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This Is Getting A Bit Embarrassing Now …
May 31, 2013, 6:10 am
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Why that blog title?

Well funnily enough, it’s not because of the photo, it’s because this is the last blog post for 2 weeks.

And why 2 weeks, I hear you cry … albeit in a very relieved voice.

Because, errrrm, there’s another holiday in China.

No, I’m not joking, there really is.

I swear to god it’s never been like this before, but thanks to the good ol’ Dragon Boat festival, we get a few more days holiday to go with the loads of other few days holiday we’ve had so far this year.

So if it’s only for a few days, why am I being a slackass for 2 weeks?

Because next week, I’m in Australia for this … which, regardless what you say, is work … and then I go traveling for work which [cue violins] includes me being away for my birthday.

I know that when you get to my age, the obvious thing is to pretend you don’t even have birthdays, but as I have the maturity of a 12 year old, I still look forward to it even if the best presents I get are now bought by myself.

So thanks to the Chinese Government decreeing 2013 is the year of the retiree … the lovely people at Mumbrella deciding their uber-good conference needs some ‘light relief’ and W+K coming to the conclusion that I should actually do something to earn my salary for once, you get 2 weeks of peace and quiet.

Now I appreciate that when I say there will be no blog posts for a period of time, I tend to squeeze one or two in – and I’m sure this will be no exception – because apart from the fact I’ll want to celebrate my uber-important day, I will also want to acknowledge my wonderful wife’s birthday on the 15th as well as the birthday of Paul – my massive cocked best friend – on the 16th.

So small blog posts aside, this blog is now closed till June 17th so to paraphrase a really bad sales promotion radio ad, ‘it might be my birthday but you are getting the presents’.

Cue: Your abuse.


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* Applause *

I’m not going to abuse you, I’m applauding you. Not many people would have the foresight to see China as the place where you work 1 week and get the next 6 months off in obscure national holidays. But you’re even better than that, you find a way to get free trips to places like Australia in addition to all those holidays. That’s a skill and all you do is spout shit and rehash the same presentation from 1998. Frankly I’m jealous Rob. Well done.

Comment by DH

This is basically a demonstration of my credentials as a planner. I’ll be putting it on my LinkedIn profile immediately … a profile that recently got featured in an article about stupid LinkedIn avatars.

Yes, it must have been a slow news day.

Comment by Rob

I’d wish you happy birthday now, but everyone knows you’re going to write posts while you’re away. You will always seize the chance to rub our noses in your good fortune.

Comment by DH

You know me so well.

Comment by Rob

But well done on the attempt to be humble. You didn’t stand a chance of pulling it off, but you gave it a good go.

Comment by DH

no campbell. no fucking way. i have a family to provide for, fucking mortgages to pay for and 2 ex wife parasites to keep fucking living the dream while you sit on your fucking arse, getting paid shitloads to do absolutely fuck all and enjoy more holidays than prince fucking andrew. who the fuck do i have to call to get my nose in your gravy train pig trough? youre not coming to see me again are you? that would be the absolute fucking shit icing on the shit fucking cake.

Comment by andy@cynic

Eloquently put Andrew.

Comment by George

The hard luck tone of your comment was a nice touch. Manipulative and misleading, but a nice touch all the same.

Comment by George

I am just an innocent flower, if anyone should be blamed it should be the Chinese Government, Australian conference organisers & the very lovely Dan Wieden. Honest. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

Is this a new guinness book of world records entry?

Comment by Bazza

Can someone tell someone in china dragons don’t exist and get this holiday cancelled? The poor suckers in australia will thank me for it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Just realise that the result of people like you going on holiday all the time is the type of even at which I spent the evening.

An audience of uncritical brand consultants, trend analysts and some token “real people” (middle class civilians who were part of the research) – it epitomised everything that is wrong in the world of marketing/advertising. And it’s hapening more and more.

Comment by John

I have no idea what world these people live in. Well I do, but the annoying thing is that they think it’s relevant to businesses – and that talking to middle class people outside London means they are stepping out of their bubble.

Comment by John

Are you making an insult or compliment at Rob, I’m really not quite sure.

Comment by Pete

I’m complimenting his abilities but slagging him off for his holidays and dereliction of duty.

Comment by John

More than fair then.

Comment by Pete

I was channeling everything I’ve heard about account management.

Comment by John

Your write up for the conference in Australia sounds impressive Rob. So does your speech. I’m trying to stay positive with my comments but the frequency of your holidays is making this increasingly difficult to achieve.

Comment by Pete

Not as good as the reputation this blog has given his mate Paul.

Comment by DH

Positive branding.

Comment by Pete

Look foward to seeing you Rob. Also, if you weren’t already aware, you’ll be glad to know that in Australia, next Monday is a public holiday so you can add that to your collection too.

Tim – Mumbrella

Comment by Tim Burrowes

I can’t believe I have no moral authority to lay into the everlasting holiday thing.
But since I’ve just had a week on the beach I’m in too good a mood to be that bothered and say anything else apart from Happy Birthday.
By the way, my sister played me a Queen song. I quite liked it. Everything in my world is falling apart

Comment by northern

You’ve changed.

Now, more importantly, which Queen song.


Comment by Rob

Those were the days of our lives.
I really don’t know what to say. The exception that proves the rule I guess

Comment by northern

You like that song??? Oh jesus, it gets worse – even I don’t like that song. What has happened to you … I cannot wait to see you in Korea.

Comment by Rob

I feel better now

Comment by northern

Evil. But fair.

Comment by DH

enjoying your work jaunt in oz campbell? note i called it work not a holiday because i know your professionalism and commitment to your job means you wont be seeing any of your mates, going to your old haunts, checking out your housing empire or buying any tech shit.

yeah, right. blagger.

talking of work focus, what the fuck is northern banging on about liking a queen song? have you got no self fucking respect? sort yourfuckingself out and do it fucking now.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob would never deviate from his work demands to spend some time doing personal stuff. Never.

Comment by DH

I’ll have you know that I am a shining example of professionalism – demonstrated by the fact that I currently sat in my hotel on a stunning day in Sydney, writing a presentation for Wednesday.

Though I did manage to cram in the time to see Mr Cassidy for breakfast this morning … who sends his love, as I’m sure you would expect from such a loyal servant to your brilliance. Or something,

Comment by Rob

sure you are campbell. sure you are.

and did crass cass buy you breakfast or did the scouse fuck get you to pay? normally id be well fucking happy if he made you dip into your pocket but for once it would be good if the ginger whinger coughed up some of his illgotten gains. guess it depends how well the ram raid business is going for him.

Comment by andy@cynic

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