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Spare A Thought For My Colleagues Today …
April 28, 2014, 6:10 am
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… because they’re in for an interesting ride for the next few months.

In honour of that, I dedicate this video to them, mainly because I know they will wish the oncoming weeks will pass by as quickly as it does in this:

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Are you referring to when your next holiday will take place?

Comment by Pete

Oh no, it’s way better than that.

Comment by John

“Better” is relative John.

Comment by Rob

You failed to get W+K to make a car so now you’re making puppets. Brilliant.

I’ll have one of you please Rob. I like the idea of cutting your strings and watching you fall.

Comment by DH

I’m still working on that one Dave. I will prevail. Oh yes.


Comment by Rob

Hang on, you’re not coming back to live in the US are you? Do I need to start packing up?

Comment by DH

Not yet.

2 words that fill you with both relief and terror eh!?

Comment by Rob

As long as I’m not one of your colleagues I don’t give a shit.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Does this have any connection to Friday’s post? If it does, congratulations. If it doesn’t, I assume it is the same point Peter made.

Comment by George

No fucking way!

Comment by DH

Don’t free David, I have no idea, I am just guessing. For all I know it could be that he is making a film about making a robot puppet. Which is quite a likely scenario when I come to think about it.

Comment by George

Can you here Dan Wieden breathing a sigh of relief?

Comment by DH

Well it certainly doesn’t mean he’s going to start shaving and working out.

Comment by John

Good. That would be too much for my brain to handle.

Comment by DH

Can you hear the execs at Gillette breathing a sigh of relief?

Comment by Pete

If I shave, I look 3 years old.

If I don’t, I just act that age.

Comment by Rob

At least if you shaved people would think you were acting your age.

Comment by Bazza

Have you stopped pissing yourself when you laugh?

Comment by DH

As every relationship Billy has ever had, it’s “complicated”.

Comment by Rob

Everything you touch is.

Comment by DH

Because all the hot chicks want me and I just want them for 1 night.

So my complicated can’t be anything like your complicated.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Wonderfully cryptic.
Isn’t it always a rollercoaster though?

Comment by northern

Thanks for the Swedish sub-titles. Much appreciated.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

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