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It’s All Been One Massive Mistake …

No, I’m not talking about the fact they spelt Shanghai wrongly.

Nor that they used a small ‘p’ in planning. [Even though it is ridiculous to use a capital letter]

No … I’m obviously talking about the fact the lovely – but mental – people at Hoala, stupidly invited me to be part of their course.

What on earth where they thinking?

Not only will they have a bunch of very disappointed students, imagine how the other lecturers will feel being associated with me.

On the bright side, I get a free holiday to the ‘dam, so I’m not complaining.

Which is more than can be said for everyone else, come September.

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The world has gone officially mad.

Comment by DH

Yes. Even more so if America decides this man should be president:

Comment by Rob

Do people pay for this? Sick bastards.

Comment by Billy Whizz

But not as sick as the people who invited you Rob. They’re ill.

Comment by Billy Whizz

For people with half their brain missing?

Comment by John

It will unquestionably be a memorable learning experience for all who attend.

Comment by John

you have got to be fucking shitting me. i know planners are stupid but even i didnt think theyd be that fucking mad. campbell, youve blagged more freebie holidays than judith fucking charmers. you jammy fucking prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

If I look deep, deep down, there is a compliment here.

Or a statement of jealousy.

Comment by Rob

if planners look like that twat in the shit poster they need style help not fucking planning bollocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Looks interesting Robert. I am tempted to do it myself. By the way, any news on the teaching situation?

Comment by George

Please don’t, you’ll bloody humiliate me and I don’t need anyone else to do that when I’m so good at it myself.

Comment by Rob

your fucking sandals humiliate you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Literally just heard George. I passed. It will be official in a few months, but I bloody passed. 5 years to achieve the lowest teaching level exam grade so I can only have a guaranteed 12 month contract earning almost 90% less money thank I currently earn.

If I’ve accepted this, you have to question the quality of lessons I’ll be giving.

Comment by Rob

That is fantastic. Congratulations Robert, you will be a phenomenal teacher. You already are.

Comment by George

thats the future fucked but well done campbell. im very fucking proud of you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Who did you pay off?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Thanks folks. I’m kind of in shock to be honest. But not as much shock as the exam board must be in.

Comment by Rob

A teacher would probably focus on clarity of exposition and therefore say 10% of what I receive now and would also get a year’s worth of lessons out of the issue of whether or not it was earned. But congratulations.

Comment by John

I am thrilled to hear this. Congratulations Robert. You will be an excellent teacher. When does your new adventure begin or is that still to be decided/negotiated?

Comment by Lee Hill

you’re fussing about sandals? have you taken a look at that dude in the picture with his flowered shirt buttoned up to the neck and his green plastic bracelet…?

Comment by judyt54

So what you’re saying is I’m less badly dressed than that really badly dressed guy. Thank you. I think. Hahaha.

[Nice having you back Judy]

Comment by Rob

actually what I WAS saying is if this is an example of what the well dressed “professional master in accounting” is supposed to look like, that does not inspire me at all–and that dreadful face, mein gott it looks diseased.

[and thank you for the welcome back–even though I really never left]

Comment by judyt54

Torn between total incredulity at the holiday and the fact they’re lucky students
It’s a draw or thereabouts

Comment by Northern

Trust me, the holiday is luckier for me than it will be for the poor people who have spent money to listen to me rant and rave for the day. Hang on, I qualified as a teacher today, so they’re going to have one of the most amazing moments ever. Oh yes. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

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