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Devious Strategy By Harry Potter …
May 22, 2013, 6:10 am
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For a long time, I’ve been a big time fan of something I call ‘devious strategy’.

In essence, devious strategy is the development of an idea that gives your audience something they specifically want, but delivered in a way that also fulfills your own personal – and totally different – set of goals and agenda.

I know that sounds complicated, but it’s basically something the Chinese Government – the undisputed Kings of it – have been doing for at least a couple of centuries.

Anyway, I recently read something that Daniel Radcliffe had done to stop the paparazzi from continually photographing him … and he did it in a way that allowed the paparazzi to continually photograph him.


Read this and prepare to:

[1] applaud, [2] have respect for ol’ four-eyes and [3] start wondering why the planners in adland rarely come up with strategies so devious, creative and effective.

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Very clever. And an insight into your own fashion stylings.

Comment by John

#3: especially weird given the amount of rock stars in planning..

Comment by niko

ok, ill give the speccy twat a round of fucking applause for that.

Comment by andy@cynic

but why the fuck didnt he use his magic fucking powers to make the bastards disappear.

Comment by andy@cynic

and thats more devious fucking creative than strategy. it fucking falls out the devious fucking insight bollocks, but theres no fucking 1000 page powerpoint deck to explain what the nerd was going to do so its all in the fucking execution. unless you planning fucks think you decide you set the rules on what everyone does and they just execute it. yeah, thats your fucking sex fantasy isnt it. sad delusional twats.

Comment by andy@cynic

Of course it is Andrew. Of course it is.

Comment by George

you can shove your fucking pathetic attempt at sarcasm right up your fucking shitbox.

Comment by andy@cynic

Seeing this exchange has made me sentimental for cynic.

Comment by DH

Funny how annoyance can become sentimental over time …

Comment by Rob

Respect and applause.

Comment by George

In what way did he give them what they wanted?

Comment by John

A daily photo opportunity.

Comment by Pete

That has no commercial value. They’re paps not saps.

Comment by John

I think Daniel Radcliffe would have a different opinion to you about that John. He might say his privacy has value to him. More emotional than financial, but still a worthy objective.

Comment by George

what the fuck are you going on about doddsy. potter made it pointless for paps to snap him so they wouldnt flog his ugly fucking mug to heat magazine every bastard week. they dont get cash and he gets his privacy. though why a pap didnt get heat to run an ongoing feature called “how long can potter pull this off?” shows how unfucking commercial the twats really are.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s unquestionable. What I’m being pedantic about is the fact that that the paps don’t get anything they want – they just get a worthless photo opp every day.

Comment by John

Look, I know I’m wasting too mich of our collective time on analysing Rob’s theory but he does write “In essence, devious strategy is the development of an idea that gives your audience something they specifically want”

I like the idea of a devious strategy but it has to be win-win.

Comment by John

Do celebrities always guarantee paparazzi “worthwhile” photo opportunities? Isn’t the point Radcliffe gave the paparazzi what they want by making himself available to them to be photographed, but did it in a way that within days, made any photo worthless? That’s how I read it and I think it’s marvellous.

Comment by George

Seriously John? You don’t think this was a smart move by Radcliffe?

I thought it was genius because he did give the paps what they wanted, just not in the way they wanted … which given they never ask for permission anyway, means they don’t really have a right to complain.

Comment by Rob

Yes, of course, it’s smart. I said that in my first comment.

Comment by John

And yes, I am giving serious consideration to getting a life.

Comment by John

Brilliant and devious. And from Daniel Radcliffe. Who knew?

Comment by Pete

Wait. When did Potter become an actor?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Reblogged this on starfire8me and commented:
I Love Harry Potter!! thanx

Comment by mandasiefert39

And so it begins…

Comment by John


Comment by mandasiefert39

First the PTA brigade and now the Harry Potter groupies. This will be an interesting 24 hours.

Comment by George

no fucking way. on the plus fucking side it proves my point that all potter pervs have no fucking taste.

Comment by andy@cynic

Isn’t this is how Jimmy Saville started? I’m not saying Rob is grooming kids but it might look dodgy when the cops come to check out why hundreds of Harry fans are all coming to this blog.

The good news for Rob is only one has so far.

Comment by DH

It only takes one.

Comment by Pete

Everyone take cover. This is how it started with the Einstein post. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Why would people want to photograph him? He’s got a face like beige wallpaper.

Comment by DH

Bore them into surrender.

I don’t know if it is devious, but it is amusing.

Comment by Lee Hill

Daniel Radcliffe quickly realised that Russell Crowe has been using this tactic successfully for years and passed it off as his own idea.

He’s perfect for adland.

Comment by Mandi

If I was in the least bit famous, people would know Russell Crowe nicked this ‘fashion strategy’ from me so actually Mr Angry and Mr Radcliffe have passed it off as their ideas which means if their career ‘pretending’ ever comes to an end, they have a job in adland all sorted.

Comment by Rob

Is the whole Korea thing devious strategy to stop at least one critic of your everlasting holiday?

Comment by northern

Two people. Don’t forget I got Freddie invited too.


Comment by Rob

Machiavelli through and through

Comment by northern

He should win an effie.

Comment by Bazza

40 comments for that fucking 4 eyed fuck. now am i talking about potter or campbell, thats the fucking question.

Comment by andy@cynic

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