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That Incredible Feeling …
November 15, 2013, 6:10 am
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I am not a fan of Real Madrid or Gareth Bale [even though he was – at one time – days away from joining Nottingham Forest] however I recently saw a photo of his reaction having scored his first goal at the Bernabeu and I have to say it blew me away.

Good isn’t it.

Yes, I know a lot comes from the angle of the photographer, but to me, he literally looks like he’s flying.

In that single photo, you see the explosion of both relentless pressure and unstoppable exhilaration.

It’s awesome.

When I saw it, in a weird way, it reminded me of when I was a kid.

I know … I know … playing footie on the fields of Greythorn Drive park, using jumpers for goalposts and playing with/against some friends from the estate where every game ended something like 21-18 probably doesn’t come anywhere close to the feeling of being the World’s most expensive footballer, playing for one of the World’s most loved and watched teams in one of the most competitive leagues in the World – but as I’ve never have played professionally, I wouldn’t know.

What I do know is the feeling of playing was great but the feeling of scoring was incredible.

Yes, even as a kid in a no-league game.

That sensation might have only lasted a second, but you knew you had done something important, something no one could take away from you.

You stood taller. You ran a little bit faster. You had that little more confidence.

It let you go into the next game with a slightly different attitude.

On one hand, the belief you had – even if it was in your own mind – a slightly better reputation than the one you had at the last game. On the other, it was the fear you wouldn’t live up to it and you’d slide back down the pecking order.

The easiest – and most obvious – way to judge this was how long it was before one of the team captains picked you to join their side.

Being in the last 3 was terrible.

Being the last 1 was disastrous.

If you were one of the first 3 or 4 to be picked, you knew you were wanted … you had people who believed in you … you have some chops.

That was great. That made you feel good about yourself.

But if you were in the bottom 3 of choices, it was totally the opposite.

You were like the ‘wooden spoon’ for the club that ended up with you.

And it was always ‘ended up with you’. You never felt picked.

If you were the 3rd from bottom, you were the best of a bad bunch.

Second from bottom and you were ‘at least better than the other one, but still a liability’.

Bottom and you were the booby prize … the ‘thing’ no one wanted and was basically shoved in goal because they believed they would be so good, you’d never be called upon and couldn’t fuck up their game.

I was in that situation more than once and I swear to god, Mr Bale probably was as well.

And that’s why that photo probably had such an effect on me, because it reminded me of those times as a kid where ‘success’ was not about getting stuff or being told stuff, it was when you felt a level of emotion that could only be expressed by jumping in the air and screaming from the bottom of your lungs.

Infectious success, as I call it.

Sadly, I don’t get that feeling anywhere as much any more.

Sure, there are moments, but it’s not the same and certainly not as often.

Maybe – and probably – it’s because I’m 43 not 13, but I miss it.

Though what I’m probably saying is I miss being 13, despite acting it most of the time.

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what the fuck are you talking about? and bale is welsh for fucks sake. youre celebrating a rich welsh bastard. have you taken leave of your fucking senses?

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s also promoting adidas in that photo which is surely a W+K sackable offence?

Comment by DH

i hate those 3 stripe fuckers and after the runaround they gave us at cynic, campbell should be ashamed of himself for giving them a centimeter of coverage. but campbell and being ashamed of himself are words that he never puts together so thats why this sort of shit happens.

Comment by andy@cynic

Adidas sponsor the Forest kit but Nike sponsor my livelihood. It’s the most conflicted I’ve been since having to decide between buying the new Queen album or the new Def Leppard album back in 1987.

Comment by Rob

Stripes sponsor forest? They’re in worse shape than I thought.

Comment by DH

Gareth Bale was born on the same street as my wife. Be careful what you are saying Andrew.

Comment by Lee Hill

this week youve bored me to death with posts about the fucking searches that drive people to this shithole. mildly amused me with anti headhunter rants and now, fucked my brain with a sentimental load of bollocks where you link an overpaid welsh footballer with your time as a fucking kid at school. youre more inconsistent than bale in front of an open fucking goal.

Comment by andy@cynic

if you acted 13 people would be happy. it would be a major fucking step up from acting like a spoilt, petulent, annoying, 7 year old crybaby who is hyped up on coffee and e numbers.

im going to get pissed, this post has pushed me over the fucking edge. and i go back to canada tomorrow to top off a week of total fucking misery.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Billy Whizz

See you in a week! Hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

I don’t care about the post, Andy’s comments are entertainment gold.

Comment by DH

I must admit he is on good form this afternoon.

Comment by George

You’re right Rob, if that photo of a multi-millionaire, fit and healthy, Welsh footballer scoring his first goal in front of 100,000 people in Spain reminded you of being a kid, it’s definitely weird.

Comment by DH

Greythorne drive park must be huge. And have a stadium in it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yes, good point. And no Billy, Greythorn [without the ‘e’] Drive Park did not have a stadium in it … just lots of dog shit and rusty swings.

Comment by Rob

You should be the tourist ambassador for Nottingham.

Comment by Bazza

Nobody else is volunteering

Comment by John

One of the things I like the most about this blog is how you are happy to express your feelings. You do it well because as I was reading this, it took me back to concrete playgrounds and enthusiastic but directionless soccer games during playtime. I don’t know if I miss being a child and I am not sure my colleagues would be very happy if I jumped in the air and screamed with joy everytime I did something well at work, but you brought back plenty of good memories with this.

Comment by Pete

Soccer Pete? Soccer?

Comment by George


Comment by DH

Football. I meant football.

Comment by Pete

Well said Pete. Except for the soccer slip. Disgraceful.

Comment by Lee Hill

Oh Pete, that’s a schoolboy error. Thanks for the nice words, but you really screwed up on that one.

Comment by Rob

I can’t be the only person who sees that this post is really about sex.

Comment by John

Judging by the keywords used before, let’s see if sexy sheep yields any results in the near future..

Comment by niko

I think you’ve been watching too much youporn.

Comment by DH

I’ve never frequented that site, but I understand from northern that too much of it is unquantifiable.

Comment by John

Is this what happens when you only interact with male intellectuals, John?

Comment by Rob

shouldnt you have been rounded up in a police sting operation by now doddsy?

Comment by andy@cynic

I literally cannot get arrested.

Comment by John

either could jimmy saville so i wouldnt be too fucking smug about it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I was despairing of the fact.

Comment by John

I haven’t read any comments yet, but seeing there’s a lot of them, I’m going to guess I’m being slagged off for being overly sentimental and also unrealistic linking an international footballer to my own exploits on the local park footie pitch.

Let’s see …

Comment by Rob

Oh some anti-Welsh and Adidas sentiment, I didn’t see that coming. Always a new experience coming on here. Well for me it is, for you lot – it’s consistent, boring pain.

Comment by Rob

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