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Desmond Tutu Has Taught Me A Valuable Lesson …
June 4, 2014, 6:10 am
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Advertising brings out the best and worst of people.

You could say it is an industry designed to give your entire spectrum of emotions a workout.

Good … bad … happy … sad … calm … angry …

While some of this is because of the way the industry operates – from bad timelines to inter-departmental tensions – I’m sure some of it is because it is a discipline that has no ‘wrong way’, just lots and lots of right ways.

To be honest, I can be a bit of a nightmare.

I’m absolutely fine when people have different viewpoints to me or different approaches to me, but when I sense that is being driven by laziness or apathy then I sort-of explode.

Of course, laziness and apathy are in the eyes of the observer, but having been doing this for a long, long time – I can sense when someone is striving for the lowest common denominator rather than the highest.

Or pushing for satisfying their ego rather than creating something commercially interesting.

Or just speaking without understanding the task – and context – in hand.

And when those occasions happen, I have been known to show my Italian side.

You know, when you become like a baby who has consumed too many espresso’s and e-numbers.

To be honest, it’s something I have been struggling to improve about myself for a long time and I would like to think I have improved over the years … but when someone is making comments or decisions that reflect what will make life easy for them rather than doing what’s right for the task in hand, I have been known to become – to quote Andy and a few other colleagues over the years – a spiteful little fuck.

And that’s where Desmond Tutu comes in.

Because I saw a quote that sums up what I should be doing.

Something that will improve the chances of getting a better outcome.

Something – with my families background in law – should be infused in my DNA.

Something that isn’t about ‘winning’, but encouraging those people to not settle.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”.

Despite being almost 44 [8 days time, send your birthday cheques] I still have a lot to learn.


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A bit of a nightmare?

Comment by Bazza

That should read; a “bit” of a nightmare?

Comment by Bazza

Are you dissing me Baz? Really? You might hold the key to my iPhone 6 ambitions, but I hold the combination to the safe of all your dirt & misdeeds.

Comment by Rob

fuck him baz. fuck the parasite once and for all. give him an iPhone 3 or some other shit. though theres no fucking difference between any of them so the fucker will still think hes pulled off another blag.

Comment by andy@cynic

Encouragement and abuse at the same time. I have so much to learn.

Comment by DH

Yep, that’s a special kind of complinsult.

Comment by Rob

Worst squashing of two words together ever, not even trends companies are as bad as that

Comment by Northern

Yes. I’m quite proud of that fact.

Comment by Rob

You’ve never had a problem with making a good argument Robert. You weren’t bad at creating a arguments either. This is good advice and a good post.

Comment by George

To use one of Rob’s favourite phrases against him, he can start an argument in an empty house.

Comment by DH

Yes, but only when the house is obviously wrong.

Comment by Rob

But ironic that advice is coming from a guy who uses a book as justification for how he says people should live.

Comment by DH

In a shiny, purple dress. (Sorry God.)

Comment by Pete

You just managed to redeem yourself from years working in adland and now you go and do this …

Comment by Rob


Comment by Rob

Simple but great advice. When I worked in advertising, the general attitude was when something didn’t go your way, it was the other persons idiocy. Rarely were you encouraged to brutally analyze what you did and what you could improved.

As I learnt from you Rob, truth is most valuable when it isn’t coated in sugar.

Comment by Pete

It’s very hard to be objective about your own performance … we are in-built with a ‘sugar coated truth’ gene. I’ve never advocated you should beat yourself up about things, but you should be honest and see what you can learn to do things better next time … whether you’ve had a successful meeting or not.

Comment by Rob

this from a fucker who is only happy when he has something or someone to hate.

Comment by andy@cynic

Perfect quote.
If only it worked with two year olds

Comment by Northern

Alcohol tends to do the trick. Or so I’ve been told.

Comment by Rob

It works with me, that’s for sure

Comment by Northern

i hope you need more than a packet of fucking lockets to get you pissed.

Comment by andy@cynic

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