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How Smartphones Are Destroying Culture …
September 1, 2015, 6:15 am
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First of all, I know how hypocritical it is of me to say this.

Let’s face it, I am a fucking smartphone addict.

But even though I have no problem using my phone to take an instagram pic whenever the moment ‘takes me’ … even I have my boundaries.

Admittedly, those boundaries are enforced by a wife who doesn’t, for example, want any phone usage during dinner [which is why we will never do this] but I appreciate there are times where taking your phone out could be as inappropriate as taking your penis out.

Like when you’re getting married.

Or at a funeral.

Or mid-way through playing a concert.

Which is why I will now drag this photo out whenever someone accuses me of being unprofessional for playing with my phone.

Thanks wechat/candy-crush/tinder obsessed musicians.


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Smart phones were created for dumb people.

Comment by adscamgeorge

That explains why Rob loves them and has so many of them.

Comment by Pete

Mine are purely for research purposes.

Comment by Pete

Who are you?

Comment by DH

youre not impressing anyone pete. get back to being boringly nice as fucking usual.

Comment by andy@cynic

do you still use a nokia brick george?

Comment by andy@cynic

OK George, I’ll bite. How is that the case?

Surely it’s less the technology and more how the user uses them?

Comment by Rob

And I haven’t just asked that to try and mitigate the fact that – as Pete said – I have quite a few of them. Honest. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

I’d guess he ‘s siding with the suggestion that they allow people to kill time and their outward attention with what are suggested to be dumb activities.

Personally, I’d say the big issue is a variant of your point – specifically, how often the user reacts to the phone

Comment by John

I’m screwed regardless of the criteria you use.

Comment by Rob

I find it interesting you have written this Rob when you can’t let your phone out of your hand and are constantly taking bad instagram photos of your friends and colleagues. Am I mistaken or did Nokia once produce a photo etiquette book? How times have changed, especially for Nokia.

Comment by Pete

That’s better.

Comment by DH

They did. At least in Australia … it was sent out, if I remember correctly, with one of the women’s weekly magazines because – you know – women are the worst for it. Cough Cough. Splutter Splutter.

I might even have a copy in storage somewhere. Though I don’t know why. But then I don’t know why I have a lot of things in storage if I’m honest with you.

Comment by Rob

I see people crossing in the middle of a busy street on a smart phone, oblivious to the traffic. Others walk down the street, heads bent over their smart phones, bumping into people. What amazes me is to see two people walking down the street together, each on on his/her smart phone, not speaking to one another. What has happened to real communication, face-to-face, actually talking? It’s scary.

Comment by

The main thing I get from this post is the size of the instrument reflects the size of the musician. Is that a thing? Have I just discovered “an insight”?

Comment by DH

yes, the insight is youre a sexist dick. take that mr fucking divorce lawyer prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Divorce lawyer?

Comment by DH

You know you’re talking to Dave don’t you Andy?

Comment by Rob

dont you thick fucks realise i was sending a barbed fucking sarcasm to the divorce attorney wanker who once called me a sexist fuck because i said i didnt see why i had to pay for my ex wifes lifestyle for the rest of her life. i was wrong. i do have to pay for the parasites luxury for the rest of her life.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you ever drag this photo out for me, I’ll point out to you that they’re not mid concert, they’re on a break.

Comment by John

what if theyre not? what if your snideyfuck comment is wrong? oh its campbell were taking about. as you were.

Comment by andy@cynic

Since when were my snideyfuck comments ever wrong? Anyway. it’s a comment based on the presented evidence, so it’s up to him to prove it.

Comment by John

Well you’re right they were on a break but the fact is they had it when they shouldn’t of had it.

How do I know?

Because they were playing one of the 2 pieces of classical music I actually know intimately – in this case, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – and the point they decided to “have a break” [Sonnet 2 of Autumn] is not a point in the score where that should happen. All so they could play Candy Crush and WeChat with their mates.

And I now realise I should have written that in the post so you can still feel smugly satisfied with yourself. As usual.

Comment by Rob

Now I’m bizarrely fascinated – how do you know all that back story? Does this mean you were there or that there’s video of the event?

Comment by John

Of the fact they enforced a break or my knowledge of Vivaldi? If the former … I was there when they were playing and realised they stopped when they shouldn’t have. As for Vivaldi … 2 years of music study. I hated it at the time but I now realise it was all for the good of this post.

Comment by Rob

Two years of music study may have helped this post, but it doesn’t explain yesterday’s. And I was asking about the performance not the musicology aspect – as I am unqualified to pick holes in that.

Comment by John

Still surprising me Robert.

Comment by George

This news is a revelation to me Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

You’ve obviously spent far too much time in five star hotels if you’re that familar with Vivaldi. It’s called the Four Seasons for a reason … that’s their theme tune.

Comment by Ian Gee

Actually it was because of studying to get into the Royal Accademy of Music, Ian. Then I decided I wanted to be a rock star. Which is why I’m now in advertising. Bugger.

Comment by Rob

Rob… Oh fucking dear. Not only do you post pictures of your breakfast on Instagram… You have lots of things in storage. Would that include body parts? If so take pictures and post them on Instagram before they rot. As they say in Yorkshire… “There’s nowt so queer as planners.”
Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

Comment by adscamgeorge

Less body parts and probably more 1990’s films on VHS.

Comment by Rob

More like queen shirts and birkenstock boxes.

Comment by DH

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