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When The End Is Near, Everything Is Clearer …
May 25, 2012, 6:10 am
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Over the years I’ve written a lot about death.

I’ve talked about my Dad’s death.

I’ve talked about the death of others.

I’ve talked about the music I want to have played at my funeral.

I’ve talked about the clarity death brings to us all.

I’ve even talked about what I want my wife to know once I’ve gone.

I’ve talked about a lot of things.

Contrary to what many may believe, it is not because I’m as depressed as a fart, it’s because I believe it’s very important to talk about death before it happens which is why I thought I’d show you this video – if only for the fact it highlights we shouldn’t wait till the end to start realising what we have, what we’ve done, what we love and what we’ve got.

It happens to us all.

Talking about it might help us treasure the moments well before the moment.


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you are a depressing fucking fart or more likely you make others depressing fucking farts but youre my depressing fucking fart and as ive got you, ill let you end the week in the most depressing fucking fart way possible because i know you actually give a shit about this death bollocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

if it stops you talking about planning you can be as miserable as you fucking like.

Comment by andy@cynic

i know youre not miserable, i get it, keep your fucking panties on.

Comment by andy@cynic

the comments for this post will be fucking interesting.

Comment by andy@cynic

Remember what is important.
Tell the people who matter they are important.
Do more with these people and things.

Comment by George

This post, like the video attached to this post, is tragically uplifting.

That is meant as a compliment by the way.

Comment by Pete

Are you describing the post, the video or Rob? Seems to work for all 3 even though in Rob’s case it’s the sort of tragically uplifting feeling you get when you watch Jerry Springer and realise that no matter how bad your life is, at least you’re not like the guests.

Comment by DH

I’m assuming it’s still OK to take the piss. I’m doing it at Rob, not the post which I think is good.

Comment by DH

I mean the post is good.

Comment by DH

So is taking the piss out of Rob.

Comment by DH

you alright there dave? looks like youve gone fucking mental.

Comment by andy@cynic

I knew I could rely on you to make sure it didn’t get too heavy on here Dave.

Comment by Rob

fuck me pete, if thats a fucking compliment id love to know how you proposed to sarah.

“youre smart and beautiful but one day youll be old. marry me, i know youre out my league so ill stick with you even when youre fucking haggard.”

regular fucking romeo arent you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Could you not make it sound like you are speaking from a fact based point of view please.

Comment by Pete

3 fucking words.


Comment by andy@cynic

For different reasons, I find your words as moving as the video. It’s an important point you’re making, thank you.

Comment by Lee Hill

Thank my Dad, he’s the one that inadvertently helped me realise Lee. Hope all is well & hope we can catch up soon.

Comment by Rob

Ah, the power of perspective.

This is such a great post. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Doug Kleeman

Hey Rob, it’s a great video. I’ve also been thinking about death recently as my nephew passed away, just two months before his 18th birthday (More on that here I also went back on some of the posts you mention that I hadn’t read yet.

I definitely agree with you it’s not worth waiting until the last moment to talk about it, it’s important – though more to the point and that’s something that struck me while watching the vide is that it’s completely possible to be at peace with the fact that you, we, are all going to die AND live our lives to the fullest without waiting to be announced that we only have x time to live. And that’s a lot more important.

The next thing may only be my own opinion and subjective; there is a beautiful but I find also very sad point clear in the film, where Philip says his process of dying is the most extraordinary journey of his life and when he was announced that he was going to die ‘life screams at you its intensity’. Nobody has to fucking wait for that! Life screams at everyone its intensity every fucking day – just most people don’t listen and pretend it isn’t happening. Because we’re afraid, and that’s normal. And it doesn’t have to be this way, it’s not final. It’s possible to accept death and embrace life way before that kind of news – it’s not permanent or inate, I’ve learned and practice it and everyone can. I’m also not sure I’d spend my last days taking photos of myself on my grave, I certainly wouldn’t have a grave to start with actually. To each his own on that side of things, I guess.

Anyhoo, rant over. I’d love to meet you and talk about this and more in person at some point. I’ll be spending time in HK in July though I might come over to Shanghai if I can, I’ll be in touch!

Comment by Willem van der Horst

On second thought the added f-words were unnecessary, seems I can’t edit the reply though.

Comment by Willem van der Horst

whhhhhhhhhy did i watch this at work?!…
goddamn, dust and shit in my eyes. this place is so dusty!!

Comment by Age

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