something – namely the bankruptcy of special events. The majority of them cost a fortune, maybe boost interest for the duration but ultimately have no impact on long term consumption. So why not stretch it out for three years. There might be a parallel with ad campaigns there.

Comment by John

youre turning into the stephen voicebox hawking of adland commentary dodds. so now you can use your vast fucking brain to work out if thats a compliment or not.

and wheres your “no impact on long term consumption” statement coming from. and what are you calling an event? something that reappears somewhere else in a few years or a singular unveiling of some bollocks or other like the millennium bullshit?

whatever, think youre making sweeping planner generalisations there because judging by the facilities of the indian commonwealth games, it only cost them $5 to build and that will attract fuckers for years to see how shit it was.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know what you’re saying John but I also refute the “no long term value” claim. Sure, I know there’s been some massive high-profile failures, but – depending on how you measure the success – there have been some major positives, for example South Korea … who saw a considerable and consistent growth in foreign investment and tourism after co-hosting the World Cup in 2002.

Of course there are many factors that should get taken into account – and I think there is a major difference between an FMCG brands involvement in these events versus the country hosting it [though both are hit with positive & negative elements] but to say there is no impact on long term consumption is quite generalistic, especially for you.

Of course, you have a get out clause in not actually defining what your definition of ‘consumption’ or ‘events’ are because – as my ex-partner scarily highlights – this has such a broad base of possibilities, you could define almost any “truth” you wish from the vast back catalogue of situations and circumstances.

Have you considered a career in politics?

Comment by Rob

i also have to add that i disagree in the long-term investment. basic public infrastructure improved a fuck-load (that’s a quantitive term) especially in athens after the olympics: roads were regraded, guttering developed, proper drainage installed.
and have you noticed how spanky london looks at the moment? that’s long-term investment and consumption in my books.

Comment by lauren

poor doddsy hasnt got over the fact that he invested his life savings into horse drawn transportation just as that fucker henry ford came along with his new fangled fucking car contraption. hes a bitter and twisted fuck. but thats why i like him.

Comment by andy@cynic

Because we both invested our life savings in slow moving projects?

Comment by John

you wouldnt let any other fucker off if they said that sort of shit so i wont either. fucking drama queen.

Comment by andy@cynic

Of course not.

Comment by John

you should be a planner. or a fucking 2 faced evil bastard ceo.

Comment by andy@cynic

I wasn’t being entirely rigorous but I meant events ranging from “city of culture” years to Olympic games and by consumption i meant continued economic activity be that on a geograpohical basis.

I accept that some (not many) may be shown to have a positive effect but that’s really not enough proof as opportunity cost never features in those calculations – the positive effect has to be greater than would have occurred anyway for it to be worthwhile.

I suppose you can argue that cities of culture win access to european funds, but that’s not without a contribution from the host nation in that annual budget and subsequent ones where other countries win.

Lauren’s right about infrastructure – that’s where the big benefits come, but I’m not convinced that Korea year and similar initiatives necessarily involve infrastructure investment and I’m certain that London could have been redeveloped without the Olympics – it just made the laws easier to pass.

Comment by John

Basic point – is the banner headline necessary for the underlying work to happen or is it more about appearing to be doing something?

Comment by John

campbell, you get bothered by things even a fucking german engineer would let fucking pass but thats because you can only function when youre pissed about something so its what keeps you breathing. you sick mental fuck.

this 3 year / 1 year korean bullshit is no more fucking wank than agencies who proudly state on all their email signoffs “agency of the year” then you see in size 1 font the date “1996”.

what a fucking bunch of cocks not realising shit like that highlights theyve been fucking nobodys for 14 years yet they all fucking do it. anyway campbell those canny korean fucks will simply launch a campaign in jan 2014 saying its visit the “uncommie side of korea year 2014-2020”.

if those fucks at dfs can do 50 end of year sales every fucking year those samsung producing fucks can have 3 year annual tourism campaigns.

you dont see this shit on madmen do you. that proves the fucking thing is fiction because if it tried to represent the real bollocks that goes on it would be a fucking comedy.

Comment by andy@cynic

You really are scaring me Andy – especially the Madmen comment which is tragically true and shows the sort of insight you normally want to keep hidden from your legion of swearathon fans.

Comment by Rob

It’s only 3 years because that’s how long it takes for someone to understand what beer you want to order.

Comment by Billy Whizz

spoken like a true american without a fucking passport.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ve travelled. I’ve been to Washington.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Washington Square Park you mean.

Comment by John

Well done Billy, your George W ‘cultural sensitivity’ classes are coming along just fine.

Comment by Rob

I’m not anti Korean, I have an LG bluray player.

Comment by Billy Whizz

you fucking hypocrite campbell, you started the fucking kkkk after you worked with the koreans,

Comment by andy@cynic

It was not about Korea on mass – that is home to some of the nicest people on Earth -it was aimed at the people at LG’s ad agency in Seoul. And besides, it was the KBKKK … the Korean Businessman Ku Klux Klan, I was very specific in who annoyed the fuck out of me.

Comment by Rob

All this reminds me of creative director who always used to spout on about when he worked at Chiat Day and when he worked on Absolut, about ten fucking years ago. He even had a the one good tactical ad for Absolut he did framed above his desk.
It’s not just countrys and brands that spread their stuff thinner than the 0% fat butter an anorexic supermodel spreads on her ryvita, it’s the dinosaurs in this industry who are out of touch with everything but their John Thomases that they wank off to their Clios and Pencils with

Comment by northern

If I gave you the money, would you write a book on what appears one of the most traumatic periods in your career.

Also, out of interest, at what point did you realise you’d made a mistake. My record is 3 days. I tried to deny it to myself, but I knew deep in my heart I had fucked up … or more precisely, been sold a dummy and not checked into it well enough.

Comment by Rob

Actually, that agency and another evolved a similar pattern. Join, like it a lot (despite Disrution crap) and then people that lead it leave, leaving, in chronological order, a sales promotion twat trying to run an ad agency, and in the second case, a DM expert with no charisma and authority letting the frustrated dinosaur back out into the open.
So, with the first one, 6 months, with the Disruption Agency, 1 year (but sneaky suspicions from the start)

Comment by northern

TBWA royally fucked Rob Mortimer’s little brother by the way, I’m so pleased he’s now at DDB planning Speedy Gonzalez for Virgin Media

Comment by northern

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