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It’s Not Equality If Someone Has An Advantage …
September 23, 2014, 9:05 pm
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Yes I know I said there’d be no more posts until Oct 8th, but I also said that there is a high likelihood I wouldn’t be able to help myself and jet lag has resulted in me ‘not being able to help myself’.

So there’s been a lot of buzz about Emma Watson’s eloquent UN speech for the gender-equality program ‘He Not She’.

Seriously, the way some media are going on about it – they’re treating it like it’s the modern take on Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

That’s not her fault and what she says is very good … but some of the media either need to get a bit of perspective or start accepting Hollywood stars can be articulate as well as attractive.

Now without wanting to sound a dick … because gender equality is a very serious issue … but I can’t help but feel the UN have missed the point with their choice of name because to my eyes and ears, ‘He For She’ still promotes gender inequality, just now from a female beneficiary perspective.

I know saying this – especially given I’m a man – makes me look like some sort of sexist bastard, but my issue isn’t the cause [which is very important] it’s just that if they wanted to truly promote equality, then surely it should be called “He For We?”

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t believe no one at the UN noticed this.

And with that, I’ll try and get some sleep.

Wasn’t too painful was it. Ahem.


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Wonderful pedantry. Dodgy Dodds would be proud

Comment by Northern

Jetlag suits me. Or suits Doddsy’s view of me.

Comment by Rob

Point taken. You’re right of course, but the vomit in my mouth stems from far more disturbing sources. The UN appointed “face” of gender equality is a doe eyed starlet who took issue with being dubbed “bossy” when at 8 she wanted to “direct” a play. Wait, it gets better – the delicate thing “realized” she was a feminist at 18 when no longer able to talk to her male friends the way she used to. Holy F’n crap!

Comment by Notes To Ponder

It’s not Emma’s fault, but I agree the UN inadvertently have shown they are as prone to being star struck as the rest of us … except when they do it, it has more implications than us realising we’re willing to sell our self respect for an autograph of someone.

I like Emma. I think she is a smart, good person – but I take your point. I passionately believe in gender equality and I thought her speech was good, but what I saw of the whole thing was more ‘girl power’ than ‘human power’ and that upsets me because that’s what we need right now, not inciting more battles between ourselves.

[Acknowledging a huge amount of injustice has been faced – and continues to be faced – by women in everyday life]

Comment by Rob

Emma’s fine – I just happen to be in a pissy mood. This story explains my grumpiness…

Comment by Notes To Ponder

Canda has a lot to answer for. Being Canada bein the main one.

Comment by DH

thats the fucking truth. and good misspelling kanadar, nothing fucks off the beige bastards like fucking up the name of the only thing they live for. and poutine. fucking freaks.

Comment by andy@cynic

You fucking promised no more posts. That’s this week ruined for me.

Comment by Billy Whizz

And if Emma reads this, you can be a feminist with me any time you like.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Starting my day seeing a post from you is very different to how I normally end my day with a post from you. Then I remember you’re on the West coast and it makes it manageable.

Pissed Dan off yet? Or I should say have you pissed Dan off more than usual yet?

Comment by DH

Well, if he actually set foot in the office it would be a good start

Comment by Northern

That’s like wishing Santa Claus existed.

Comment by DH

dont fucking diss hermione or shell turn you into a fucking troll. oh, I’m too fucking late.

Comment by andy@cynic

You feel quite proud of yourself don’t you.

Comment by Rob

And who did they get to open their big climate change meeting in New York. That renowned meteorologist Leonardo Di Caprio.

Comment by John

Good beard though

Comment by Northern


Comment by Rob

If you want your conference to get widespread coverage in the celebrity-addled mass media, who better to use than the very photogenic Leo?

(Same goes for Ms Watson).

Comment by Ian Gee

Attention for the cause or for the celebrity?

Comment by John

Interesting point, actually.

Perhaps one real thinking problem, is looking at big, weighty issues in a win v. lose manner. Or, put another way, not being comfortable with a duality.

Popular discourse likes this, because it makes large problems (not easily imaginable) easy to understand. But equally important to be able to work together, otherwise we might not be able to solve some of the problems we are likely to face.

One ‘side’ does not have to ‘lose’ for the other to win. If I have understood your post, anyway…

Comment by hash

Hi Hash and thanks for your comment.

You have understood my point (which, I should add is specific to this particular topic) … but I absolutely agree with you when you say the “us vs them” mentality makes it easier for people to understand & pick a side.

However (and again, this is about this particular topic) by the UN doing that, they are ultimately undermining the supposed point of their program which is both stupid and a,aging that no one actually saw this prior to it going out to the wider world.

Comment by Rob

Reblogged this on Fearless over Forty and commented:
A hearty amen! Women are not equal to men (well basically better but we need them to carry heavy objects). We should celebrate differences but definitely root out and get rid of any forced inequality. Start with giving everyone the chance.

Comment by krisinamsterdam

youre very fucking quiet campbell. busy causing shit in hong kong?

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob couldn’t keep himself away before, even though he promised.

Comment by Northern

He’s in a shopping mall.

Comment by John

Probably taking back his bendy iphone 6

Comment by Northern

More likely buying an 80s-themed bendy phone holder.

Comment by John

he’s in nottingham as is happens
i doubt iphone 6s have got there yet

Comment by Northern

It’s touching to see how much you miss me. That’s what I’m saying to myself and I won’t let you sway me of that opinion.

Couple of things: the situation in HK is much scarier than is being reported because not only is the worst thing to ever do is put the Chinese Government in a corner, they will also claim the 1984 agreement made with the UK allows them to seek these changes. It’s massively ambiguous because “greater autonomy” is very different to “total autonomy” but no one knows what that means.

That said, the way the HK authorities (& the global media) are acting is disgraceful and doing more to harm the economy than anything China would do or want.

Wow, I’ve become semi-political.

In other news, the iPhone 6 is in Nottingham though I seem to be the only one complaining its increased size is hurting my hands.

Bet you must miss me even more now don’t you? DON’T YOU???

Comment by Rob

Small hands, or just light fingered like every other Nottingman?

Comment by Northern

And for Christ sake post something.
I’ve nothing to do for next month.
Either you blog something, or I will

Comment by Northern

If your comment is a taster of what your return posts will be, then have another holiday on me.

Comment by DH

You probably have another one in a week anyway.

Comment by DH

how the fuck can you still be on fucking holiday? theres taking the piss and theres humiliating the working man and youre fucking humiliating the poor bastards more than a high class dominatrix. i dont give a fuck about you writing another post, i just fucking hate youre sat on your ass like a fucking princess getting paid a fucking fortune for doing fuck all.

Comment by andy@cynic

You are the voice of the people.

Comment by DH

Really taking the piss now

Comment by Northern

I don’t know if it’s sweet or sad that there has been dialogue on here even when there’s no post. But good news (read: bad news), it all starts again tomorrow. Sorry in advance.

Comment by Rob

Thank God for that, I can stop filling in the time blogging now

Comment by Northern

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