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How Nice Of The Daily Mail To Hire Blind Journalists …
July 22, 2014, 6:15 am
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I give the Daily Mail a lot of shit.

If you look back at some of my old posts, I have accused them of bad journalism … hypocrisy … racism … and while that is all true, I have come to the realisation they are not all bad.

In fact, they might have a heart of gold.


Because it’s become apparent to me that the reason they end up doing the things they do is not mean spiritedness, but disability.

Yes, disability.

Not of the brain, but the eyes.

I know … I know … you’re wondering what the hell I’m going on about.

Well the answer is simple, what other possible reason could there be for them to write an article like this:

No offence, but I don’t think she looks ‘exactly’ like Elsa from the movie Frozen.

She’s a human and Elsa’s a cartoon for a start.

But hey, I don’t want to mock the blind – after all, after my retina collapsed, I am not that far off being legally defined by the same term – so please accept my apologies for all the ridicule I’ve thrown your way Daily Mail, including the time I mocked you for another looks like article [when it looks nothing like the person you were describing]

You’re a guardian for the disadvantaged.

A pillar of society

A beacon of hope.

Or you could just be a bunch of fucking idiots.


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you talk about the daily fail as much as you talk about fucking queen. i fucking loathe the merchants of wank but they make you write slightly less shit blog posts so i like the fuckers a little bit more than i did before.

Comment by andy@cynic

Merchants of wank. Brilliant.

Comment by DH

Isn’t that youporn ?

Comment by Northern

That’s the first good thing to come from the Daily Mail in years then …

Comment by Rob

as much as i fucking hate agreeing with you, i agree with you. id give real life elsa the best 3 minutes of her fucking life but i wouldnt even touch cartoon girl. billy would though but then hed fuck a cockroach if it was in a dress.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andrew. Maybe a more appropriate reason for not “doing” cartoon Elsa is because she is actually a cartoon.

Comment by George

Gold. Though Andy’s right about Billy.

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

All of you would fuck Jessica Rabbit in a heartbeat.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Not the best counter argument Billy, but a fair one.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know whether this story shows how hard it must be to fill the Daily Mail with “stories” or how little they care. They make TMZ look like The FT.

Comment by George

The mail is TMZ.

Comment by DH

Why has a link been connected to my name? I didn’t add it and it takes me nowhere. What evil shit are you up to Rob?

Comment by DH

campbell is fucking julian assange. emphasis on the fucking ass.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is he even alive any more? BTW, did you see the movie on him? It was utterly terrible. If that was done to secure his legacy, he showed as much bad judgement as he did with the Swedish authorities.

Comment by Rob

Welcome back Rob and congratulations on the news you’re having a little boy. There’s nothing to add about DM, you know they are the antithesis of news without needing these sort of pointless stories.

Comment by Pete

This blog makes dm look like wikipedia.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Thanks Pete and I know you’re right, but I guess I am just addicted to car crash journalism.

Journalism being used in the loosest sense of the word.

Comment by Rob

Raising the bar is what I would say.

Comment by 3rdeyebrand

You mean compared to their usual prejudice and hypocriticalness? Yeah … you’re probably right.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus


Comment by Rob

A wee bit harsh that, Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

It’s like love, in the eye of the poisonous beholder, ha.

Comment by Rob

What if the eye of the beholder is blind?

Comment by Marcus

Then they are a politician.

Comment by Rob

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