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They’re Called People, Not Pyramids …
June 26, 2014, 6:10 am
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I could say something.

I want to say something.

But apart from the fact that nothing – and I mean nothing – could capture the level of distain I have for this sort of marketing terminology bullshit, it does a much better job than I ever could hope to achieve in highlighting how disconnected we can be with real people’s, real lives.

What’s worse is I’m sure it will be popular, so because I have a death-wish [or because – as some would say – I am only happy when I’m angry] I’ve signed up to endure every painful, empty buzzword minute of the whole thing … though if I manage to sit through the whole thing without being arrested, I’ll regard it as both an achievement and an embarassment.

My attitude has always been that if you can’t talk about people without relying on the use of meaningless industry buzzwords … then I question how much you actually know about people.

And that’s before I laugh at your fucking pyramid. Inverted or otherwise.

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You’ll do anything for a free lunch.

Comment by John


Comment by DH

Actually that’s a fair comment, but I’ve paid to go to the conference so the old adage, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” continues to be true.

But my god, I’m going to get my money’s worth out of it, I just hope I don’t see this again:

Comment by Rob

You need to work in media, everything is free (except the media, unless you’re a social media guru who will tell you there’s no point in investing as brands are conversations and consumers will do your work for you)

Comment by Northern

Please take a loaded gun with you.

Comment by Wayne Green

With his eyesight, you’d be lucky if he could shoot himself.

Comment by DH

Mock the afflicted why don’t you.

Comment by Rob

The arrogance of the ignorant strikes again! My tactic is to view advertisers with a monumental indifference.

Comment by

Are you insulting Rob or the conference people? Both are fine, just want to work out how much I agree with you.

Comment by DH

It’s the advertising I object to. I know it’s necessary, but I don’t have to like it.

Comment by

Objecting to Rob would be better.

Comment by DH

Who wants a low income segment?

Why would you want attention if you have loyalty?

Why would you want to network with people who think this makes sense?

Comment by DH

That’s Rob’s first 3 questions to ask at the Q&A.

Comment by Pete

Is this a spoof Rob? Everything about it, from the meaningless language to the inference that a rotated pyramid can invigorate your business strategy, screams exaggerated bad cliche.

If it isn’t, then I am in entire agreement with you, but it can’t be, can it?

Comment by Pete

Sadly it’s not a spoof … which means the joke is more on me than them. But I’ll try and change that. Oh yes.

[Cue: Evil Laugh]

Comment by Rob

Your intentions may be good, but by giving them money, you are contributing to the problem. Only asking David’s questions to the organisers can save you.

Comment by George

Oh I can and will do more than that George, you should know that … remember this?

Comment by Rob

The people you should be laughing at are your fellow attendees who have been attracted by this nonsense. The speaker may know nothing about many things but he or she seems to know his or her low insight segment.

Comment by John

Maybe they’re all like me and just going so they can be annoyed, disgusted and mischievous pains in the ass?

I don’t know if that sounds brilliant or terrible to be honest.

Comment by Rob

I like their profound spirit of optimism – capturing ‘loyalty’ before ‘attention’ is quite an achievement.

Comment by Ian Gee

Rob. Go to print out cards and organise a big bullshit bingo. See how they cope.

Comment by Mark

By the sounds of it, they invented the game.

Comment by Rob

I want to say something funny about this, but my 1970’s social Northern humour might not go down well

Comment by Northern

what the fuck are you talking about. i know planners are paid to talk shit but youre talking rusty water pouring right out of your fucking arse right now.

Comment by andy@cynic

you better stick their fucking pyramid right in their fucking eyeball campbell or youre fucking even more dead to me than you already are fucking dead to me.

Comment by andy@cynic

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