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He’s Out Of This World … Literally & Metaphorically.
January 7, 2014, 6:15 am
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So how was yesterday?

Any good?

No, I thought not.

Well, to help you feel even more depressed about your life, here’s an interview with an astronaut … not just any astronaut, but the charismatic bugger who decided to record Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ aboard the international space station.

I have to admit, I have a bit of a man-crush on Chris Hadfield – the astronaut in question.

Apart from single-handedly proving not all Canadians are beige [though Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, is also doing a good job at that], he is intelligent, charming and yet down to earth.

I’ll be posting a few things about him in the next few weeks, but I’d like to start off with this – an interview he gave to Classic Rock Magazine [yes, I buy it, deal with it] which is a gentle introduction into his wonderfulness, especially when he explains how he came to record the Bowie hit in the first place.

Try not to feel too sad after you’ve read it … when you look up and realise you are sitting in a beige cubicle, inside a faceless office where you make ads no one watches for a living.

I think I could have a second career as a councillor, what do you reckon?


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Comment by Pete

typo twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t know what happened with my above comment. I was trying to say that I loved learning about the reason behind the choice of song. Arguably, Chris Hadfield has done more for increasing the interest in space than any school or government agency of the last 10 years.

I look forward to reading the subsequent posts about him Rob, but hopefully they’re from more prestigious publications than classic rock magazine.

Comment by Pete

Doesn’t the fact I am a subscriber to Classic Rock show I have matured from my days of being a Kerrang reader? Mind you, given I still subscribe to the mighty ‘K’, so maybe I should keep my trap shut.

And yes, I think it;s a fair argument to say Chris Hadfield has done more for raising interest in space exploration than many other bodies – I also think it’s a fair argument to show the commercial value of personality, something business schools tend to view as a risk rather than a liberator.

Comment by Rob

he only became an astronaut to get as far away from fucking planners as he could. if dickie branson used that as his brand promise for virgin spaceships or whatever the fuck theyre called, hed fill 10 million flights.

Comment by andy@cynic

When I saw you had written a post about someone who floats around all day, doing nothing but play his guitar and be overactive on social media, I wasn’t sure if you were writing about Hadfield or your life at wieden.

Comment by DH

For anyone who thought Rob’s worse trait was birkenstocks, I present you with his love of classic rock magazine.

Comment by DH

I believe Robert’s adoration of Mr Hadfield was cemented when he read there was a connection between the astronaut and Robert’s poodle haired hero, Brian May. Without that acknowledgement, I wonder whether the charismatic Hadfield would have ever made it to the pages of this blog. Happy new year everyone.

Comment by George

Brian May has taken over Elton John’s role as the Paris Hilton of dinosaur musicians trying to stay in the news.

Comment by Billy Whizz

And appearing on this blog means it won’t be a happy new year for the floating finger plucker.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I don’t like admitting this, especially as it shockingly came from Billy, but the May/Elton/Paris comment made me laugh.

Comment by Bazza

Even you can’t deny brilliance.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Not only am I upset I also found your comment funny Billy, I am prone to agree with you. Which upsets me more than you know.

In more positive news, I see Morrissey is trying to rival Kanye with his outlandish, delusional comments [] which means maybe I was right about him all along and I just caught him on a bad day.

He also said he’d never give an interview to a person who ate meat. Well he gave me an interview and last night I have deep fried chicken … so I win in the end. Yesssss.

Comment by Rob

I really liked Hadfield until I learned he gave an interview to something called classic rock and likes Brian May. Way to destroy a legacy Rob.

Comment by Bazza

“and down to earth” – boom tish. Are you here all week?

Comment by John

That makes 2 of us John.

Anyone know where Andy is? It’s not new year on here until he has broken the silence.

Comment by DH

im wishing to fuck i wasnt here but i admire your excellent fucking taste dave. makes a change from your usual fucked up choices.

Comment by andy@cynic

2014 can now officially start.

Comment by DH

Thank Christ he decided to play some Bowie as opposed to some God awful Queen song

Comment by northern

Happy new year Mr Northern, hope you had a good one … and may I remind you that you once said there was a Queen song you quite liked annnnnnd – if my memory serves me – you owned Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’ album. [though that could be my fantasy fooling me]

Comment by Rob

I do not own Hysteria, I have a soft spot for it. I did say there was ONE Queen song that was OK, but not good enough for space.
But since I’m 40 tomorrow and likely to be suffering from dementia, I could be very wrong
And Happy New Year

Comment by northern

You’re 40 tomorrow? It’s not Queen you have to worry about, you’ll be liking Status Quo and Deep Purple.

Comment by Rob

Already like Deep Purple I’m afraid

Comment by northern

its bad enough i didnt receive a single fucking present from any of you fuckers, despite feeding you a years worth of genius. its devastating to learn not one fucker managed the simple task of stopping campbell from writing more of this shit. but to learn groper likes def fucking leppard and deep vein purple helmet is too fucking much for me to deal with on my first day checking this bollocks so im going to spend the day with mr j walker and try and forget any of this fucking information entered my fucking head.

Comment by andy@cynic

And I’m taking the father in law to see the Eagles this summer.
It will be Last of the Summer Wine on UK Gold next

Comment by northern

you are dead to me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Reblogged this on .

Comment by thepulsearticles

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