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Happy Birthday My Dearest Jill …
June 15, 2015, 6:30 am
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I don’t want this to be some soppy thing, but I want to tell you how much I adore you.

I’ve felt that way since the day we met, but the way you handled the events of the past year – the good and bad with Otis and my Mum’s death – have been amazing.

I couldn’t have done it without and the fact you have been able to stay caring, calm, considerate and loving, regardless at what has been thrown at you [including me] is testimony to how special you really are.

You are an amazing woman and I am proud [and shocked] that I can call you my wife.

Happy, happy birthday my sweetheart.



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happy birthday jill. the best present campbell could give you is a divorce so you dont have to put up with his bullshit any longer but we know the fucker wont do that so i hope the tightfisted bastard got you something decent. and wife fucking free.

Comment by andy@cynic

If not divorce, maybe he could go on one of his freebie holiday business trips?

Comment by DH

Unfortunately for her, I’m here. But I did make her breakfast in bed – so it’s not all bad – though she may have a different POV on how good it was, especially as I only gave her ⅓ of a cup of coffee.

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday Jill. I’m sure you’ll be showered with the gifts you deserve, but it strikes me that the perfect present would be for your husband to declutter his excessive collection of T-shirts.

Comment by John

She knows there are some presents she’ll never get John.

Comment by Rob

But 80?

Comment by northern

Actually it was 82 – and that was after I’d had a clear out. But today, my friends at Redbubble said they’d sent me 7 as a birthday present, so from now on, just call me the Imelda Marcos of tees.

Comment by Rob

You should go for the century

Comment by northern

Happy birthday Jill. You deserve to be made a saint. Patron saint of patience.

Comment by DH

Funny, I just said that to someone. They agreed as well. I’m not that bad. I’m honestly not that bad.

Am I?

AM I???

Comment by Rob

You are.

Comment by DH

even youre not so fucking deluded to think youre normal campbell. if you are, youre more fucked up than i thought.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy birthday Jill. I hope you have a great day.

Comment by Pete

Happy birthday Jill. I hope he is spoiling you today.

Comment by George

Yes. She’s done VERY WELL out of it this year, even if I may say so myself. #husbandoftheyear

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

That’s the year Nottingham Forest were formed … so that’s almost a compliment. Almost.

Comment by Rob

Same level of popularity.

Comment by DH

Happy birthday Jill. Have a well deserved wonderful day.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Happy birthday Jill. That is a beautiful photo of you and Otis.

Comment by Lee Hill

Happy Birthday Jill. You’re lucky to have such a thoughtful person to share it with.
But let’s face it, he’s the lucky one

Comment by northern

I assume you’re referring to Otis.

Comment by John

So many birthdays! I am late, so will bundle both wishes to your cutie kid and Jill!

Comment by Thuymi @

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