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Why Male Fragrance Ads Are Becoming Worse Than Sniffing Glue …

First it was the man your man could smell like.

That was good. Funny. Interesting.

Then we had that pretentious Gerard “You can see it in my deeds” Butler bollocks.

Which was not good. But funny. In a fucked-up kind-of way.

Then things took a very freaky turn with the ancient, ex-guitarist of Judas Priest deciding to become a fragrance mogul by launching ‘Metal’ … the first scent designed exclusively for lovers of Rock Music.

No seriously, I’m not making this up.

But now … just when you thought it couldn’t get any more twisted, you have this:

Yes … you can now buy a fragrance that features a b-grade, fake, royal insignia because the creator is a delusional fuckwit, that lets you smell – and feel – like this:

And you thought it was mad when Mont Blanc invited you to smell like a pen.


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Comment by bittergirlhabsfan

Empire by Trump. Smell like a wig wearing, racist, wanker.

Comment by DH

Excellent positioning.

Comment by Rob

Empire by trump. Smell like the gutter at 3am.

Comment by Billy Whizz

who the fuck would want to smell like trump except some 18 year old airhead from la who thinks it will increase her chances of being a fucking miss world pageant girl.

empire by trump. smell exactly like trump.

Comment by andy@cynic

in england it would translate as smell like a fart. thats fucking perfect.

Comment by andy@cynic

Which is basically saying “smell like shit.”

Comment by DH

He would only be more offended by your character assassination if you were a Mexican immigrant.

Comment by Rob

The epitome of ego is thinking people would like to smell like you.
The epitome of tragic is knowing there will be some people who do.

Comment by George

Don’t worry George, you’re safe on both counts.

Comment by Rob

The sad thing is, a wig would not wave hello and goodbye in the wind. The man would be better off bald, and so would we.

And yeah, who would want to smell like Trump? Thats like a fragrance so you can smell like George Bush or my Uncle Fred. Who would want to smell like an old guy with bad hair and heading for fat?

I never quite understood the point or appeal of men’s fragrances, anyway. Soap, maybe. Toothpaste, okay. But not something that makes your eyes water when he wafts in the door…

Comment by judyt54

You’re mistaking his asinine personality with his toxic fragrance.

Comment by DH

you mean there’s a discernible difference, right

Comment by judyt54

One gets weaker after 12 hours, the other doesn’t.

Comment by DH

I’ve heard it’s stronger than Jaegermeister.

Comment by Bazza

His breath?

Comment by Rob

his cock cheese. yes i fucking went there. deal with it.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think I am going to be sick. Thank you for that Andrew.

Comment by George

thats what his ex wives said.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy FTW.

Comment by DH

What’s with the “structured modern man” bit? Like how Trump emerged from bankruptcy restructuring?

Comment by Bryan

1. having a distinct physical shape or form, often provided by an internal structure

2. planned in broad outline; organized: structured play for preschoolers.

3. having a definite predetermined pattern; rigid: structured hierarchy.

basically, organized, controlled, with an endoskeleton so he doesnt fall over when he walks.

Makes him sound about as charming as a high rise building.

Comment by judyt54

So it’s a Trump high rise … Can I spend a small fortune on a timeshare for the cologne but when I actually go to use it I find that they never actually put together the bottle?

Comment by Bryan

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