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Let’s Talk Sex …
July 17, 2015, 6:15 am
Filed under: Pornhub, Sex, Wash Your Hands You Dirty Pup

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting I tell you about my sex life.

And to be honest, I’m probably not that interested in yours.

However Pornhub recently released data about the people using their site and it’s utterly fascinating.

From how Millennial’s suddenly stick with one thing longer than 2 minutes [9 minutes 10 seconds to be precise] to how ‘long nipples’ have lost their popularity.

No, I’m really not making this up.

The thing is – as I’ve said many times before – the best research is always about what people really do rather than what they say they do in the focus group environment and while this doesn’t always tell us ‘why’ they’re doing it, in the case of Pornhub, it’s not too hard to work out.

So turn your phone off, brew a nice cup of coffee, tell everyone you’re going to be in meetings the whole day, then find a quiet room and enjoy getting an insight on what actually is going on behind closed doors. I swear you will never look at your colleagues the same way again. Let alone want to shake their hand.


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billy must be responsible for 50% of their findings. betting northern groper and doddsy make up the rest of the filthy fucks.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m impressed they can type so much with 1 hand. Explains why they make so many spelling mistakes.

Comment by DH

It’s art.

Comment by Billy Whizz

in my day you wanted to get fucking laid. now people want to watch other bastards get laid. no fucking wonder the world is so fucking fucked.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by George

This could be the best research report I’ve ever read. I haven’t read any others to compare.

Comment by DH

It is definitely the best research you will read.

Comment by Pete

Millennials have gone up in my estimation. No pun intended.

Comment by Pete

Everyone is porn stupid. Long nipples are much better than foot wanking.

Comment by Billy Whizz

[…] Billy Whizz on Let’s Talk Sex … […]

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no wonder you turned the fucking comments off on your planning school bollocks because you know wed all give you shit for blaming the judges for you being a lazy fucking shit. its not like you do any work to keep you fucking occupied. you make slackers look like fucking chinese workers churning out iphones for bazza.

Comment by andy@cynic

For the record, he’s had my feedback for six weeks.

Comment by John

to be fair, hes needed 6 weeks to work out what the fuck youre being pedantic about.

Comment by andy@cynic

You have intimidated him with your big words John.

Comment by DH

That’s unfair – he’s really quite smart.

Comment by John

As for this post, who knew that this blog could lower its tone?

Comment by John

I’m not sure if it’s nice or terrible to come on here and see that even without me you act as if I am still here. It also means you’re all weird.

Comment by Rob

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