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A Cuppa Can Change Everything …
July 7, 2015, 6:20 am
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When I was in the UK recently, I came across this …

Now you may laugh and snigger at it – especially in these days of social media – but I think it’s awesome.

No seriously I do.

Because as much as technology has allowed interaction between audience and brand to be done on an unprecedented scale … I would argue it rarely creates the same sort of emotional positivity and connectivity that a good old, sit down and chat can achieve.

[And no Northern, it’s not just because it involves tea, regardless what you may say]

Yes … yes … I know if you work out the cost that a copper talking to 6 old ladies in the local library, it will be nowhere as cheap as them having an online conversation with thousands of people at once, but reach doesn’t mean effectiveness, even if too many in adland think it does.

A long time ago, when we had cynic, we were working with MTV and George tried to convince them to ditch their email communication approach and start sending them letters. I remember the horror in the audiences eyes when he said that, but his point was that many of the modern generation haven’t experienced the joy of having a letter addressed to them that wasn’t some sort of bill, bollocking or bullshit and it would have a disproportional impact on them compared to yet another email cluttering up their inbox.

They said no. Fools.

Now I don’t know how many people attended ‘cuppa with a copper’ … and I’m fairly positive the audience was probably made up of the elderly or parents rather than kids … but the fact is, sometimes talking to someone or being heard by someone sat in front of you has a transformative, sustainable effect and while we’re in the business of helping our clients achieve their business goals, it’s worth remembering that while we all want the next big thing, it’s sometimes the old and small that can make the biggest impact.



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Isn’t nottingham the most dangerous place in england? Imagine how dangerous it would be without cops having a cup of tea with elderly people in the local library.

Comment by DH

its only dangerous because campbell and his mates grew up there. and its not dangerous in the way of scary, its dangerous in the way you will be bored fucking senseless.

Comment by andy@cynic

I bet Sorrell comes from nottingham.

Comment by DH

Actually it used to be the most dangerous place in Europe per capita. Yes. EUROPE. Mind you, looking at the financial situation of Greece, I think that is a far scarier place to be than Robin Hood country.

Comment by Rob

They have libraries? So it’s a middle class crime city.

Comment by Billy Whizz

They have coffee with a chimney sweep on wednesdays.

Comment by DH

Supper with the super is on the cards.

Comment by John

There’s a gag about tea leaves in here somewhere, but I’ve lost the will to live.

Comment by John

join the fucking queue.

Comment by andy@cynic

so while theyre all in the fucking library talking bollocks, some little shits are robbing the fuckers blind. great fucking policing, no wonder nottingham is the shining light for crims.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob… For fucks sake, stop saying “Awesome.” The most abused word in the English language. Go back to “Fucking Gob Smacking,” or whatever… Had a Fourth Reich Pop… SO forgive… But, shove the “Awesome” down the “Trainspotting” toilet! Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

Comment by George Parker

* applause *

Comment by DH

Sorry George, you’re right. Every time I say it, I picture some z-grade actress from ‘The Hill’s dragging it out and it makes me want to kill myself. Apologies.

Comment by Rob

The old and the small are the only people who visit libraries.

Comment by John

Is that why all the good stuff is on the bottom shelves?

Comment by Ian Gee

And the top. Oh sorry, that’s newsagents.

Comment by Rob

There’s an interesting article on MTV in this weeks Bloomberg magazine. It talks about their audience collapse. It says a lot of things we told them 10 years ago. I tried not to smile.

Comment by George

So that’s why you were smiling at lunch.

Comment by Pete

Having the right answers and being unable to persuade others that they are the right answers must be very frustrating.

Comment by John

The only way Viacom can turn around their fortunes is if they build a time machine and go back to the 90’s.

Comment by Bazza

American police buy armoured trucks, British police buy cups of tea.

Comment by Pete

Well said Peter.

Comment by Lee Hill

Bet they don’t make the tea properly though.
Incidentally, my Mum has stopped writing to me an emailing us instead, when the stuff with Juliette’s Dad happened, she wrote a proper beautiful letter and it meant a lot more.
And the above is why Moleskine is doing well (and no John I’m not interested in you moaning about the fake heritage)

Comment by northern

No moaning from me. I agree with you.

My complaint about the fake heritage is that it’s superfluous and lazy – the authenticity equivalent of celebrity endorsement. Bottom line – if the product is real, every interaction with it will inevitably be real.

Comment by John

Quite positive, I grant you.
I wonder if the above is why Superdry is now only bought by the Dads of teenagers.
That said, the kids seem to be wearing Hollister ‘californian inspired’ clothing

Comment by northern

Such clothing is sported by sheep who are unable to write/draw so the psychology is different.

Comment by John

vogue must be shitting themselves.

Comment by andy@cynic

ive just had a cup of tea. it was fucking awful. americans might have a womens soccer team than can win the world cup but they cant make a decent brew for shit. fact.

Comment by andy@cynic

The french are even worse

Comment by northern

At everything.

Comment by DH

[…] course, doing more in the community would probably help them change perceptions more effectively … not to mention get them some […]

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