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To Ensure I Can Keep One New Year Resolution …
December 31, 2010, 4:37 pm
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Yes, what you’re about to see is the World’s worst ‘picture puzzle’ of ’10. Deal with it!

… I just want to be nice for a moment and say that not only do I hope you all had toptastic Christmas/Festive stuff [I did, I have a house full of totally inappropriate presents, especially for a 40 year old married man*] but that I wish the best of your 2010’s are the worst of your 2011’s.

Yes, I know that’s pseudo deep wank, but putting that aside, I do – and I look forward to our frolics, debates and insults in the new year – starting around Jan 10th – when you’re all probably a bit more sober.

So here’s to everyone …

[* No Andy, it’s not blow up dolls or Bridget Jones DVD’s]

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How’s about that? The first to comment. No that doesn’t make me a saddo with nothing better to fill his festive holiday with, I’m supposed to be working and this serves as welcome procrastination. Anyway, Andy posted a comment on Boxing Day.
First of all, your New Year’s resolution should be to disallow those annoying Google ads at the bottom of your post. Surely you don’t need the money?

Second of all, my New Years resolutiuon is to manage to not slag off Media Arts, which I know will be tough but I love a challenge.
I have other resolutions, but I’m not telling.

Finally, Happy New Year.

Comment by northern

You’re working! On NYE? Fuck me, that’s dedication/stupidity. Couldn’t you claim you were snowed in, seems everyone else is doing it.

Happy New Year to you NP, I know you won’t be able to keep the resolution you highlighted on here, but I’m sure they’ll be others where you’ll be more effective.

Have a lovely one with the family and for the record, [1] I don’t actually see any Google ads on my blog and [2] I didn’t authorise any that are there … so I don’t know what is going on, especially as I’m not seeing any cash and trust me, if there’s ever any going, I’ll always say yes to it – it’s other people’s that I give away, ha.

Comment by Rob

Found the culprit … it’s WordPress.

It doesn’t bother me really except I do worry that they’re basically shooting themselves in the foot because let’s face it, what sort of company/brand is going to want to associate with this place other than the sort of thing Governments try their best to ban.

Comment by Rob

Diet Coke? Aren’t you their brand ambassador?

Comment by northern

you fucking soppy sad bastard. but happy new year to you if thats fucking possible without alcohol.

Comment by andy@cynic

and diet coke is fucking offensive to manfuckingkind.

Comment by andy@cynic

Blame it on the errrrrm …

Oh just blame it on me, like you do everything.

Happy new year thingy. Hope the house gets finished … ha.

Comment by Rob

Happy new year to one and all.

Comment by Marcus

your picture puzzle has one too many eminem/m&ms. just so you know.

happy new year. from one sad motherfucker to another. 🙂 xx

Comment by lauren

You’re sounding more and more like a client with that level of literal interpretation Lauren. Mind you, I’m sounding more and more like an ad person with that casual disregard for something true and integral to the overall impression.

Comment by Rob

yes. you are sounding more and more like an ad person with that kind of blame-shifting.

and while i’m being literal, there is no way that, had i actually been taking it literally, would i have said what i said.

see? berlin has been good for me 🙂

Comment by lauren

Good point Lauren.

Happy new year to you and everyone else Rob.

Comment by Pete

campbell hates m&ms because the sad fuck is a member of team pissing smarties. hes also a paid up member of some kids ribena club. read that again.


even fucking gary shitter glitter isnt that fucking twisted.

Comment by andy@cynic

We still have a Smarties calculator at my parents house somewhere…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Is it the round one with the coloured buttons?

Please tell me it is because that’s something I did and it’ll be the first thing I ever did that has stood the test of time, ha.

Comment by Rob

Yep. An orange one, I remember you mentioning it ages ago.

Comment by Rob Mortimer


[But if memory serves me, the badge fucking rocked!]

Comment by Rob

Happy non-chinese new year!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

4011. enterprise time.

Comment by lauren


Comment by Marcus


Comment by lauren

… for an emergency.

Comment by Marcus

public enemy

Comment by lauren

can some fucker call me an ambulance because what im about to say means im sicker than gary fucking glitter but come back campbell because even your boring bollocks cant be as boring bollocks as a holiday with auntie and his sickeningly fucking lovely, kind, generous and beautiful family.

ive been drowned in niceness and I crave some planner shit to fuck me off and make me feel normal again. dont let me down again campbell. like you usually fucking do.

Comment by andy@cynic

I did. Has it come yet?

Comment by DH

did it fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

Didn’t you all go to poncy St Barts???

Are the paps getting on your nerves then Andy. By that I mean are they basically ignoring you.

Anyway, your prayers have been answered, I’ve written some bollocks for Monday. Bollocks you can get seriously angry about.

Comment by Rob

st fucking farts more fucking like. left after 3 fucking days and ended up spending it in shitty fucking vanfuckingcouver then saw new year in with the generous and gracious modern day partridge family. is it any wonder i was so fucked up i said i missed your blog but i feel better now and would appreciate it if you stayed the fuck away from your inane and insane planning wank till at least decemeber. 2020. thank you very fucking much and a happy fucking new year to all. except planners.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your life is so tough … I cry & worry for you.

Oh sorry, I made a typo, I meant to say you are a whiny princess. 🙂

Comment by Rob

says the man who gets his fucking panties in a twist if he cant get the latest fucking gadgets on the day they are announced. fucking super princess twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

‘You’re more spoiled than me’
‘No I’m not’
‘Yes you are’

This is turning into the blog version of Paris Hilton and that annoying Richie spawn tittle tattling as they patronise people who work for a living
Which is excellent of course

Comment by northern

fuck you groper. i have mortgages, ex wives and a bunch of lazy fucking builders to look after and i havent even got a fucking job all thanks to campbell who lived off my talent for fucking years and then decided he wanted a “sea change” and fucked me over good and proper. wanker. (him, not you. but you can be as well at times and you fucking know it)

in fucking theory, that homeless voiceover dude earns more than i do so stop calling me paris fucking hilton (theres no way id be that hammer head richie) and send me some luncheon vouchers.

Comment by andy@cynic

I would like to point out I have a job. I pay my way. Sort-of.

Andy, on the other hand, is frolicking around like Lindsey Lohan …. in more ways than one. Probably.

Comment by Rob

id come and hit you but i cant be fucking arsed so instead the next time ii take a big shit and flush it into the fucking sea (about 15 minutes from now) ill be imagining its you even if thats childish and mean. to pieces of shit.

happy new year fuckface, cant wait to see the quality of blog shit youll be raping us with after 3 weeks of rest.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think I am best placed to judge which one of you is the better sponger and after long deliberation with wives, colleagues and clients, I would like to announce you are both as bad as each other. Now stop being mean and play nicely please.
It may be rather late to say this, but happy new year to all.

Comment by George

theres no fucking way that prick is equal with me on anything. except on being a prick. hes fucking miles ahead on that.

Comment by andy@cynic

This isn’t an argument, it’s just contradiction…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If he’s miles ahead he’s not equal, do pay attention

Comment by northern

I don’t know if I’m impressed or alarmed that you even bothered to point this out to him.

Comment by Rob

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