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Only Read This Book At The Library. Do Not Buy It.
August 25, 2015, 6:20 am
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If you want to be disgusted at people who think having money means they can do whatever the fuck they want, read this:

While there’s some bits that are funny [mainly his diarrhoea episode on a private plane filled with clients] the rest of it just makes you feel a bit sick.

What makes it worse is the author is proud of it. Yes, proud.

I wish I could say it’s all a work of fiction [and it appears some of it is] but my 18 months living in Hong Kong exposed me to a lot of these assholes.

Fortunately our apartment was in Happy Valley so I didn’t have to see them in my everyday environment but if I had a meeting in some big hotel or found myself somewhere in Wanchi, there they would be … loud, arrogant and acting like they owned the place.

Sadly, Asia tolerates this.

Especially from white guys.

Or should I say, rich white guys.

What’s tragic is some people will read this book and think, “that life sounds awesome”.

I remember reading an interview with Michael Douglas where he said he was inundated with people saying how much they wanted to be like his character in the movie ‘Wall Street’ and he kept reminding them he was a bad guy.

But in this World of wannabe-entitlement, people seem to miss this point and just see the lifestyle of indulgent excess.

It still blows my mind that it’s only a few years ago that this industry destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people, cities and governments by selling them promises they had no intention of fulfilling and yet they are still walking around like nothing happened.

What makes the whole thing kind-of worse is that as much as we like to think of these people as the devil, they actually look like this:

Yep, that’s the author .. the guy who celebrates his life of depravity and lies.

Looks boringly normal doesn’t he?

Like most serial killers do.

Which makes sense when you think how both have such a disregard for others lives.

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I’ve recently read this book as I enjoyed the way he mocked the people who worked in the financial industry via his Goldman Sachs elevator tweets. Having read the book, I now realise that he wasn’t mocking but revering their arrogant, self focused attitude. I would like to doubt some of what he has written is for dramatic effect but I don’t know if it is true. What is true is this whole industry has no desire to help anyone other than themselves and governments lack of regulation just highlights the dual serving relationship between them. This book sickened me as did the author.

Comment by George

There was some research that showed graduates from American universities still aspired to work in the financial field because “even though they have contributed to global economic loss, they still made a fortune”. I accept they are ignoring the tens of thousands who lost their job at the financial firms, but the fact they choose to ignore it and focus on the wealth, regardless of outcome, doesn’t bode well for anyone’s future.

Comment by George

People have always gone into finance to make money. There’s really no other reason to do it. It’s not inherently interesting. It’s just high margin sales. In the merchant banking days, it was a more of a closed shop than it is now, though obviously not that much more.

Comment by John

Millions work in a job they find uninteresting to make money. But it is how the money men make money that offends me. Self interest, arrogance and a flagrant disregard for the needs of those they represent or I should say the small investors they represent.

Comment by George

You’re absolutely right. Maybe I should have said big money – unlike the people to whom you referred, most of the finance industry have the privilege of many career options and still choose this one.

Comment by John

bankers make my exes look frugal. thats how much a bunch of constables they fucking are.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes, he’s a horrible piece of work and you definitely feel he enjoyed his lifestyle, even though there are moments where he tries to downplay it. And fails. I read another book recently on a similar sort of person [Mark Yagalla] who tries desperately to chastise his old ways despite both celebrating them and blaming everyone else for them.

Comment by Rob

You and George have made this a must read.

Comment by DH

But I’ll steal it. Just like the bankers did from the rest of us.

Comment by DH

You posts are much better when you’re pissed off. Admittedly it’s a low base, but I can force myself to read all of it when you’re writing with high blood pressure.

Comment by DH

didnt he say he was on blood pressure pills? time to up the fucking dose campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

I just need to think of you Dave and all my anger comes bubbling back to the surface. Is that OK?

Comment by Rob

Think of all the pussy he must have had. Money is the best plastic surgery a man can have. I’m just lucky I’m fucking hotter than the midday sun in LA.

Comment by Billy Whizz

during a fucking typhoon.

Comment by andy@cynic

During an eclipse during a typhoon.

Comment by Rob

Fuck. You. All.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I am quite certain I would be disgusted at the shenanigans the author promotes in his book. But they continue to get away with it. That speaks volumes for how little they care or how the public believe they have no power to change it.

Comment by Lee Hill

True Lee … but I also think we’ll not be successful in changing how bankers behave until society stops aspiring to the lifestyle that they lead.

Comment by Rob

Or corporate managers stop being incentivised to act as if they think bankers perform a service worthy of the extortionate fees.

Comment by John

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