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If You Think Adland Is Pretentious, You Should See The Fashion Industry …
October 21, 2014, 6:15 am
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Yesterday I wrote about how style has changed over the past 10 years.

Today I will simply show an article – from Bloomberg Business Week – that features one of the people who has helped evolve our style … hairdresser to the stars [his description, not mine] Julien Farel.

I don’t know this man, I’ve never heard of this man and I accept that given he’s in Business Week, he must be of certain repute … but I hope his responses are tongue-in-cheek – especially his answers to the questions ‘what is an athletes haircut’ and ‘why is your tie so short’ – because otherwise he might be up there with Mr Pepsi Logo in terms of pretentious, delusional wankers who need a good kick in the face.

[And yes, I do know Peter Arnell – also known as Mr Pepsi Logo – ended up losing his job shortly after the Pepsi debacle, which shows that as much as adland puts up with ego, it is on the proviso you bring in income, not see it fly out the door ]

[A larger sized version of the article can be seen here]

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jesus fucking christ. now i know what the fuck happened to ken doll. what a fucking tool.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t care if that’s how they wore their ties when they were young, it makes him look like a disgruntled schoolkid. As for being practical, I’m surprised his power groomer friends haven’t alerted him to the concept of tie-clips. Maybe they find him as amusing as you do.

That said, wanging on about birkies, fixies and T-shirts is likely to induce a similar reaction. Glass houses etc.

Comment by John

david brent would say it’s shore so the end of the tie looks like an arrow pointing to his cock where he wants people to look so the image of them giving a blowjob is in their head. watch episode 1 of the christmas special and youll see im talking truth, not exciting billys dating tip #327.

Comment by andy@cynic

goes without saying im talking the birtish one, not the shitty yank one everyone here loves “because they can understand the accent”. twatmunchers.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know which episode you’re referring to … the one where he explains why women supposedly wear necklaces and have open cleavage or something. You do know David Brent was a fictional character don’t you Andy???

Comment by Rob

what fucking haircare product development needs you to fucking deal with them everyfuckingday? hes either a pretentious twat playing it up for the business fuckwits or his hair care is the cum of young boys and hes the chief fucking extractor.

Comment by andy@cynic

Double gold.

Comment by DH

Yes, I have to agree. Maybe they could make a sequel to ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and call it ‘There’s Something About Julien’.

Comment by Rob

Moving past all the dialogue, your last paragraph is an excellent summation of how your industry works and evaluates people. It’s ruthlessness is also, in certain circumstances, it’s saving grace.

Comment by George

It also is continued your recent run of wonderful posts. It was a close thing but you just about stopped yourself from returning to your natural playground humor state. So well done Robert.

Comment by George

I see what you did there.

Comment by John

What’s happened to you? One semi intelligent paragraph doesn’t hide that Rob has written a post about a man with too much hair gel, a short tie and no belt.

Comment by DH

google has fried his fucking brain. or at least fucked his taste.

Comment by andy@cynic

i knew that do no evil shit couldnt last.

Comment by andy@cynic

You can leave post-rationalisation ad planning but post-rationalisation ad planning is still in you George.

Comment by Rob

I agree with you George.

Comment by Pete

I’m still laughing at the idea of ‘power grooming’. We have that in Australia, but we only use it on sheep …

Also, is it just me or does this bloke look like he took a picture of George Hamilton to his plastic surgeon and said ‘make me this, only not as orange’?

Comment by Ian Gee

YES! Thank you … I’ve been trying to remember who he looked like. It’s Mr Orange himself. You’re a saviour.

Comment by Rob

A doppelgänger for George Hamilton except his hair is as slimy as his personality.

Comment by Bazza

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