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What Utter Happiness And Love Looks Like …
July 1, 2013, 6:10 am
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It’s not about the words, but the look.

It’s not about what you hear, but what you feel.

It’s not about what you say, but how it’s said.

Remember that next time a client asks you to spoon feed the emotion into their work.


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I thought this is what it looked like.

Comment by DH

That’s what toxoplasmosis looks like.

Comment by John

That’s not love, that’s the cat sniffing shit. Don’t forget they lick their ass holes so they know the smell well.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by Rob

Hope you got you BCG vaccination as a lad, back in Nottingham …

Comment by Ian Gee

If you look at photo knowing that man is into beastiality, it doesn’t look so good does it. Never seen him before so he’s probably not, but I’m just saying it does.

Comment by Billy Whizz

The way that other dog is looking at them, you may have a point.

Comment by DH

Call me Inspector Whizz.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Inspector Clouseau.

Comment by DH

Thanks for that Billy. Not as ‘ruining’ as the time my friend Paul went to see Titanic at the cinema and after the dramatic sinking scene – where the whole audience is in silence – he shouts, “well, that was crap” … but it’s up there with him.

Comment by Rob

I LOL’d!

Comment by Age

I used to hate it when clients talked about “emotional work” when what they really meant was they liked ads that featured contrived, stuttered interactions between attractive looking people who were talking about how good their brand was.

For all the talk companies give agencies about not understanding business, I would say they equally don’t have an idea what is going on with people. To make matters worse, the research companies aren’t helping because they are too preoccupied with keeping the money rolling in rather than offering objective, contextual viewpoints and understanding.

Comment by Pete

I don’t know if you can put the entire blame on clients for thinking that any 2-bit conversation with some orchestral strings slapped on as a backing track makes an ad ’emotional’.

Don’t get me wrong, they need to shoulder a shitload of the blame, but so do the agencies who make that turgid rubbish and the research companies who happily endorse it – because too many these days are focused on keeping things the same to secure their revenue rather than understanding what society really wants and thinks. Seriously, the way some research companies behave, I think they should ban the word ‘insight’ and replace it with ‘outsight’.

Rant over.

Comment by Rob

A client told me this week the British don’t do emotion so I showed him a YouTube of the last Olympics to which he said ah that was the exception that proves the rule
So did a medley of women dancing in the aisles to mama mia, blokes crying at losing football, people singing along at Glastonbury and pissing themselves laughing at Peter Kay

Comment by Northern

Was the client British? Actually it doesn’t matter because they were obviously an idiot. Do they work at that call centre thing you did … or was it [ssssssh] the bosses wife again?

Comment by Rob

This time

Comment by Northern

By the way I’m spending a whole day with Canadians I hope andy is proud

Comment by Northern

I am guessing he’s laying low given he hasn’t written a comment today. Slack bugger.

Comment by Rob

Unless Andy has a jar of maple syrup with him there’s nothing to be scared about those mooseheads.

Comment by DH

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