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Sorry Singapore …
June 27, 2012, 6:10 am
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… because I’m here.

On the bright side, you won’t have to interact with me because if I’m not at my client meetings, I’ll be at Funan Mall buying more pointless and over-priced gadget tat.

That’s a win:win in my book – and it’s a win:win for you, because it means you get a day off from my intellectual brilliance.

Also known as, utter bollocks.

Till tomorrow then …


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border patrol? where the fuck is border patrol!

Comment by andy@cynic

what the fuck do i care as long as youre not in the us.

Comment by andy@cynic

I hope Fred has locked his doors and windows.

Comment by DH

And closed his curtains.

Comment by DH

To be on the safe side, he should move.


Comment by DH

Client meeting? Not another holiday/freebie presentation?

You’re losing your blagging skills Campbell.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You mean Lee, W+K and conference organisers have come to their senses.

Comment by DH

if wk were that fucking smart, theyd sack campbell, not put him in front of a fucking client.

Comment by andy@cynic

More insightful than a stadium of planners.

Comment by Billy Whizz

im a fuckload smarter than that. then so is some 18 year old scouse chav who was home schooled by their crack addicted, trick turning, std ridden mother.

Comment by andy@cynic

Gold medal insulting.

Comment by DH

im worth much more than a fucking gold you cheeky fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are there any ‘rap battles’ that don’t involve rhyming? If so we need to get Andy down there pronto.

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

I hate to say it, but the “18 year old scouse chav who was home schooled by their crack addicted, trick turning, std ridden mother” is very impressive.

Comment by Rob

Not only have I had a client meeting, I’ve been in one ALL DAY … so only now have had the chance to call you a cheeky bastard for your – admittedly good – comment.

Comment by Rob

How long are you in Singapore for Robert? I arrive Friday.

Comment by Lee Hill

Hi Lee, fortunately for you, I leave on Thursday on the red eye. Are you coming to Shanghai?

Comment by Rob

That reminds me, I need to speak to you about an amazing new audio gadget that you should try out. Will email you shortly.

Comment by Rob Mortimer (Not a fake Andy)

Oh yes please, I’m on my way to Funan at this very moment.

Comment by Rob

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