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Since When Did Thinking Become The Enemy Of Feelings?
March 9, 2012, 6:10 am
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I recently watched the Meryl Streep movie about Margaret Thatcher.

I was never a fan of the Iron Lady, but I hated how she was depicted in the film.

While we all grow old, basing a movie around her declining mind just seemed cheap and nasty … but I digress.

There was one line in the movie that struck a chord.

She was at the DR’s and said something like:

“Everyone prefers to feel these days instead of think. Why is no one thinking anymore?”

Now even though I am someone who is a big believer in ‘feelings’, I absolutely got her point.

Or what I think was her point.

Or what I’ve interpreted as her point.

Feelings allow people to be selfish.

Feelings allow people to make excuses.

Feelings allow people to avoid dealing with issues and realities.

Feelings have basically become the best ‘get out of jail card’ there is.

Of course, the issue is ‘thinking’ and ‘feelings’ shouldn’t be mutually exclusive – they should work in parallel so decisions can be more rounded and, to a certain extent, grounded – but that’s not what is happening these days, people use feelings to justify for what they want to do, not what should be done.

“I don’t FEEL like doing it.”

“I don’t FEEL that’s the right thing to do.”

“I don’t FEEL what you’re saying/showing.”

Where’s the thinking gone?

Where’s that little thought process that ensures you consider more than just your personal viewpoint … your personal judgement … your personal perspective?

That teensy little thing that increases the odds that the decisions being made are the right – or should I say, more considered – answer, not just the right answer for you.

Of course it shouldn’t be a case of one or the other and yet that is what is seemingly happening.

Hell, my industry even promotes it.

You’re either RATIONAL or EMOTIONAL.

No you’re not, you’re both.

We are humans, not robots – which means we have both attributes in us. In ALL of us. ALL OF THE TIME.

But this isn’t a post about adland, it’s a post about how the term ‘feelings’ has been hijacked by people to justify acts of pure selfishness.

It’s important to remember feelings go in more than one direction and thinking encourages that to keep happening.


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fucking funny you dont like maggie when you have so much in fucking common.

ill leave you to work out what campbell, should make your tiny planner mind start whirring. for once.

Comment by andy@cynic

Not too hard, just choose things she’s hated for – like breathing – and link it to me. Am I right or am I right?

Comment by Rob

the thinking/feeling bollocks is quite a fucking good point. shame you only worked it out now, could have saved me a fucking fortune by not succumbing to the wifes “feelings” and buying the vancouver fucking money pit.

Comment by andy@cynic

i think i hate queen.

i feel i hate queen.

what do you fucking know, the answers still a resounding fucking “yes”.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

Love this post Robert.

It’s interesting and thought provoking but more than that, it gives me permission to ask “but what are you thinking?” to anyone who uses their feelings as justification for not doing what I want them to do. Brilliant stuff.

Comment by Pete

dont give campbell the credit, it was all mad maggies work. he takes enough fucking praise for other fuckers work, lets not give him the confidence to steal from fucking prime bastard ministers as well.

Comment by andy@cynic

im fucking scared because i agreed with some bollocks campbell wrote earlier this week and ive agreed with some of the shit hes spouted today. worse, i also fucking agree with his review of the maggie movie. skirted over her time as pm like a fox news “reporter” skirts over objecfuckingtivity.

fucking hollywood.

Comment by andy@cynic

It must be the nerves of impending fatherhood. Playing havoc with your brain.

Comment by DH

There can be no other possible reason.

Comment by Rob

i was wondering when youd make a fucking appearance campbell. wasnt worth the fucking wait but then it never is.

Comment by andy@cynic

This thinking vs. feeling POV is female kryptonite.

Comment by DH

fucking gold dave.

Comment by andy@cynic

It is indeed and some articles are beyond dreadful, those aimed at the US largely. There’s professionalism and then there’s soul-destroying pressure to never show any kinds of feelings or flinch in face of adversity.

I wouldn’t be surprised if statistics showed women turning into closet drinkers or admitting to keeping a hipflask in the handbag.

It only dawned on me when I saw adverts for something called a ‘rescue remedy spray’ – a thing to spray on your tongue when you feel the anxiety pangs coming up (has some flower extracts and grape alcohol solution). Largely aimed at women, no surprise there.

Comment by Andrea

Great post Robert, especially from you, Mr Feelings.
Of course what you’re saying is that for some, claiming that their feelings are opposed to an act or a decision has little to do with their true emotions at all and instead, as you point out, serves as the excuse to justify their laziness or reluctance to step out of comfort zones. I am sure we have all felt this before (maybe even used it before) even if we have never articulated so clearly.
Good read, interesting point.

Comment by George

I realise my comment simply repeats the point Robert makes in his post. That was not my intention. What I wante to do was highlight how Robert should not worry about betraying his belief in emotions and feelings because for many people who use that term to justify their inactions, it has little to do with their real feelings and everything to do with their laziness.
That is as clear as mud isn’t it? I will retire from future commentary while I practice trying to accurately and clearly articulate my point of view.

Comment by George

best fucking insight youve ever fucking come up with.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think the less said about this, the better George – but for your families sake, please don’t let it happen again.

Comment by Rob

Wait, women think?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Wait, Maggie was a human?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Wait, Maggie was a woman?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Can’t work out why you’re single Billy.

Comment by DH

face like a lemon?
personality like a dead fucking fish?
tats like a redneck jock?

theres so many fucking reasons dave.

Comment by andy@cynic

wait. billy can think, is a human and is a… who the fuck knows. who the fuck cares?

well i care billy, well i do when you buy me dinner and shitloads of drink.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know you do. It’s what keeps me alive.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’m just picky I guess.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Strange sort of picky.

Comment by DH

lets fucking face it billy, youre a strange sort of bloke and thats saying something on this blog of fucking misfits.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s a massive compliment.

Comment by Billy Whizz

no fucker say another fucking word. let billy live in his happy little fucked up world. must be fucking awesome there. like being in a pub lock in, without the hungfuckingover.

Comment by andy@cynic

Great post Rob. This one’s going straight into the war chest.

Comment by Rafik

so that makes a grand total of how many? 1? 2 at the fucking most.

Comment by andy@cynic

How many times do I have to tell you that the difference btw feelings and thinking is to be conscious about yourself. Feelings and thinking are inevitable. Conscious is who really allow you to decided when you are acting as a selfish. I’ve read a book that begins saying ” why we need such an unpredictable and demanding and awkwardly stringest concept in our lives at all. The answer I will give is that we’re far, far better off with conscience than without”

Comment by Jim

Consciene. A very short introduction. Paul strohm

Comment by Jim

Fair point Jim but for me this isn’t about people being conscious of whether they’re being selfish or not, it’s about the fact they don’t care – its all about their attitude being life has to fit in with them not the other way round. Of course there’s times where this approach is important and right, but I can’t help too many people view this attitude as the only attitude and justify it by hiding behind a cloak of fake (or real) feelings.

Thinking & feelings should not and are not mutually exclusive but it appears we’re almost evolving (devolving) to make that the case. Of course I say that to illustrate my point, but that quote from the movie opened up – to me at least – a door of issues I hadn’t really considered before.

Maybe we really are the strawberry generation – ripe but easily bruised when our self entitlement beliefs are questioned.

Comment by Rob

I’m quite interested in this feeling v thinking milarky.
Sometimes I get little perturbed when people who know better mangel some decent psychology to justify creative work that makes people feel something. It matters of course, but the best stuff tends to make you think.
But it’s so much easier, and useless, to deliver ‘joy’ (yes BMW I’m talking to you, you twats) than anything really useful. You can just see some kind of bollocks segmentation this came from, or maybe TWBA did it and ‘realised’ there was no ‘joy’ in driving or cars and saw another blindingly obvious way to disrupt the market with the quiet subtleness of a Boucher comment.
On the other hand, out first impressions about stuff tend to pretty good, since our subconsciousness is much more highly evolved than our thinking bit – the trick is largely to work out WHY you had that fuzzy, half formed impression in the first place. But that isn’t an excuse for lazy, first page flashed of the blindingly obvious. I saw half decent agency release an ‘insight fom research’ that women don’t enjoy buying cars. Well paint me red and call me a tomato.
Anyway, just because people remember how they feel a lot longer than what they thought, is no excuse. We’re not Joni Mitchell.

As you might be able to tell, I’m not in the best of moods this morning. It’s clobberin time.

Comment by northern

This is my favourite version of you. Which is handy because when Andy becomes “Daddy Andy”, we’ll need someone to take his place.

As for the best ads making you think. I partially agree … mainly because I think the best ads make you feel something and challenge you to think, because when your emotions and frames-of-reference are brought into play, the thinking process takes on another dimension – or is that just with me?

Either way Northern, happy killing.

Comment by Rob

Random aside given northern’s comment, I always thought that was the reason why I liked the Economist ads from a while ago, eg. ‘Jordan. You think of a Middle Eastern country with a 3.3% growth rate’, perhaps more than ‘Lose the ability to slip out of meetings unnoticed’ etc.

Comment by Andrea

anyone else remember when king hussein of jordan died and some random twat news reporter asked mariah fucking carey what she thought of the news (no, i dont fucking know why either) the stupid cow said she was devastated because he was the best basketballer that ever lived. true and fucking depressing story that.

Comment by andy@cynic

oh yes groper, this is very fucking good indeed.

Comment by andy@cynic

Making every issue into an emotional / moral / feeling issue is why American politics is so messed up.

I don’t know who made Northern a bad cup of tea, but I’m glad it wasn’t me…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Interesting to note that a number of commenters read “feelings” and immediately thought of psycho-babble when what I believe you meant was a combination of intuition (informed or otherwise) and self-absorption.

Comment by John

It’s a bit like that quote that says its a shame all the best England football managers decided to become barmen and barbers, or something.

For what it’s worth John, I’m with you on this, which might scare/upset you more than make you happy.

Comment by Rob

And it’s more ill-informed intuition. Or egotistically informed.

Comment by Rob

That’s what this post made me feel

Comment by northern

Oh, I was replying to Dodds, it’s appeared in the wrond place.
I think this is annoying.
This is what I feel too.
And at least no on has taken feeling actual things – but for the record, I’d cop a feel of Angelina Jolie anyday, wthout thinking at all

Comment by northern

They wouldn’t think twice about the restraining order either…

Comment by Andrea

theres more badly spelt shit in gropers comment than his normally accepted levels of badly spelt shit which means its an issue to do with tea, porn or his company has being acquired by media farts.

or he has found out the people down south have this thing called electricity which makes life a bit more fucking pleasant. whatever the fuck it is, hes more fucking likable like this. not much, but a fucking bit.

Comment by andy@cynic

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