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Off On Communist National Holiday Duty
September 30, 2011, 6:00 am
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… which means you’re free from my rubbish until W/C 10th Oct.


That’s well over a week.


While you’re busy jumping up and down with unadulterated glee, spare a little thought for my poor wife who has to put up with me 24/7 for over 10 whole days.

Poor bugger.

Anyway, enjoy the peace, I know I’ll enjoy every second away from you lot.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …

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Always did like that Karl.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe


Comment by Billy Whizz

This is better than paying off our debt. Thank you selfless Chinese people. Now if you could only extend it till Dec 31.

Comment by DH

Have to say Rob, you do get a lot of time off.

Enjoy your holiday

Comment by rafik

Communism really looks after the people doesn’t it. Have a great holiday and regards to Jill.

Comment by Pete

oh fuck. close your fucking curtains and lock your fucking doors, the planning prick is back on the loose.

Comment by andy@cynic

Ignore Andy. Have a good break.
I’m interested that when you’re off work, you’re off blogging. I’m sure that doesn’t mean you when you’re supposed to be working.

Comment by northern

who is that chick in red ? her facebook page please

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

Has anyone noted Dodd’s quietness. He’s been blogging about silence, I wonder if he’s taken it a bit literally.
Anyway, I don’t care, I blogging like there’s no one listening.
And there isn’t.

Comment by northern

must be following the judges fucking orders. on the bright fucking side, hot young women around the fucking world can breathe a big fucking sigh of relief.

one more fuck for luck. fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

enjoying doing fuck all campbell or is it too much like normal fucking life? and well done on your beloved nottingham forest becoming the league jesters. only thing theyll win this season. and next season. and the season after that. repeat adfuckingnauseum.

Comment by andy@cynic

Either gadget shopping, lurking around airport lounges or, hopefully, helping with the burgeoning cake business.
Don’t mention Forest, it’s unkind to kick a man when he’s down

Comment by northern


Comment by John

He uploaded this video on youtube yesterday where he is playing with himself

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

campbell having some chinese iphone ripoff is one thing stalking the fucker is something entirely different. what the fuck were you thinking toto, no one on here is that fucking sad so get a fucking grip before the men in white fucking coats come and pay you a visit with a one way ticket. that phone seems to be better than the iphone 4s so maybe campbell isnt such a sad fucking bastard after all. where the fuck is baz. he has some explaining to do.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m very into cynic, andy, campbell and the crew and I have no shame. You are smart and understand everything, your minds are clear, you know a lot about planning, advertising, marketing, LIFE . I want to absorb everything from you. When i’m done, i’ll say thank you very much guys now fuck off. That’s my story.

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

im smart, the rest are fucking pretenders. youve started to swear in your comments, youre fucking learning. well bastard done.

Comment by andy@cynic

Bad luck … I’m back and the post I’ve just written for Monday will make you wish I wasn’t. Or it would, if you didn’t wish that already!

Comment by Rob

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

I lied, it’s for Tuesday … one more of day of peace until quite possibly the worst post since I wrote about my best friends penis hits you in the face.

Not the best choice of words there was it. Oh well …

Comment by Rob

The choice ? There was no choice. It was the fucked up automatic thinking of a sad pervert that you are Campbell.

Now let’s get it straight, I’m gonna search for that post you mentioned but just to be prepared for Tuesday.

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

youre coming along well toto, but dont overstep the mark, you havent known campbell long enough to insult him, thats a reward given to poor fuckers like me that have known him for 20 fucking years and worked with him for 15 of the bastards.

Comment by andy@cynic

He was attacking me with his friends penis. Viciously. Do you know how it feels like ? Well you’ve worked for a long time with him so i bet you do.

Comment by TOTOinTrouble

You’re becoming quite disturbing TOTOinTrouble … well done, I take it as a personal endorsement of my influence.

Comment by Rob

I will be busy having children

Comment by northern

Is it time? And why are you saying children in the ‘plural’ sense? Eitherway, all the very best and congratulations.

Comment by Rob

Wednesday to be precise.
Not plural.
Better not be. I’ve just bought a house.
And a bottle of balsamic vinegar

Comment by northern

Is the bottle of balsamic vinegar the sort that costs like a car and makes me deeply suspicious about how Northern you really are? Or is it a Sarsons derivative?

Comment by Rob

The pretentious type now pull your finger out and post something

Comment by Northern

You vinegar snob.

And I’ll post something – and I know for a fact you’ll regret it when you read it because it involves something so revolting, a night in my company would seem like utopia in comparison.

Comment by Rob

ok campbell, youve had enough time officially doing fuck all, where the fuck is your blog bollocks? dont think i miss it, its because im constipated and when i read your fucking crap, it helps me shit. and sleep. and not always in that fucking order. so stop being a fucking sloth for once and do some work. blog work, we all know you dont do any advertising bollocks which suits everyone just fucking fine. especially uncle dan who has a reputation to maintain.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’ll love to regret that in 24 hours.

Comment by DH

You can be sure of it Dave.

Comment by Rob

as if my monday wasnt fucking bad enough already.

Comment by andy@cynic

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