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Don’t Judge Others By Your Own Standards …
March 26, 2012, 6:15 am
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So last week, Jill and I watched ‘The Bone Collector’, a film made in 1999.

I have no idea what the movie is about because I only watched it so I could look at Angelina Jolie in her prime, however there was one scene that caught my attention and that was when Denzil Washington’s character asked Angelina’s …

“Are you computer literate?”

Can you imagine being asked that question now?

It’s a given these days and yet it’s not that long ago when saying you could use Word/Excel/Powerpoint was a major advantage in the job-hunting stakes.

However I recently came across something that reminded me the importance of not assuming stuff …

Apparently, that is a genuine Facebook update – and while some might say that is representative of the sort of person no brand would actually want as a customer, I’d say that attitude is representative of someone who doesn’t understand society outside of the carefully constructed marketing bubble they live in.

While I am passionately against dumbing down to the lowest-common denominator, it’s important to remember that the masses might not be at the same level of as you both in terms of capabilities and interest [acknowledging this doesn’t automatically mean they less capable or interested than you] – so making sure you know where the majority stand is important, because if you don’t do that, you might just find that what you’re doing is alienating rather than communicating.

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isnt jills uncle some big time hollywood director?

wouldnt he have angelinas number? why the fuck havent you blackmailed him or kidnapped his kids for it? you go on about finding answers to difficult solutions and you cant even do this when you have an “in”. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you’re unsure about Jill’s hollywood connection, your baby might have affected your mind. Can’t you remember Rob going on and on about being 2 degrees off Angelina? Funny thing is those 2 degrees are putting up the fight of 22,000 degrees.

Comment by DH

thanks for reminding me you fucking bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes he is and despite having ‘married into the family’ he still refuses to give me her number.

I’d call him a prick but I [1] don’t want to upset the family and [2] I don’t want to jeapordise any future opportunities to get it from him.

PS: It’s rather lovely to have you back, even if it’s only for a quick visit. In fact, it’s lovely because it’s only a quick visit. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

nice facebook update. best thing about this post.

and blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

for “best” please replace with “only.”

Comment by andy@cynic

and for not dragging up the old fucking news of my supposed technological inadequecies you get parole from seeing the 746,000 photos of bonnie that her mother has taken within the first few weeks of her birth.

Comment by andy@cynic

note the fucking word “parole”.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re much better now, rumour has it you even know how to turn your macbook on all by yourself.

Comment by Rob

quite a nice ranty fucking post there campbell. im in danger of agreeing with you which goes to show a baby is really a weapon of fucked up sleep destruction because theres no fucking way id be so kind if id of slept more than 10 minutes in the last few weeks. what a fucking dad legend i am. oh yes.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know. I love Bonnie even more for that.

Comment by Rob

Andy’s made this blog like old times, still painful to visit but just not as painful.

Comment by DH

When you write ” it’s important to remember that the masses might not be at the same level of as you both in terms of capabilities and interest”, do you mean they don’t wear Birkies, support Forest and listen to Queen?

Or are you saying your empathy with the unintelligent is your planning USP?

Comment by John

He understands them because he is one.

Comment by DH

nice to see youre still the same old bastard as you always were doddsy. keep it up.

Comment by andy@cynic

The fact that the Dad gets the answer he needs is proof of the futility of internet silos, but that’s not the sort of comment that wins friends on this blog. And rightly so.

Comment by John

planners will be claiming humiliation amd embarrassment are the new fucking planning paradigms next. wait and see. just like they say every fucker wants to participate in shit.

note to planners. no they fucking dont.

fuck you and your fucked up ego shit.

this has been fun but someone i actually like needs me so fuck you all till next time. if youre fucking lucky.

Comment by andy@cynic

Great to have you pop back Andy. Your motivational commentary has been missed.

For what it’s worth, I remember when employers wanted people who had actually done something in their last job rather than just know a lot of theories gained from following the people who were actually doing stuff in their job.

Comment by Pete

And when going to SXSW would not be treated like a major qualification.

Comment by Pete

Pete taking up the slack left by Andy’s absence. Impressive, but needs some swearing.

Comment by DH

Hit a nerve did we Pete?

I’m with Dave, very impressive – Niko will love it.

Comment by Rob

I love that facebook status update story.

Good point on the post as well Rob, but what do you expect when audience research is done from the desk rather than getting amongst it.

Comment by Bazza

After spending the entire weekend looking after three people with the most evil tummy bug in christendom (wife and both kids, puke everywhere) I have no energy to say anything apart from “What Dodds said” – can’t believe I’m saying that

Comment by northern

See, you and Andy have more in common than you thought.

Comment by Rob

To quote Indiana Jones,”Now you’re getting nasty”

Comment by northern

To quote Tom Jones “Huh”

Comment by John

It’s all about understanding the difference between lack of knowledge, lack of interest and stupidity. Too many campaigns and brands go for the latter, and ignore the first two…

Comment by Andy Replacement Service

Damnit I keep forgetting to change from the Andy Replacement Service

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

All I can say is I know exactly where the Fiesta Mart is they are referring to because it is in Texas. Which is probably where a whole load of computer illiterates reside, that is beyond the swell of SXSW attendees each year.

Comment by Heather LeFevre

If SXSW was at Fiesta Mart next year, I think it would be a valuable experience for hipsters and luddites alike.

Comment by DH

By valuable I mean mindfuck and violence.

Comment by DH

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