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Has Toyota Made A New Type Of Cat, As Well As Car?
January 8, 2013, 6:15 am
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An amazing vehicle that trail-blazed new ways to power mainstream vehicles.

Of course, as I wrote a few weeks ago, the fact that society is getting fatter might mean all the benefits of a more eco-friendly car are lost … but still, good on them for making it happen.

That said, I saw an ad for them recently that made me think even they know things are different than they once were.

Have a look at this …

Can you see what I’m talking about?

No, it’s not a person, it’s the cat.

Look at that bastard, it’s huge!

Seriously, it’s as if Garfield had sex with an elephant. Or at least a lion.

Now I know why they’ve put the beast in the garage because they’re trying to communicate the ‘clean benefits’ of the Prius … but anyone with a moggy knows that the last place a cat sleeps is somewhere that doesn’t afford them total pampering pleasure, as the wonderful IKEA spot from Mother showed.

Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong and this is simply Toyota’s way of stopping anyone suing them when sometime in the future, it all comes out their technology has adverse side effects on humans. And cats.

Who knows, but despite what many adfolk say [are you listening TBWA?] not all disruption is good disruption.


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Plugprius sounds an unfortunate condition.

The cat isn’t fussed about cars but knows how to work the human in charge of foodstuffs.

Comment by Chris

Sounds more like an object Freddie Mercury used for anal stimulation.

Comment by DH

you would fucking know dave.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well done Chris, you are personally responsible for the downturn in Prius sales.

Comment by Rob

That will be countered by Billy opening up desirability to the pink dollar and porn market.

Comment by DH

All in a good cause, Rob.

Comment by Chris

Photoshop fail.

Comment by DH

idea fucking fail.

Comment by andy@cynic

The reason the meow machine sits there is because it knows a prius can’t go fast enough to kill it. Just ask George.

Comment by Billy Whizz

that depends if hes in environmentally friendly auntie mode or terminator wannabe in his fucking pimped out like a sad fuck escalade.

Comment by andy@cynic

I forgot you were Al Gore, Andrew.

Comment by George

im ten million times better than that 2 faced fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m sure George only bought it to dispel rumours he’s ‘Mr Perfect’ … which, admittedly, he was the instigator of.

Comment by Rob

second post of the year and its come to this, some fucking photoshop shit on a cat for a fucking ultrashit prius ad. youre not even angry about it. if ive got another year of this shit i may as well kill myself.

Comment by andy@cynic

what the fuck am i saying? fuck killing me, if i kill you its much more effective. come and pay a visit to nice uncle andy and his super sharp knife robbie.

Comment by andy@cynic

Uncle Andy.


Are you OK?

Comment by DH

i just invited campbell to visit, of course im fucking not.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d have to be super-ill to accept. And not just because you are saying you’d welcome me with a knife in my back. Which – let’s be honest – is pretty similar to what you did when we used to work together. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

cock. accurate. but still a cock.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes, that was the surest sign you need rest. Or alcohol.

Comment by DH

I’m more shocked at how clean the garage is.

Comment by Pete

That’s because the car is so expensive no one can afford to buy anything else.

Comment by DH

Good point Pete – is there a garage in the World that’s that tidy? Well, apart from these outrageous ‘I have issues’ garages in Singapore:

Comment by Rob

Or for those who only like looking at the pictures:

Comment by Rob

Yes, that really is the most boring video ever …

Comment by Rob

And pretentious.

Don’t shoot the messenger, kill the developer.

[And purchaser]

Comment by Rob

That makes personalised plates look subtle. Wankers.

Comment by DH

you probably own the fucking building campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think I’m not mistaken in saying the Prius is less environmentally friendly to manufacture than an ordinary car. That’s a shame. However a couple of days ago I realised why Google have invested heavily in driver less cars because the information systems of free energy travel are the future business.

We all know free energy has been suppressed if we do our research into Nikola Tesla and that powerful oil interests have kept humanity back through wars and reliance on fossil fuels (as greedy fucks do). Cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is a reality but the manufacturing for these units of free energy creation don’t get the investment needed to save the ecology (and even if they do we have to consider issues like free air conditioning for the planet – an environmental disaster).

I prefer public transport any day. It’s hell if cramped in rush hours but otherwise I like using skytrains, underground and buses or at a push taxis. The idea of cars seems a 20th century selfish way of travel for me but I’d work on an account like Mercedes Benz or top luxury German cars because they’re such lovely legacies of the past in terms of engineering.

Comment by Charles Frith

What about societies in which not everything is around the corner?

Comment by Paul

Charles, you seem to be mistaking this blog for one where informative, educated, debate occurs.

That said, I’m interested that you say you would like to work on a German luxury car brand because of their legacy in engineering. I think I understand what you mean, but if you can be arsed, I’d love you to explain that a bit further for me. Ta.

Comment by Rob

Hi mate. I’m afraid I’m going to be the awkward one in the comments but not to be an arse but because I’ve given it some thought. Fundamentally if advertising were outlawed tomorrow it wouldn’t change a single sale but it would diminish the burden on the planet’s ecology That’s really important but in the mean time people have to eat and so a few months back I was asked if I want to work on Benz and even though I have great intellectual problems with senseless consumption/gratuitous advertising I know for a fact that people who buy Benz are people who take care of stuff, think about the long term and there’s no doubt about it. Mercedes have a legacy of engineering excellence that sets standards outside of its own category. That’s a great thing. Anyway I didn’t take the position but it did force me to make a decision. Would I do this for that. And the answer was yes in the right circumstances and Benz are a yes.

More importantly there’s no long term future for advertising with LENR/Cold Fusion and 3D printing. Advertising really needs to pick and choose it’s customers carefully because it’s currently trashing it’s own business model by pumping out brainless low creative money grabbing attention grabbers. Can it transcend the creative morass it currently is in? We shall see but the signs aren’t good.

Cheers matey.

Comment by Charles Frith

Why do you think I would disagree with you? Without doubt, if adland was outlawed tomorrow it would have very little effect on sales because it’s become a tool for lazy – or egotistical brand owners – rather than a liberator of opportunity.

I said it a long time ago that brands like P&G are far more innovative than any agency … so while we sit in our ivory towers, thinking we know it all, the very brands so many of the industry look down on, get on with making things happen.

I still believe there is a future for adland, it’s just that to make it happen will require such a shift in mindset and remuneration model, it will kill off 90% of the industry.

In some respects, that’s a good thing – it will drive business on quality and inventiveness not price point or ‘metric modeling’ based on hypothesis rather than fact.

With that in mind, I get why you would work for Merc, but as they’re not the only [car] brand that pushes against tradition, would you work for someone else or are they the ‘chosen one’? Ha.

Comment by Rob

My cat used to sleep on the bonnet of my car in the garage, presumably for the residual warmth of the engine. Then he switched to the roof of the missus’ convertible, because it was softer. Brushing the cat hair off it was a bastard of a job.

BTW, Charles, the Germans would go nuts at you for suggesting their engineering is ‘legacy’. They spend millions trying to persuade us its all bleeding-edge technology, not just teutonic metal-bashing with the ‘anvil chorus’ for a soundtrack.

Comment by Ian Gee

Bist du in deutschland geboren? Ich Komme aus Herford. Danke zer.

Comment by Charles Frith

Danke, aber nein. I war bei Birmingham geboren. Wie Rob, ich wohnte in Australien, und jetzt in Beijing arbeite.

Und ja, ich habe ein deutsche Auto Gesellschaft als Kunde.

Back in mother tongue … the residual Brummie in me is still wondering how we managed to fuck up our (British) car industry so comprehensively.

Comment by Ian Gee

It is a staggeringly ugly car.

Comment by Marcus

Its so ugly, if it was a woman, I wouldn’t fuck it. Well I would, but I wouldn’t make her breakfast in the morning.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Exemplary pedantry.

Comment by northern

mini dodds.

now theres a fucking horrendous thought.

Comment by andy@cynic

You have just ruined my birthday

Comment by northern

consider it my over fucking generous gift to you birthday boy.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s odd Rob because I live in the Brixton of Bangkok. Sort of very “Street” and cheap rent but also very hip in its own kind of way but a couple of luxury show rooms are on the edges of my neighbourhood and even though I really don’t like what cars have done to our planet….have you seen what Audi are doing? Banging out some of the most beautiful and elegant cars I’ve seen in ages. It’s very annoying. Tee Hee…or rather TT ha ha.

Comment by Charles Frith

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