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Maybe Twitter Isn’t Just For The Egotists …
April 12, 2012, 6:10 am
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A couple of weeks ago I was in Atlanta.

While I was there, Forest played Leeds at Elland Road.

I’ve documented how much tragedy we’ve faced this season … from great managers leaving, bad managers coming [then leaving] then questionable managers joining … relegation form results … losing to Derby County TWICE and – worse of all – the death of our great benefactor, Nigel Doughty.

With all this mind, the prospect of playing Leeds – who beat us 4-0 at home this season – wasn’t very promising and what makes it even worse [yes, worse than the fact they kicked the genius Cloughy out after 30 odd days] is that a bunch of planners are massive Leeds fans and I know they wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if we lost.

Yes, that’s you Mr G, Mr J and Mr NP.

So I sat in my hotel, listening to the live commentary and as excepted, we were down 1-0 after just 6 minutes thanks to giving away a penalty.


But then in true Hollywood fashion, something happened.

Something unexpected, rare and quite frankly phenomenal.

We scored.

And then, 2 minutes into extra time of the first half, we scored again.

We were actually in the lead.


I then had to make a quick work phone call so I am sure you can imagine my surprise when I came back about 20 minutes later and saw the score was 3-4.

Fuck me, 4 goals had been scored in just 10 mins.

Double fuck me, Forest were still in the lead.

I quickly got on twitter to gauge the reaction and this is when I really felt the benefit of the oversharing network.

There was banter.

Real banter … even though it was all virtual.

There were Forest fans chatting about how great – and unbelievable – it all was.

There were Leeds fans chatting about how shit – and expected – it was.

There were Forest and Leeds fans teasing each other without it ever getting nasty.

It felt good.

I might have been in Atlanta listening to the match on my computer in a hotel room, thousands of miles away from everyone – but thanks to Twitter, I actually felt a camaraderie that not only felt good, but I realised was something I really miss, mainly because I live in bloody China.

Then we scored again and it all notched up a level.

Then we scored again and it all notched up another level.

The banter was flowing.

The Forest fans were in dreamland while the Leeds/Planner fans were in sort-of begrudging respect land.


Yes, we had scored 7 goals, SEVEN.

The last time Forest did that away from home was against Sheffield Wednesday back in 1994 and I was there.

I was in the crowd as we played some of the best football I’ve ever seen and scored 7 of the best goals you could ever want to see.

[I also remember that after that match, I had an excellent night with a very nice lady but it’s probably best if I don’t go there]

Anyway, while being on Twitter wasn’t the same, it was close … far closer than anything I’ve found in that gap of 18 years … which all goes to prove that as much as technology might ’empower’ people to do stuff they’ve never been able to do before, it’s still the people who make the difference between function and emotionally meaningful communication.

Media/Digital planners, take note.


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Lots of meaningless soccer waffle to wade through until you get to the last 8 lines of gold. Technology does little, it’s only when people are brought in to the mix and they can see what they can do because of the technology that it starts becoming powerful.

Comment by Bazza

Technology doesn’t empower people to do anything new because it doesn’t change people. It just makes it easier for them to do the same old things in slightly different ways.

Comment by John

And no that doesn’t include what ever indignities were endured by the “very nice lady” – though I’m sure it was she who said “it’s probably best if I don’t go there”

Comment by John

Unless you are bringing everything down to basic human behaviors, I would dispute your point about technology not empoeering people John.

Comment by Bazza

Yes, I mean at a basic level. I think it’s all too often suggested that people with technology are suddenly a different type of person. But, not for a second would I dispute that technology doesn’t empower people.

Comment by John

Are you talking youporn again?

Comment by DH

I’d have said technology and connectivity in all its guises

Comment by Andrea

The law of averages mean they’d win at least once in a season. Has it happened since? I rest my case.

Comment by DH

Actually they have thank you very much.

Of course it was the local blind pub team, but they’ve still won.

Comment by Rob

What justifies the word ‘planning’ in a media or digital planners title? Why isn’t it replaced with ‘placing’?

Comment by DH

I hate 95% of them.

Comment by DH

What justifies the word ‘strategy’ in a media or digital or account planners title? Why isn’t that replaced with ‘superficial information gathering’?

Comment by DH

I hate 95% of them too.

Strangely Rob is part of the 5%. Makes a change from him being a member of the 1%.

Comment by DH

you better be fucking off your tits on booze or you need a fucking kicking.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m a victim of Mr J Walker.

Comment by DH

I’m touched Dave. Scared, but touched.

Comment by Rob

Treating people who use technology as human beings is such an outdated concept Robert. Don’t you know realise that as soon as eyes so much as view a screen, their emotions, feelings and instincts are replaced with universal, robotic behaviors that only a media or digital planner can see and understand? Old school Rob, you’re old school.

Comment by Pete

Fucking hell, Pete’s gone off the grid.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Pete goes rogue.

Comment by DH

And increases his likability by 1000%

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

welcome to the fucking club pete. what the fuck took you so long?

Comment by andy@cynic

Something tells me George pissed one of his team today.

Comment by Rob

thats hardly fucking news, he still pisses me off each day and i dont work with the fucker anymore.

Comment by andy@cynic

and i thought writing posts about fucking queen and birkenstocks was fucking boring but no, blathering the fuck on about nottingham fucking forest and twitter banter is bordering on manfuckingslaughter.

youre saved by pissing all over media and digital cocks. theres some good fuckers out there but theres allegedly some polite krauts out there too.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck me, just seen bazza tried to pick a fight with doddsy.

first baz, then pete. then dave acts like a 5 year old girl prancing about in fucking disneyland. what the fuck is going on? is it a full fucking moon?

Comment by andy@cynic

is it a prefuckingrequisite for planners to like shit fucking football teams?

and if any bastard on here calls football soccer, you need a fucking lobotomy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Forest are not shit. They’re bad, but they’re no Derby County.

Comment by Rob

derby makes iraq look like monaco.

Comment by andy@cynic

Despite you all called Rob old school, I’d like to argue there was a slight dopamine reaction associated with that sense of connectivity that many of you couldn’t relate to. [i’m not talking about the nice lady part – thought it might count to the point].

The feeling of reconnection to the rest of the world through REAL social media after being suffocated in China – is beyond exciting. Think of a kid grew up in rich LA neighborhood being sent off to Africa for a month is returning home to an extreme lavished buffet.

Hate me too. under the name of anti-planners.

Comment by Angel X

are you american? i hope so because that would explain why you dont fucking get we were being ironic.

Comment by andy@cynic

if youre hot its acceptable though.

but if youre hot, why the fuck are you on here? me i presume. only human.

Comment by andy@cynic

I love how being an American gives so much perks, even being dull and fashinably boring.
Doesn’t it also make being a Chinese justify my unhumourous statement more?

Comment by Angel X

youre chinese? well you must fucking live or work or be married to something connected to america because you demonstrated grade fucking a irony bypass in your earlier comment and thats physically fucking impossible without some link to the american gene.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is it Angel X or XXX?

Either, still sounds like some cool porn company. That’s a compliment by the way.

Comment by Billy Whizz

and you know your fucking porn companies.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes I do. I almost was a partner of one until Rob and George ruined my dream.

Comment by Billy Whizz

join the fucking club.

Comment by andy@cynic

Most wicked comments on my last name ever.

I’d better register that domain and wait for some porn company to offer a ridiculous buy-off price.

Comment by Angel X

just checked. its fucking available as well.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by swati dagur

Check out the iPhone app Fanatix…. it is BRILLIANT and really taps into a lot of the stuff you’re talking about here, Rob; great way to banter with sports fans.

Comment by Age

so youve decided were good enough to be seen with you have you age? 2 comments in 3 fucking days. the one a few fucking days ago was better because you were picking a fucking fight not helping campbell nerd his lonely fucking nights away.

Comment by andy@cynic

I come for the Boucher.

Comment by Age

gay. but then i am a mans fucking man.

Comment by andy@cynic

Speaking of apps, wasn’t it W+K NL that made an app for Heineken in a similar vein? You could guess the score and also take a guess whether anyone will score a goal in the next 30 seconds.

What no one mentions is the data that led them to it – UEFA saying that 72% of those watching the football were alone at home. And 80% dual-screening though I prefer ‘tweeting/updating facebook with the TV on’. No wonder there was so much banter – that’s where everyone was, not in pubs or on stadiums!

Comment by Andrea

Obviously I’m ignoring this post

Comment by northern

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