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If Authors Know Planning Is An Outdoor Pursuit [Rather Than An Indoors Job] … What’s Your Excuse Now?
November 21, 2011, 6:10 am
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… and for those who claim they just can’t get out – which I assume is because you have no legs or access to a wheelchair – here is a reminder of a few things you can do to get a better understanding of real life, not desk life – though really there is no excuse for not engaging with the World outside of your advertising bubble. Except laziness and ego.


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thats because authors are much fucking smarter than planners. so is paula fucking abdul and she’s fucking nuts.

Comment by andy@cynic

is that a photo of you campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

If it was, that huge hat would be sitting on my head, not over it.

Comment by Rob

and is it a dunce cap or some kkk garb? same fucking thing i suppose.

Comment by andy@cynic

Or maybe the K[B]KKK???

Comment by Rob

Great quote. Works for more than just planners but also very good advice for them too.

Comment by Pete

I must be nostrafuckingdamus because i fucking knew you were going to say that.

Comment by andy@cynic

nice to see gropers kids are sleeping through again. or hes got mrs groper to attend to the tears and shit. this baby stuff is going to be a fucking breeze.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh Andy, just you wait.
Had Boardwalk Empire to catch up on while baby lucifer refused to drop off, It’s more interesting than this blog.
Come to think about it, so is late night repeats of the Vicar of Dibley

Comment by northern

Depends where the desk is.

Comment by John

You are well and truly back!

Comment by Rob

good fucking point doddsy. what if your desk is at the front of a mobile “life complaints” department bus. yes campbell, answer that bastard and stay unfashionable.

Comment by andy@cynic

Can I just check if I’m supposed to give a shit about this?

Comment by Billy Whizz

does anyone? fucking ever?

Comment by andy@cynic

I like the self promotional linking style 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Soaps have a better sense of what people care about than most planning folk.
Even Hollyoaks

Comment by northern

I love that quote too, going to recreate it and put it up here.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Sorry, not meant to be a reply to you NP, though I kind of agree with your soap comment.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

forget shitty tv bollocks, bars of fucking soap have a better fucking idea of life than fucking planning twats.

Comment by andy@cynic

here it goes again – a link to another post. In that another post there are links to other posts. And you end up reading this blog all fucken day.

Comment by toto

you read this shit toto? then you only have your fuckin self to blame.

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe this is shit but this shit is real. It’s just that after all day spent there my head feels like a cabbage.

Comment by toto

[…] Great advice  here for Account planners and anyone working in behaviour […]

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Take a Bow Rob.

Comment by swotti

[…] But please. Please, please, please, please, remember this. […]

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