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School Results …
October 28, 2014, 6:10 am
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So yesterday I posed a question.

The question was, In a short and succinct manner, please provide an example of a risk.

Of course most of you ignored me … or insulted me … but some of you responded and to you I’m grateful.

Oh, and congratulations to Andy who demonstrated he still has the mental age of a teenager by being the closest to the ‘best answer’ … acknowledging ‘best answer’ is highly ambiguous and it really means just being similar to the answer the 15 year old student responded with – which is below.

As I mentioned yesterday, this all stemmed from an article I read about school exam questions and the reason I asked that specific question is because I saw how one student answered it and I thought it was evil genius.


And what’s better is the teacher gave the credit – which is doubly impressive.

For the record, I wouldn’t have answered it that way and that’s why this kids response made me remember that in an industry where we continually try to add layers of drama and flair to everything we do, sometimes, the most creative response to a problem is the most practical.

Of course, you can only do that if you truly understand the problem and the objective, but if you do, you can be utterly mischievous, creative and effective all at the same time.

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mine was better but the acne faced fucker was a cheeky bastard smartarse which makes he or she alright by me. sign him up campbell, youll only have to pay them in sweets and drugs.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck, pay me sweets and drugs and ill do your shit for you. it will still be more than you ever fucking gave me before.

Comment by andy@cynic

Where do I sign. It can’t be hard work if Rob is setting the challenge.

Comment by DH

Yours was good. Don’t know if it was better, but you get a gold star … for effort. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

hey auntie george, his posts arent so fucking highbrow this week are they?

Comment by andy@cynic

The bad news is that these are the best of the week. That said, there is one coming up that I’m semi-proud of. It’s definitely not high-brow but it is full of spite and cynicism. Hope that will do for you.

Comment by Rob

thank fuck for that.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think you’ll find that my answer was the closest to this – largely because this is a really old myth. The first time I heard it was in reference to an alleged Oxford college entrance exam – the question was What is bravery? The answer that allegedly got someone an alleged scholarship was “This is it.”

Comment by John

In fact, looking at that no answer – how does the teacher know it was a clever answer and not just abuse – in which case Andy wins.

Comment by John

at least the fucker gave him a grade rather than a bit of kiddy fiddling which every teacher seems to be giving their students these days.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s a 3 word answer. Excessive, even by Rob’s standards.

Comment by DH

Then I don’t know what he’d have made of my mate spending three hours of his moden history exam writing a story about a made up Viking called Derek. No bravery was involved though, he’d already decided he didn’t want to go to that college.

Comment by John

did he end up in addled or the prison system. same fucking thing.

Comment by andy@cynic

So you show us a different question but expect the same answer.

Another case of a planners Illogical logic.

Comment by DH

Yeah … yeah … talk to the hand Dave.

Comment by Rob

Mischievous practical thinking. If only the advertising industry embraced that approach rather than creating apps for women to tell their friends they are on their period.

Comment by George

So true George. So true.

Comment by Rob

I could hang out with that kid.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I thought you didn’t like people who were successful?

Comment by DH

Didn’t stop me hating you.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by Bazza


Comment by DH

billy. i fucking salute you and that never fucking happens.

fuck you cheeky 15 year old. thats how you really fuck someone over with semi intelligence.

Comment by andy@cynic

Praise indeed Billy. That should be your new reference.

Comment by Rob

Your best work Billy?

Comment by Wayne Green

Now I know how Rob feels.

Comment by DH

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