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Foot In Mouth Strategy …

So there’s a big debate in the UK at the moment about whether Heathrow airport or Gatwick should expand.

The reality is the UK is no longer equipped to handle the vast increase in air traffic and the implications of this could be vast and serious. Not just from an airport perspective, but from a national economic and a global influence perspective.

Obviously the competitiveness between Heathrow and Gatwick – the UK’s largest airports – is intense because the winner ensures they will become the predominant national airport for 30+ years, which is why Gatwick have been running a series of press ads highlighting the benefits of choosing them over their London cousin.

This is one of the ads:

Now I am sure this wasn’t their intention, but that ad basically says that the owners of Gatwick airport care more about the wellbeing of the people who live around Heathrow, than the ones on their doorstep.

Or in other words, ‘Don’t upset the 683,000 people who live near Heathrow – they’re nice, kind, happy folk – come ruin the lives of the 36,000 folk who live near us instead. They’re all unemployed scum and should consider themselves lucky having a roof over their head in the first place’.

Of course I am exaggerating the point to make the point, but if I was one of the Gatwick families who are potentially going to be affected by the expansion, I’d regard that ad as a massive slap in the face.

Or worse, a reason to come together and try to spoil their plans.

Will the vast majority of the population interpret that ad this way?

Probably not.

I would imagine they don’t give a damn which airport is expanded as long as it’s not near them, but this all goes to show that when you are trying to win favour – or convince the passively involved – it’s not purely a case of amassing a bunch of facts and data, it’s about understanding what you say, says as much about who you are as it does what you do … and purposefully ignoring the ‘human element’ to not open a potential can of worms may ultimately do the complete opposite.

And to think some people think ‘an ad’ is just about shoving some pictures & words on a page.

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Maybe plane spotters live near the airport and having more plane traffic would be their idea of heaven?

Comment by George

But their argument isn’t the most well reasoned. It sounds like the words an evil advertising agency executive would say in a daytime soap.

Comment by George

what the fuck are you talking about?

Comment by andy@cynic

It made sense to me at the time. Now, less so.

Comment by George

I’m confused, are you advocating Heathrow getting the extra runway or just talking rubbish?

Comment by Rob

Another post Lee won’t comment on.

Comment by DH

Mr Corporate.

Comment by Billy Whizz

youre not even a mr so id stop there if i were fucking you. which im not. thank fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t subscibe to societies stereotypes.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Well you certainly don’t act like a decent human.

Comment by Rob

Based on the ad, if gatwick expands, they’ll only have 7 more planes landing. Is it worth all the hassle for that? I vote heathrow.

Comment by DH

It might have been better to not mention the noise factor at all…although anyone who lives near either airport is already aware of the issue, or is stone deaf by now…all this does is tell them there will probably be EVEN MORE…

Comment by judyt54

i fucking hate gatwick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Me too.

Comment by Rob

cant you do anything fucking original?

Comment by andy@cynic

if the argument is about fucking noise, build the fucking airport in the fucking lake district. theres hardly anyone there and no one gives a fuck about backpackers. sorted.

Comment by andy@cynic

Or England.

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by andy@cynic

Definition of optimism. “London Gatwick. Obviously.”

Comment by Bazza

Whatever happened to the ‘Boris Island’ idea?

Comment by Ian Gee

They voted to still be part of Great Britain didn’t they?

Comment by Rob

There’s also the delicious irony that, since the election, Boris is the MP for Uxbridge …

Comment by Ian Gee

Correct David.

Comment by Lee Hill

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