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When Marketing Truth Is Better Than Truth …
July 2, 2013, 6:10 am
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Yes, I know I’ve banged on and on and on about the need to focus on truth rather than the delusional state that is known as ‘marketing truth’ … and I know I have talked about the value of ‘unplanned’ planning rather than this obsession with reframing situations and circumstances to such a degree that they basically fail to reflect any element of the true context … but recently I saw something that reminded me there are times, when a bit of marketing magic dust really can make a difference.

Have a look at this …

Yes, I know they are the ‘holes’ from donuts … yes I know their correct term is ‘yeast holes’ … but seriously, would anyone actually want to eat something that this supermarket has made to sound like a bloody STD?

Well, maybe Michael Douglas would, but no normal person.

There is a fine line between marketing that attracts and marketing that is delusion … however these delicious donut holes should serve as a reminder that marketing isn’t evil, it’s what people do with it that can push things over the edge.


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The polite phrase is “Yeast Flatulence painstakingly bound in wheat gluten then scalded in hot oil.”

I may have an established opinion.

Comment by Chris

That is one of the greatest and scariest things I’ve ever heard Chris. Not just on this blog, but ever.

Comment by Rob

Thank you, Rob. A career in own-brand supermarket packaging awaits.

Comment by Chris

Could Northern confirm that “yeast holes” is a category on youporn?

Comment by Billy Whizz

well, Martha Stewart sells them…

Comment by John

You have to do what you have to do to survive prison.

Comment by DH


Comment by Northern

Micheal Douglas should consider himself lucky. When Freddie Mercury stuck his tongue inside a yeast hole and swirled it around he ended up dead.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yellow card Billy.

Comment by Rob

As this is literally turning a negative (hole) into a positive , doesn’t this fit exactly with “unplanned planning”?

Comment by John

Polo holes were better.

Comment by DH

Better than this post? Unquestionably so.

Comment by John

Maybe the pharmaceutical industry should take note and call chlamydia, donuts.

Comment by DH

So if good things have bad names and bad things should have good names, that explains why planners have been given a nice, gentle name because they’re the original yeast holes.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You’re on fire today aren’t you. Sadly, I only mean metaphorically.

Comment by Rob

If they’re the holes, how big were the donuts?

Comment by Bazza

Is that an interview question?

Comment by John

I think it is John and if they answer, “bigger than you”, you are asked to leave the room immediately.

Comment by Rob

This isn’t a post about the value of good marketing, this is a post about the resilience of good products.

When you can give yourself a terrible name, associate yourself (or have someone else associate it for you) with an STD and I still want to go out and eat one, you know you’re onto a sure fire winner.

Comment by Pete


Comment by Billy Whizz

For once, I have to agree with Billy. Have another read of your comment Pete and tell us it’s not a bit dodgy.

Comment by Rob

Mmm……Licks yeast hole clean like a dog on a lazy Sunday.

Comment by Charles Frith

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