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Nothing Says Old Like Trying To Sound Young …
June 10, 2014, 6:10 am
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So recently, a shocked friend of mine – who is a Doctor – sent me this …

To be honest, I was equally alarmed when I saw it.

Look at it!

Are you as horrified as me?

You know England is in a terrible state when you see things like this.

No, I’m not talking about the fact a local council has made a poster that positions babies as a threat to gaming time … I’m talking about this:

“Bware Da Baby Trap”

What the fuck were they thinking?

Apart from the fact they are sort-of implying they believe anyone who has sex under the age of 18 must be thicker a Big Brother contestant, is there anything more tragic than a corporation trying to ‘get down with da kidz’.

I get that teen pregnancy is on the rise.

I get that promoting a condom is better than trying to paint sex as ‘the devils act’.

I even understand the requirement to express the issue in a way that young kids can relate to.

But using language like ‘Bware Da Baby Trap’ doesn’t do it, in fact I’d argue it actually shows how little Walsall council truly understand what’s going on in the hearts, minds and lives of their teenage residents.

Mind you, when you have an accent that sounds like you’re intellectually challenged, what do you expect …


I’ve just realised that maybe ‘Bware Da Baby Trap’ isn’t trying to get down with the kidz, but trying to use the local dialect.

Please tell me that’s not the case.

Oh my god, I think it is.

I don’t know if that’s better or worse … but regardless, I’m kind-of disappointed that they didn’t write the whole poster in that style. Cowards.


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at least they have words, if it was in fucking nottingham they could only use pictures.

Comment by andy@cynic

no one would know what a playstation is because they all get stolen by you midland gypsy bastards.

Comment by andy@cynic

You are more general than the Daily Mail and Fox News put together. I don’t know why you haven’t been signed up by either of them and made editor … you were made for the job.

Comment by Rob

you dont have any fucking friends, let alone any who are fucking doctors. unless you mean the medical researchers studying your fuckedupness. stop deluding yourself campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

DR Frankenstein?

Comment by DH

Admittedly, he’s a friend I only hear from once a year.

Comment by Rob

What the fuck is that sound? What is black country? You brits are fucking scary.

Comment by Billy Whizz

theyre all the fucking royal family inbreds.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your long lost english cousins.

Comment by DH

That’s how you sound when you’re high Billy.

Comment by Rob

The blackcountry accent scares me more than the poster. I knew someone that used to say that was the warning sound for travellers not to venture any further north. I didn’t agree, but I would drive faster when passing through Dudley.

Comment by George

You went past Watford Gap? That’s more foreign than China.

Comment by DH

who the fuck needs edmund hillary when we have auntie george.

Comment by andy@cynic

George drove? I always imagined he had a chauffeur.

Comment by John

And the best comment goes to John.

Though to be fair, when George lived in England, he was just a commoner like the rest of us … not this entitled, Lord he is today in the good ol’ US of A.

Comment by Rob

Why were you ever driving through Dudley???

Comment by Rob

I still ask myself that every day Robert.

Comment by George

I have chosen to ignore this thread of comment.

Comment by George

Teenage pregnancy rates have been falling for some time and we all sadly know that there were no baby traps for absentee fathers anyway. So, yes, it’s rubbish.

Comment by John

But have they been falling in Walsall?

Comment by Pete

Where’s Walsall?

Comment by John

I’m not going to comment on the accent, but your point about corporations coming off badly when they try to sound human (not just young) is a good one.

Wasn’t there a marketing board that tried to attract kids to eating apples by naming it applez?

Comment by Pete

Yep … and the best bit was the guy telling us his ‘case study’ had massive cheeks like he had hidden a couple of ‘applez’ in there.

Comment by Rob

Oh … he also said how they had created ‘applez holders’ that you attached to your belt as they knew kids liked to imagine they were holsters.

And he said it all with a straight face. It was amazing.

Comment by Rob

They should revert to “Charlie Says”. That’ll scare the living day lights out of the randy buggers (I still won’t touch a box of matches).

Comment by Marcus

Hahahaha … that’s awesome.

Comment by Rob

Disney must be shitting themselves.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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