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Winston Churchill Gives Planners One Of The Best Bits Of Advice They Will Ever Get …
April 27, 2015, 6:25 am
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Remember, it doesn’t matter how clever you say your strategy is, if you don’t have anything to measure it against. And you certainly can’t say it was smart if you are unable to fundamentally – and independently – demonstrate how it advanced the commercial needs of your clients business. Just a reminder before you enter all those effectiveness awards and try and claim ‘increasing likes’ is proof of strategic success.

I feel so much better now. Thank you.

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I feel so much worse.

Comment by John

you think you have fucking misery. try my fucking life.

Comment by andy@cynic

The race to the bottom.

Comment by DH

He also said, “We shall fight them on the brand onions, the in-home research methodology, the effectiveness submission. We shall never surrender.”

Comment by George

Better not surrender, planners are the fucking cockroaches of adland.

Comment by BIlly Whizz

Thanks for lowering the baseline Billy.

Comment by George

Do you even know who Churchill is Billy? Hell, do you know who Obama is?

Comment by Rob

poor fucking churchill. he wins a war and gets kicked out of number 10 then his legacy is pissed on being used for some planning shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

If only Henry VIII was still around. Campbell would be ordered to have his head chopped off immediately.

Comment by DH

Not just for insulting Churchill. But writing planning stuff. But it is nice to see him getting back to normal. Hope you’re doing ok Rob.

Comment by DH

theres always those isis fuckers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh thanks Andy. Thanks a lot.

And despite the insult Dave, thanks. I’m doing OK. Had a bit of a meltdown last Friday, but doing alright given how recently it all happened.

Comment by Rob

Churchill spoke much sense. That said, the quote implies that if results are not forthcoming, the strategy must be bad.
I encourage people to remember failure can be the result of a great many things and you must investigate them all before choosing to walk away from a decision. I get very frustrated when I am told something was tried but failed without having a clear understanding of why so that it can be incorporated in to the thinking when the situation arises again.

Comment by Lee Hill

when did you think this fucking blog was worthy of serious fucking answers?

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob. What Lee is saying is it’s your fault I didn’t get the credit I deserved.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Of course it is Billy. Of course it is.

Comment by Rob

One of the best things you ever told me was just because something didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it won’t work at some point in the future. In short, don’t write it off as something that can be considered again because there may be a time when it is not only appropriate, but right.

Comment by Rob

..or shift the goalposts to shifting brand scores, or a Twitter post that gets some organic reach .
I have it in for social media gurus this week, certain members of said cult seem to be ruining my life at present.

Comment by northern

kick the soft fucks in the fucking head. and when they tweet about how much it fucking hurts and only get 1 retweet you can say youve just proved they know fickle about attracting a fucking audience. send the cheque to the usual fucking address groper.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m available to do the kicking.

Comment by DH

Don’t tempt me

Comment by northern

tempting you to do it is the whole fucking point.

Comment by andy@cynic

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