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Inspirational Rejection …
June 8, 2015, 6:15 am
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Being told ‘no’ is always hard to take.

But quite often, it’s hard to give as well.

Do you break it to them gently?

Do you give them brutal honesty?

Do you take the cowards way out and write to them instead?

To be honest, there’s never a perfect way [though for me, honesty – delivered respectfully, is the best policy] … however I recently came across a rejection letter that somehow managed to be inspirational, encouraging and funny while also being arrogant, rude and cold.

I know that sounds impossible, even Simon Cowell couldn’t pull that off, but have a look at this:

I don’t know about you, but that’s what I call copywriting brilliance … however in terms of inspirational rejection, I still think this one – from Viz magazine – is wonderful.


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Bet you’ve got thousands from your queen meets roxette band days.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Queen and roxette?

Comment by DH

Yes … what do you mean Queen and Roxette? Bangkok Shakes were totally original. Oh yes. Ahem.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

The bank letter you slagged off last week was much more polite than this and yet you like this more. You’re a strange and twisted individual Mr Campbell.

Comment by DH

At least the viz one is genuinely decent. Finally you say something right.

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

They were really good at it. When they rejected my speculative job application, their letter said “Thanks for sending us your CV. Unfortunately the job of Managing Director is already filled.”

Comment by John

I worked at Stiff in 1978. It was a remarkable experience, especially for a young, impressionable man of 21. I was as an runner and I imagined that meant making tea but on my first morning there, I was informed my actual job was obtaining the morning, lunch and afternoon alcohol. Memorable times.

Comment by Lee Hill

I feel a whole new side of you I never knew or ever imagined you having, has just been revealed.

Comment by Pete

Sounds like the perfect apprenticeship for working with Richard.

Comment by George

He did say a similar thing on our first meeting.

Comment by Lee Hill

Bloody hell, I didn’t know that. The thought of you being anyone’s lacky is too much for me to contemplate.

Comment by Rob

im fucking offended. i thought you were some posh toff and now i learn you were some fucking wheeler dealer. who do i sue?

Comment by andy@cynic

Somewhere, somehow, Rob is to blame for this.

Comment by DH

Maybe it’s so good because honesty without sugar coating is in such short supply. It could be why Simon Cowell was such a revelation when he first did American Idol.

Comment by Pete

Yep … though they had ‘tough’ judges before, except they were created as “nasty” for humour purposes whereas Cowell – love him or loathe him – actually had some credibility in the subject he was passing comment on.

It also explains why they had Paula Abdul on the judging panel … as it helped American audiences feel comfortable with the usual type of judge they were generally exposed to.

Comment by Rob

Has anyone matched the people that signed off on these rejection letters against missing persons reports? How many people have gone out of their way to reject you? Seems like you really hold onto it…

Comment by Bryan

It’s entirely coincidental that the authors of all my rejection letters disappeared shortly afterwards with no trace of them ever to be heard again. It’s also pure chance that I bought a pig farm and scrap yard just before the first ‘rejector’ went missing. Honest.

Comment by Rob

Right. That’s the end of that, nothing to see here.

Comment by Bryan

big fucking hugs to you today campbell. not for this shit post, your letter to your mum. you should let people comment, then you’d know how much people give a shit about you and your mum. but mainly your mum. take care fella.

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice words Rob. She would be so proud of you and your family. Can’t believe it’s 3 months already. Look after yourself today.

Comment by DH

Beautiful words. You’re a special man Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

Well said Dave. Well said Rob.

Comment by Pete

Thanks folks.

Comment by Rob

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