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I’m In Love With A Man Called Freddie …
March 14, 2012, 6:11 am
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OK, let’s get a couple of the issues out of the way right from the off …

1. When I say “I’m in love”, I don’t mean the cupid type of love.
2. Amazingly, I’m not talking about the Freddie who fronted my beloved Queen.

The person I’m talking about is Mr Freddie Sarnblad.

I worked with Freddie for a few years in Singapore and can honestly say, it was one of the best times of my career.

He’s smart, gracious, funny, kind, collaborative, genuine and basically a whole lot of other attributes that will never be assigned to me.

However the greatest compliment I can give him is that while he’s a great, great planner, he’s actually an even greater person and friend.

[Even though he might not say the same given I have done things like this to him]

Last week we managed to catch up and enjoyed a ridiculously long and large dinner.

It was awesome.

Talking … bitching … discussing … it was chicken soup for the evil bastard soul.

Oh yes, please don’t think Freddie is Mr Perfect, underneath that carefully sculptured, calm exterior lies a heart of mischievous menace.

But after we got all that out the way, we chatted about life.

Not superficial shit like the TV ads like to pretend represents blokedom, but really important and meaningful stuff – like family and legacy and values and beliefs.

I can open up to Freddie.

I can tell him my hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities.

I don’t feel nervous, I don’t feel judged, I just feel I can talk freely to him and hear his perspective, advice, views and wisdom.

Of course there are a few other people I can be this open to – my wife for one – but it’s different with them.

That doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad or less meaningful or involves secrets I don’t want them to hear … it’s just different.

That could be because of circumstance, relationship, situation or background – who knows – but when Freddie and I get together, I always feel ‘purged’.

Purged of doubt.

Purged of concern.

Purged of worry.

It’s an emotional detox.

And what he puts in its place is a lovely dollop of positivity, excitement, possibilities and curiosity.

Yes, I know this sounds all very dodgy, but it’s not, it’s a compliment to his skill, intelligence and empathy … no wonder every client wants him to work exclusively on their business.

The reality is everyone needs someone like Freddie in their life – maybe everyone already does – but at a time where we are told we’re more connected than ever, I would say my few hours in Freddie’s company reaffirmed what I have long known, being connected and being close are very different things.

Digital and media planners should take note.


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I’m glad Andy is preoccupied Rob. You’d never survive after a post like this and I don’t know if his heart could take it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Why the hell do you think I waited till today to post this?

Comment by Rob

On the positive, you don’t talk about his cock.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Even though you do sound like you’re channeling some serious Oprah audience shit.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Saved with your media/digital planner attack at the end.

Comment by Billy Whizz

See how I’m trying to double for Andy with the multiple posts?

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’m impressed, though you are using capital letters, which highlights you still have some way to go to capture the true ‘Andy essence’.

Comment by Rob

And you’re not swearing nearly enough.

Could try harder.

Comment by Rob

I’ll leave the comments with this final Andy interpretation:

Get a fucking room you bald planner pervert bastards.

Job done.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Better. Still using the capitals, but much, much better.

Comment by Rob

Good work Billy. Not as good as Northern would do, but good work.

Comment by DH

By the way Rob, anyone who has to start a post with 2 disclaimer points isn’t fooling anyone.

Comment by DH

I’m as transparent as a greenhouse aren’t I.

Comment by Rob

And as fashionable.

Comment by DH

With Andy on temporary leave, I feel I can say how much I like this post without fear of reprisal. Sorry Billy, you just don’t have the same venomous cache, which is a compliment really.

Apart from this being a lovely post about a lovely man, you highlight one of my adland pet peeves, namely male bonding is always presented as childish oafdom.

You also bring up the importance of understanding the difference between connection and closeness. Well said. It alarms me how few people in the industry seem to get that, preferring to talk endlessly about the latest social media hype without understanding or questioning why people use it or, more accurately, why some people use it.

Freddie should be proud to get a post like this about him. I’ve not reached those dizzy heights. Yet.

Comment by Pete

Fuck you Pete. I am a venomous bastard.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Or as Andy would say it.

fuck you pete. i am a venomous bastard.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Thank you Pete … I know I could rely on you.

The ‘men are oafs’ thing gets on my tits … especially when they then show some random woman looking on at her husband/boyfriend/friend with an air of good intentioned pity.

Look, I’m all for having fun and when it’s done well, it can be really good [ala SuperNoodles & Jackass], but too much of it is done in the laziest, stereotypical way possible, designed to appeal to either idiots or Mr Bean fans … even though I feel they’re one and the same.

As for the ‘social media hype’ … don’t get me started. And god forbid you call some issues/data out … it’s like questioning God in bloody Utah, though funnily enough, that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing later today.

[Calling it out, not going to Utah]

And finally, you’ve had plenty of loving comments on this blog Pete, though the fact is I like you too much to destroy your cred with this sort of sycophantic rubbish.

Comment by Rob

You do realise Freddie details all your intimate confessions on his blog that you don’t know about. Til now.

Comment by John

Actually I do know, that’s why he is assured I’ll buy him dinner whenever I see him.

Comment by Rob

You may need someone like Freddie in your life, the question is what does Freddie need? I’m certain he’ll get fulsome advice on that.

Comment by John

Given his love for Toto and dressing up like Elton John, what Freddie needs most are people who will still be seen out in public with him.

Comment by Rob

which toto we are talking about ? it’s definitely not me.

Comment by toto

I note Freddie hasn’t made a comment. He’s probably hiding or waiting for police protection.

Comment by DH

Wow. Well, thank you Rob! I don’t know what to say.

Perhaps I should start by reiterating your first caveat. Ahem. Yes, I definitely should. Not least because of that, well, evil linkage to a site that dissects my dress style, or rather lack of it Only you would be capable of making such a wonderfully unflattering assessment.

Now you don’t need me to tell you that you’re unique. And everyone on this blog would have figured that out for themselves already. But what I want to say, joking aside, is that you are so in the best way imaginable. Not only as a planner (you’re a fantastic one), but much more importantly as a person. I value our friendship enormously and I feel privileged and proud to be your friend. And I would throw all those flattering adjectives back at you. Every single one of them.

It was brilliant to catch up with you last week, as always. Brilliant. And you should know that our conversation was emotional detox for me too! ‘Purged’ is the word.

You’re so right Rob: being connected and being close are two very different things.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I want to be fucking sick.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It was either going to be you or Andy.

But why would I think that’s mutually exclusive? Where is he?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Andy? You don’t know where Andy is? That means you don’t read this blog every day. Why the fuck should I help someone that has found a way out of the torture I face every 24 hours?

I will though. Look at yesterdays post.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Thanks Billy!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Oh you sweet thing.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

Hello lovely, how are you today?

Comment by Rob

All good, all good.

Comment by Marcus

I met Freddie last year and wished we had longer.
The bad news for him is I might be in Singapore next month.

Comment by northern

The even worse news is so might I.

Comment by Rob

Poor, poor Freddie

Comment by andy@cynic

fucking gay campbell

Comment by andy@cynic

fred has a fucking escape when you decided to fuck off to commie land to fuck all and twat around on paid holidays to make exactly the same fucking presentation every single fucking time, I mean what the fuck does dan pay you for?
fucking beats me

Comment by andy@cynic

and what the fuck did freddie do to deserve to be your fucking agony aunt?

Comment by andy@cynic

he deserves all ge gets though come to think of it, he’s a fucking planner

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but the spelling mistake … or should I say, bad typing … indicates the true identity of the author of this comment.

I think.

Comment by Rob

I know that the andy@cynic comments appearing here aren’t from the real andy@cynic, mainly because I’ve been speaking to him on Skype. That said, it is a very good impersonation – far better than Billy’s – so to whoever is the instigator, I pass on my congratulations and – I assume – Andy’s thanks.

Comment by Rob

If it’s not Andy, it’s his long lost brother. The only reason I know you’re right Rob is because I spoke to him yesterday and he told me he had to get off the phone so he could stare at his daughter.

Comment by Bazza

I’ll only thank any twat on this fucking blog when they convince campbell to stop posting any of this shit, just post fuck all and leave comments open, no fucker comes for campbells crap they come for my fucking gold, once again i’m carrying the fucker, story of my fucking life

Comment by andy@cynic

This really is impressive how well you have captured the Andy spirit. If fatherhood softens him, it’s reassuring to know there is someone capable of keeping the old persona alive.

Comment by Bazza

I can’t believe I have been away and missed a spectacular day…
I miss andy
Nice post Rob

Comment by swati

As I’m sure you know Freddie, a compliment from Rob is like a knighthood from the queen. Unless you have incriminating evidence about him, it appears he really likes you. Impressive.

Comment by Bazza

Or the fucker is planning to ride on your coat tails and make a shed load of cash out your fucking talent. watch the fuck out freddie

Comment by andy@cynic

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