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Good News Sydney …
April 30, 2012, 6:00 am
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… I’m staying in Melbourne for this trip.

Better news, there’s not going to be any blog rubbish for the whole week.


Enjoy … especially as you can be safe in the knowledge that Melbourne’s reputation for understated, classic style and elegance is being destroyed by a bald bloke in Birkenstocks as you read this.

Consider it my gift to all of you in NSW for letting me live there.

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So last week you get up in front of an audience and say “it’s not TV or digital, it’s TV and digital” and this week you’re speaking at a digital marketing conference.

Comment by John

I’m in advertising and half Italian … that should explain how I can do it. And why.

Comment by Rob

I thought digital stopped false claims so how come you still get flown around the world to deliver this blog type rubbish to an unsuspecting audience?

Comment by DH

You’ve just proved that the internet has it’s flaws.

Comment by Rob

Enjoy upsetting the Australians. I’m sure you’ll be highly effective.

Comment by Pete

Job done.

Comment by Rob

How many people did you upset Robert?

Comment by George

Well we know the state of victoria aren’t happy.

Comment by DH

Since when is Victoria ever happy?

Comment by Alex

Since when is Victoria ever happy?

Comment by Alex Weltlinger (@alexweltlinger)

Erm… apologies for the double comment…

Comment by Alex Weltlinger (@alexweltlinger)

Spoken like a true Sydneysider Alex!

Comment by Rob

The Australian federal government has moved to include koalas on the list of threatened species today. just saying…

Comment by toto

Can you please please have a slide on New South Fucking Wales, and then shorten it to NSFW… 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

you have got to be fucking shitting me. another fucking freebie bastard holiday. who the fuck have you got dirt on to make all these fucking trips happen. the fucking mafia could learn shit from you.

and where the fuck is my birthday post? some shitty little fucking comment wont do you tight fucking bastard.

wait till monday. just you fucking wait.

Comment by andy@cynic

Doesn’t Dan ever get a little perturbed at Rob’s persistent absence in the office, in favour of endless business class lounges that wind him up because they don’t provide him withe personalised cans of Diet Coke and monogrammed slippers?
How come you never hear of Weigel, Colman etc on similar jaunts? What makes Rob special? Is Dan a Queen fan?

Even more pressing, it’s 60% likely I’m either off to Shanghai or Singapore in at the end of the month. I bet Freddie hopes it’s China.

Comment by northern

dan would be over the fucking moon to get campbell away from his w+k car manufacturing plans. you still have so fucking much to learn groper.

Comment by andy@cynic

bet the fucking commie government are closing their fucking borders right fucking now.

Comment by andy@cynic

What happened? Your blog just spanned my email? What on earth is going on? I’ve thousands of viagra selling, cock enhancing bastards spamming me, the last thing I need is planning spam too.
Yes I’m in a bad mood, it’s nearly bank holiday weekend and I have a chest infection, thanks to my sons disease ridden nursery. If Netanyahu finds out about Jolly Tots, he’ll ditch nuclear strike on Iran faster than you say uranium enrichment and plump straight for fucking biological warfare, parachuting my poor son and his plague riddem cohorts straight into Tehran.

Comment by northern

youre 27.956% more likeable when youre in your pissy pussy northern bastard mood.

Comment by andy@cynic

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