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Judgement Is In The Eye Of The Observer …
April 23, 2014, 6:10 am
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So one thing I hear a lot about is how today’s young generation have a massive sense of entitlement.

A professor friend of mine deemed them, ‘the strawberry generation’ … ripe and full of promise, but easily bruised.

And I get why he said that, because from our perspective – people born in the 70’s and to a lesser degree, 80’s – that’s how it looks.

But here’s the thing, just because that is how it looks to us doesn’t mean it’s right because if you spend time talking to them, you realise they don’t see it as a sense of entitlement … they see it as a sense of ambition and focus.

Yes, some do believe they are smarter, hungrier and in possession of more skills and knowledge than any generation before them [which is, ironically, what every generation believes] but in China, what seems to connect many of them is this unquestionable focus on what they want to achieve [at least in terms of lifestyle] and they’re not going to waste a second longer necessary on getting there.

What we see as impatience, they see as purposeful.

What we see as a lack of loyalty, they see as protecting and progressing their ambitions.

What we see as complaining, they see as a lack of understanding.

Who is right?

Well, actually it’s less that and more a case of neither being wrong … but it’s an important reminder that there is a minimum of 2 sides to every story [emphasis on the word ‘minimum’] and unless you actively seek out the whole story, you’re choice will only ever resonate with 50% of your audience, which is not bad, but not great either.

Mind you, in this world of blandom, saying something that sacrifices 50% of the audience to be meaningful to the other 50% is kind-of wonderful. Go figure.


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So says the original little prince.

Comment by DH

Well said Dave.

Comment by Bazza

I resemble that remark. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

By the way Rob; I can tell this post was written to try and stop people judging you for all your quirks. Also known as terrible taste.

Comment by DH

It didn’t work.

Comment by Billy Whizz

If it’s any consolation Rob, people have thought you’re part of the entitlement generation regardless of the age group you belong to.

Comment by Bazza

What you mean is no generation wanted to be seen as belonging to Rob’s generation.

Comment by DH

Judgement is in the eye of the jealous observer.

Comment by George

Condescending pseudo intelligence is from the mouth of the ex planner.

Comment by DH

I never fail to disappoint David.

Comment by George

I like the addition of ‘jealous’. I guess I hadn’t thought of it that way but the more I think about it, the more I think you’re right – though it may be to various degrees.

Comment by Rob

People should be judged on a case by case basis, but the vast majority of them are idiots.

Comment by John

I know I am.

Comment by John

That is still preferable to a starting position of idiot and then waiting for people to prove you wrong.

Comment by George

Under promise and over deliver. Or something.

Comment by John

I think this is a more important point than people realise. Most people, planners included, view life through the lens of personal judgement or interest so what they think they see is already prejudiced. Advertisings job is to understand the different perspectives of society, but if all you do is surround yourself with the latest tedtalk or planner theory, you’re creating a wall that puts you at an immediate disadvantage.

I guess that’s why I like this blog, it’s less about trying to be intelligent and more about just being smart. (And queen)

Comment by Pete

I was nodding furiously to your comment Pete till I got to the last sentence and I’m not sure if you’re complimenting me or back-handed complimenting me.

I know Andy is on his annual birthday holiday, but there’s no need for you to take his place in his absence. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I thought it was his birthday soon but he hadn’t dropped any unsubtle hints so I assumed I had got the date wrong. By the way, my comment was meant as a compliment. It’s eclectic, funny and smart and that’s just the comments.

Comment by Pete

I think your last paragraph encapsules what one of the elements of every strategy that works… compromise. Something I don’t see my generation is actively exercising, which is sad and very annoying. When want the world but would not compromise something to get it, hence the sense of entitlement your generation might be perceiving from us can be spot on…

Comment by Miguel

I have a different point of view to be honest Miguel … I think the strategies that work sacrifice. They decide who they’re going after, appreciate the implications of that decision but go for it. The ones that compromise try and appeal to everyone and what happens in the end is they appeal to no one. That’s just my view and experience, but knowing what someone believes – good or bad – is better than associating with someone who you never sure what they stand for.

Comment by Rob

The problems of not being a native speaker… I meant sacrifice instead of compromise.

Comment by Miguel

Don’t worry Miguel, you still make more sense than Rob.

Comment by DH

From the perspective of someone from Gen Y … Our formative years were around the time of 9/11 and the US losing its hold as ‘the’ super power. That was in 2001 … and by the time our generation got to college, Lehman Brothers & Bear Stearns & ’08 happened. So my adolescence was spent going into “survival mode” because I realized how massively fucked things were going to be by the time I did finish college.

To me things have been split into two camps: people who realized this was going on and are trying to create their own opportunities, and people who are so-called under-employed: working hourly jobs, and pointing fingers at other people for their problems. Regardless of which camp you fall into you are going to have to eat a lot of shit before you get anywhere, and not realizing/accepting that can lead to entitlement whether you are a creator or a finger-pointer.

Having said all that, I don’t think that these groups are a product of my generation, we had to learn from someone .. But I do think that the “American Dream” of study hard, get good grades and you will be rewarded with a comfortable middle-class life is dead. People expect you to work longer hours for less money and if you don’t like it there’s a half-dozen people at Starbucks with the same qualifications you have.

So in my opinion, it’s up to you to create your own opportunities. If it’s not working, instead of pointing fingers or thinking you are owed something, you need to be a bit more introspective and figure out what you can do differently to get ahead.

With all that in mind I turn 25 in a few days and probably should be looking for overpasses to sleep under incase everything goes to shit.

Comment by Bryan

Hi Bryan … thank you for your comment, it’s great and I appreciate the openness and honesty. That said, being 24 [soon to be 25, Happy Birthday by the way] I have to say I disagree with your belief you should be looking for overpasses to sleep under, I would say your bigger issue is not coming to this blog and start having a life.

Comment by Rob

Perhaps reading this thing is what has been holding me back. Guess I can shift the blame onto you.

Comment by Bryan

Blamestorming. It’s the future.

Comment by Rob

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